30+ Times This Cartoonist Nailed The Ups & Downs of Relationships

Whoever said, "marriage is hard work" was not kidding. When the honeymoon stage is finished, life comes at you in full force, and you go through many good and bad times with your better half. Israeli artist Yehuda Devir has been married to his wife Maya, for some time, and he shares the most relatable moments in their relationship through his comic-style drawings.

From leaving hair everywhere to choosing who needs to do the dishes, the artist reveals the truth of married life from his perspective, and though the moments are intimate windows into his relationship, they often produce a giggle from fans who’ve found themselves in exactly the same predicaments. The following illustrations are a great way for couples to realize that their everyday life isn’t as ordinary as they might imagine and that they share their daily struggles with other couples all over the world. 

Who Will Wash the Dishes?

When you live with somebody, you typically split the housework equitably. If one individual does the cleaning, the other may offer to do the dishes. This is the main source of couples' contentions in light of the fact that nobody really appreciates tidying up after supper. 

Nobody likes stooping over the sink to wash dishes, but somebody has to do it. It generally feels better when one partner offers to tidy up without being asked, yet how regularly does that truly occur?

The Pressure of Weight Gain

The holiday season is a famous time for people to put on weight due to all the gatherings and delightful feasts. Indeed, many people refuse to weigh themselves until the holidays are over and they’re ready to focus on their fitness goals again. If you have a practical joker for a partner, however, this moment can be far more shocking than it needs to be. 

Despite the fact that it might feel awful to put on a few pounds, weight gain isn't the end of the world. It's alright if we let loose and enjoy ourselves. If this picture tells us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t let the number on the scale dictate our happiness. 

The Other Use for Fitness Machines

Many people set goals to work out more, and they often purchase exercise machines to assist with that objective, yet so often, nobody winds up utilizing them. It then transforms into a coat holder or an eye-sore in the house after each one of those lofty objectives vacates the premises. 

This has happened to numerous individuals, so don't feel alone. Who needs to wear themselves out on a fitness machine when they can rest against it and eat Nutella from the jar instead? 

Never Forget

The more a couple becomes entwined, the harder it is to recall all the important dates they’re expected to remember. From first dates to birthdays and the day they got married, there are so many numbers to recollect that everything can begin to blend together in a person’s mind.

We all know it feels great when someone recollects an important anniversary without having to be reminded. Regardless of whether they need to put an alert on their telephone or write it in their schedule, it shows they want to celebrate significant achievements in the relationship. 

Finding Hair Everywhere

Anyone who’s lived with a long-haired lady knows the battle of discovering hair all over the place. On the floor, on the lounge chair, on the tables, and surprisingly on your garments. 

Even after the whole house has been cleaned from top to bottom, random strands seem to still pop up in the strangest of places. How can somebody lose such a lot of hair yet still have such a lot left on their head? This is a mystery we’ll probably never understand. 

Signs of Aging

When ladies discover gray hair, it can spark panic, yet when they discover grey hair on their partner, it’s usually the inspiration for many jokes at the poor fellow’s expense. This was clearly the case for Yehuda Devir when his wife found the first gray hair on his head. 

It's enjoyable to play around and not take this too seriously since it doesn't make any difference in the end. What matters is that you will be growing old together. Those little indications of aging aren't so terrible. Indeed, they can be viewed as an indication of wisdom, right?

A Hairy Dish

There’s something so off-putting about finding a hair in a dish of food. It’s so odd because people kiss each other’s hair all the time. However, if that very same hair landed on a plate of food, they’d have a hard time eating it.  

When the hair in question comes from a significant other, it is a whole lot more palatable than if it comes from a stranger in a restaurant. However, as this picture demonstrates, we still recoil in disgust. 

The Big Yes

The vast majority long for the day somebody gets down on one knee and asks them the big question. When somebody loves a person so much that they need to be with them everlastingly, it is understandably an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling. 

She was plainly hanging tight for this and had her answer arranged well ahead of time. Though some people are genuinely taken by surprise when the proposal comes, Yehuda Devir’s partner was quite clearly expecting it. Indeed, it seems she felt it couldn’t come too soon! 

Time for a Healthy Lifestyle

When one individual goes on a wellbeing kick, the other usually ends up being sucked in, at least to a certain extent. After all, couples share so much with each other.  

The unwilling partner may be entirely happy with their way of life, however, their other half will supplant everything in the cooler with kale on the grounds that a magazine article said it was the most ideal lifestyle choice. It may be just a brief time before they begin craving carbs once more, so it’s best to be patient and take advantage of the abundance of junk food that will fill the house when they finally cave. 

The Hairball Monster

For some reason, men seem to be blessed with the ability to fall asleep and wake up looking exactly the same. Women, however, have puffy eyes and bed hair to contend with.  

Even the Hulk is alarmed by her wild appearance. Of course, it only takes a quick brush of the hair and a splash of cool water on the face to flush away the puffiness and drool from the night before!  

Knowing when to Apologize

There are no perfect relationships. There will be conflict when individuals make statements they don't mean, yet it is the way a couple gets past those things that will decide the strength of their relationship. Once in a while, it’s important to say sorry on the grounds that words can hurt. 

Regardless of whether a couple has been together for three months, three years, or three decades, those petty fights will happen on the grounds that no relationship is amazing constantly. 

Caught in the Act

When a couple moves in together, they begin to discover the odd propensities each one cultivated when they lived alone. Regardless of whether it is eating out of the refrigerator or leaving the toilet seat up, we all have odd habits. It can be a tad humiliating when individuals find them out. 

Why bother removing the food from the fridge to warm it when it can easily be consumed right then and there? He didn't figure he would get caught, but he clearly miscalculated.

When Baby Fever Kicks In

When baby fever kicks in, there is no retreat. If a couple has discussed this and is prepared to take those strides, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to begin attempting before she starts drooling over random infants to fix the fever. 

Their charming little rolls and small toes can drive any lady wild, and he appears to see the value in his better half's aching gaze. 

A Strategic Baby Plan

When couples conclude the time has come to begin trying for a child, they need to consider the big picture. There is a little window when ladies can get pregnant, so she will ensure they are in bed and ready to go on those days. 

A lot of couples can identify with this circumstance, where the woman is the sergeant, and her man needs to follow her baby plan. He must be prepared at any second since it ordinarily doesn't occur without any forethought for most couples. 

Formulating a Baby Potion

As she is making an honest effort to get pregnant, this woman is doing everything to expand her odds. She is taking everything from folic acid to random nutrients to ensure she is prepared when she gets pregnant.

Her significant other is befuddled by every one of the pills, serums, and mixtures. However, she doesn't mind as long as they can get pregnant. She will do her absolute best to ensure it happens.

Please Don’t Show Up

Trying to get pregnant is a rollercoaster of a journey. It very well may be dramatic when the test doesn't give a positive indication or her period appears. However, that doesn't mean they should surrender. Attempting to have a child is a sensitive rollercoaster ride for the lady as well as her partner.

It can negatively affect a relationship when pregnancy doesn't occur immediately. However, it’s important for people to remember that they are doing this to begin a family with the one they love, and that is the main thing. 

Men can be Dramatic when Sick

It's held as a standard that when ladies are feeling under the weather, they don't quit working. When men are wiped out, however, the world comes slamming down, and he makes it seem as though this is the most terrible ailment of his life. 

It very well may be a minor cold, yet he imagines he is on the verge of death. Now and then, men can be so emotional, particularly when they aren’t feeling well. They simply need to be dealt with and pampered because that makes them feel special.

Finally, We Did It!

After pursuing it for some time, Yehuda and Maya, at last, got a positive outcome and couldn't have been more joyful. It is a glorious moment since they are so eager to start this new chapter in their shared life. They discussed beginning a family for such a long time, and their efforts finally bore fruit.

This is perhaps the most significant stage in their relationship, and it is something a couple won't ever forget. They were so thrilled for this journey to start, and we’re now eager to see what new challenges it will bring. 

Easier Said than Done

They found an ideal opportunity to move to a greater spot for their growing family, however, he doesn't want his pregnant spouse to do any work since he is protective of her and their growing child. Pregnancy can cause a great deal of strain on the body, and he needs her to relax and abstain from truly difficult work. 

While her husband does all the heavy lifting, it is difficult for Maya to stand to the side and rest. For some expectant moms, being forced to take it easy is one of the hardest things, especially early on.

Effects of Pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through numerous changes during pregnancy, including skin breakouts, which many people assume they’re done with once they hit their twenties. It may be irritating, but he still thinks she looks great. 

In the end, a woman’s hormones will return to ordinary levels. However, it takes effort for the body to acclimate to these changes. Many women say it feels like they are back in secondary school battling to conceal annoying zits. However, it is all part of growing a human. 

The Excited Parents

There isn't anything more extraordinary than the elation a couple feels at the prospect of meeting their child at last. This is a period brimming with affection and loads of kisses. This child will be so adored, and as guardians, they are persistently watching as she grows and prepares to enter the world.

Fathers love giving belly kisses since it assists them with feeling connected to mother and child during the pregnancy. Yehuda was so eager to be a father, and he smothered his wife with love.

A Magical Moment

When the baby kicked for the first time, Maya was unable to contain her fervor and needed him to stop whatever he was doing to see. When a woman can finally feel her infant moving around, it strengthens their growing bond. 

She knew she was pregnant, yet it hit home for real when the infant began to move. It is such a comfort to know that the little one is getting comfortable inside the belly.

Bathroom Emergency

As an infant develops, it applies more strain on its mother’s organs, including the bladder. Get out of the way because she needs to go to the restroom! He was clearly busy but she interrupted because she was unable to stand by any longer. 

When a pregnant spouse says she needs to go to the washroom, make sure there is an available toilet. Note that a pregnant woman has crazy hormones and her bathroom emergencies can happen anytime. 

Need Help?

When a woman’s tummy begins to develop, ordinary undertakings become the greatest test in light of the fact that the bump disrupts. Eventually, putting on a pair of shoes becomes challenging because it is excessively difficult for her hands to reach her feet. 

If a girl is lucky, her partner will help in a flash. However, some women have to deal with men who think the situation is cute and would rather have a chuckle first. At least he means well!  

It’s Labor Time!

It's time to meet the baby! It seems Yehuda thinks they need to be extra prepared. Rather than bringing every baby item in the house, he needs to drop the lot and get her to the hospital. 

After a long nine-month wait, it is finally time for them to meet their child. Though they look terrified, they are excited about the prospect of bringing their new infant home.

The Fruits of Labor

"Push, Push!!" The lovely but excruciating moment is at long last here, and they are going to meet their infant. He is radiating positive energy. Following nine difficult months, they will see the infant they made together and begin to appreciate parenthood. 

Each mom says that labor is probably the hardest thing they have ever gone through, and it unnerves many people. Though it results in adorable babies, we don't think anybody is prepared for the realities of birth until they get there.

Can’t get enough of Baby Ariel

The new parents can hardly imagine how they made such a perfect baby girl. The vast majority would make the most of her resting minutes while they last. There are countless exciting moments when you bring your child home, but for now, all they want to do is look at her. 

Despite the fact that she may have a stinky diaper, they can't get over how adorable she looks. They probably won't think the infant is so charming when they go to change that diaper. 

She Changes Their World

After the agony comes the moment parents get to just sit in peace and hold their child. They attempt to sort out which features she acquired from each parent and check every last finger and toe to make certain there are ten of each. 

It brings overwhelming joy to the new parents, and nothing could compare to how they feel in that moment. The nine months of pregnancy went by so fast, and when the time came that they got to meet and hold their baby, they knew life was forever changed. 

Sleepless Nights

"She never stops crying!!!" There are many happy moments in parenthood, but sleepless nights are not among them. It very well may be an ideal opportunity to get some coffee and plan for another long restless evening.

People who aren’t parents may ask when they are so tired in light of the fact that infants nap so much, but they just don't understand. Nobody comprehends a parent's weariness until they experience it directly. For one little infant, she is a force to be reckoned with.

The First Trip Away

"Do we really need to leave her? She can fit in my bag!" The first time away without the child can be dramatic. ​Nothing will happen to the infant, they will be okay, yet there is still a sensation of yearning to be with them and safeguard them. 

Though couples deserve to take a break here and there, it can feel terrifying to leave their child with someone else for the first time, even if it is a trusted family member. 

Embracing Our Flaws

After having kids and adapting to a new way of life, parents must accept the progressions their bodies go through. A good partner will love their better half regardless of how their body changes. Just because some pants don't fit, doesn't mean a person is no longer appealing.

Though it can be difficult for women to come to terms with the way their bodies change due to motherhood, it’s important to remember that the results are well worth the effort. 

Angry But in Love

Following an argument, there is a noticeable change in the atmosphere, with each partner hoping the other individual will talk first. It is critical, in these moments, for each person to set their pride to the side and attempt to work issues out. Nothing is a higher priority than the love and respect a couple shares. 

Regardless of how difficult it may be, it is imperative to separate those obstructions and talk things through to ensure happiness can reign once again. 

Confined at Home

Just as they were getting in the hang of parenthood, the pandemic hit, and everybody was forced to remain in their homes for what felt like many years. How are they expected to keep a little child entertained and complete housework without leaving the bounds of their house? 

Regardless of how much they love their kid, they still need some breaks and the opportunity to mix with other people. Of course, the health of the community at large is also important, so they are doing their part to keep everyone safe. 

“This Can't Be True"

When a man sees a bald patch, it feels like alarm bells are going off in his mind. He is clearly getting older, and questions are dashing around in his brain. How long does he have before it spreads? Will he need hair plugs? Should he act now before it gets worse? 

There’s no need to stress! All he needs to do is brush his hair in a different direction and all will be covered. He can even utilize all the hair of his significant other to make a small hairpiece to conceal the spot. She seems to have a lot to spare!

Mom Needs a Break

There comes a time in the first year of having a child when each parent needs a break. Some parents find themselves a hiding spot for when things get out of hand, while others simply retreat to the bathroom for unneeded toilet breaks.

Indeed, even one moment of peace can be useful. Being a parent is the hardest work, and it takes a great deal of mental solidarity to keep going, even on the toughest days. 

Multitasking at Its Finest

"Babe, which pasta shape is better?" This is what happens when the person who typically does the shopping is too occupied to even think about going that week. Somebody needs to purchase the goods, and it won't be the most experienced one in the house. 

When a person is at home accomplishing all the work that has been accumulating while at the same time watching a baby, it tends to be baffling to get calls about pasta. 

We Know Best

Everybody wants the best for their youngsters. However, it can be difficult to settle on the correct choices, especially when it comes to the bigger decisions. 

Parenting doesn't come with a set of guidelines to help us settle on the right course of action in each circumstance. Each member of a couple may have varying assessments about what is best for the kid. In any case, it is ideal to discuss each idea calmly and come to a joint decision. 

Baby #2 On The Way

Just when they figured life couldn't get crazier, another child is on the way. One kid was fun, however, now they will go through everything over again and watch their little girl become an older sister. While pregnancy is difficult, it's fulfilling to grow a family. 

The second time around, parents know, more or less, what's in store, so they don't have as many surprises. However, it may be difficult to get the first child comfortable with sharing their parents with a new infant. 

Spending Quality Time Together

In this digital era, everybody is stuck to their gadgets from sun-up to sundown. Though evenings are the ideal time to spend time together, many people choose to tune out from their partner and into their gadgets. 

Maya is likely looking into things to expect with a second baby while he watches Hulk cartoons. In the end, it’s okay if they occasionally need to tune out in each other’s company and enjoy a little shared alone time. 

While being in a relationship is an amazing thing, nobody discusses those moments of love when nobody is watching. Away from plain view, relationships aren’t always a bed of roses. Yet, the legitimate portrayal of daily existence in a long-term relationship is what many people really want to see. Instead, we get a filtered depiction on social media and in films, and who can really identify with that? Acknowledging the dark, silly, and frumpy times doesn't imply that living in a relationship is dull or less romantic. In truth, it reveals that love can be found in the littlest things – we simply need to figure out how to see them.

From discovering your partner’s hair on every surface to maniacally popping their pimples, artist Amanda Oleander impeccably captured the real moments people don't share on the internet. We’re sure everyone can relate to at least one of these circumstances.

Relaxing Weekend

After a monotonous seven-day stretch of work, the weekend offers a genuinely necessary break. There isn't anything better than staying in bed on a weekend and sharing a homemade breakfast with your partner. 

The house is loaded up with the smell of pancakes, and there’s nothing but love in the looks a happy couple shares. Regardless of what occurred during the week, these intimate moments make every one of those things melt away, and a person can simply appreciate the presence of their partner.

"Can I Please Pop It?"

“Oooh, can I please pop this pimple?" Of course, the person who owns the big juicy pimple rarely wants it interfered with. "Only this one, I swear. Then I’ll leave you alone." Those are the famous final words before his entire face is shrouded in red imprints since his partner noticed some additional spots that just had to be popped. 

It’s a clear sign that a relationship has evolved to a new level of intimacy when the pimple popping fixation comes out. When a pimple popping aficionado’s partner allows them access to their pimples and blackheads, it’s a gesture of genuine trust and affection. If that’s not love, we don't have the foggiest idea what is. 

Date Nights at Home

Date nights don't always have to incorporate extravagant meals and fancy outfits. Now and again it's a treat to plunk down for supper together in comfortable garments and get up to speed with your favorite shows. Nights spent relaxing and cuddling are a great way to strengthen a relationship. 

With everything going on in the world, more date nights resemble this these days since many cafés, bars, and clubs are shut, and people need to remain at home. What matters most is that you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

Two Couch Potatoes

Have you ever spent a whole day with your loved one gorging on an addictive Netflix series? Before the day's over, you presumably feel like a pair of potatoes, yet you’ve made some cozy, intimate memories together. Regardless of how long you have been dating, those little things fortify a relationship.

Who cares if a loved-up couple goes through the entire day sitting in front of the TV – they each had a wonderful time snuggling up to the person they adore, and they bonded over appreciating each other’s presence. 

Out of Love

Name an option that could be hotter than seeing your partner doing the dishes after you cooked dinner… we'll wait. Sharing all the little jobs and household duties in a relationship is the best thing you can do since everything isn't left for one person, and there isn't a lopsidedness of power. 

The dishes are pretty quick and easy to do when it’s just two people in the house. Still, it means a lot when someone does them without having to be asked as it means they did it out of love.

Gaming Together

If one member of a relationship is into gaming but the other is not, this can cause some tension if respectful boundaries aren’t drawn. However, if both people love to game, the situation is far easier from the start. 

All you need is some Nintendo 64 time and a glass of wine to reawaken your inner child. Plunking down for a game night filled with favorites from your youth is another wonderful way to connect with your partner. 

Hair Everywhere

After brushing your hair, it appears as though it is on every surface of the restroom, and your partner discovers strands of hair each time they go in there. Let’s not even think about the stuff that builds up in the drain! 

Regardless of how long you have been dating, it is difficult for him to become accustomed to the measure of hair you shed in one brushing. Our advice: it’s impossible to get them all, but try your best to clean up the most obvious strands. 

"Just One More Game"

Having a boyfriend is great until he starts playing computer games with his pals and you can't get him to take a break. It reaches the point where you genuinely need to drag him to bed since "one more game" transforms into three additional hours. 

Even when you attempt to captivate his attention with a scanty outfit, the computer game often has a stronger pull. That is the point at which it's time to utilize the rolling chair and make sure you get your way. 

Opposites Attract

When you are freezing but your beau is perspiring, you consent to turn on the AC despite the fact that it feels like Antarctica. You can attempt to twist up in a cover, but it often doesn't help much. What's up with your sweetheart, and for what reason would he say he is perspiring to such an extent? 

He is likely wondering how you could be freezing in July. When you live with a partner, one of the greatest trade-offs you need to make is who is responsible for the thermostat. 

When Brushing Our Teeth Is Fun

When you are dating the ideal person, any activity can be enjoyable, even when you are simply brushing your teeth. You can discover little approaches to make your days more energizing with somebody who makes you smile in any circumstance, particularly when they have toothpaste all over their mouth. 

If you appreciate even the most unremarkable activities with your partner, this is a good sign that they are the ideal match. When you love somebody, each day is another adventure that you are eager to embark on.

A Great Airplane Buddy

We are all missing the excitement of getting on a plane and taking off for a vacation with our partners. The best thing about flying with your better half is that you have somebody to use as a headrest on the plane. 

When you travel alone, you must be careful to avoid nodding off on the shoulder of the stranger next to you. However, your partner will readily lend their shoulder. It is additionally thrilling to go with your sweetheart since you will be making beautiful memories together.

Growing Together

Relationships are about compromise. At times, your significant other may require more love, support, or time, and you give a greater amount of yourself to help with their necessities. There will be other times when the roles are switched and they offer extra time and attention to you. 

Over time, these patterns tend to even out, with each partner contributing significantly to the relationship. However, there are circumstances when one needs to pick up the slack. This may involve something little like doing the dishes or preparing supper. 

Sneaking a Funny Picture

When you nod off, it’s a good idea to hide the cameras and smartphones so your partner can't sneak an entertaining image of you or demonstrate that you snore. It is difficult to nod off and still look attractive, but that doesn't mean you should skip your afternoon nap. 

You may be snoring, drooling, or your face is crushed into an odd position. Who can say for sure where that image will go. At the next family gathering, you may find out about the time you drooled all over the cushions during a nap.

Wife and Hairstylist

While everybody has been stuck at home, and businesses are shut, people are taking on various jobs at home, such as turning into a stylist. If you trim your better half's hair during isolation, it is a major honor since they trust you with their valuable locks.

It may very well be the first occasion when you have utilized a trimmer or some haircutting scissors. However, there’s no need to stress about doing a bad job. The great thing about hair is that it grows back! 

The Big Move

Choosing to move in together is a big step in any relationship and an exciting achievement. It means you love the person so much that you would prefer not to go through a day without them. 

Living with a partner is something everybody anticipates doing eventually. Indeed, you never truly know somebody until you’ve shared a home with them. It is also a whole lot of fun since you get to mix up your design styles and make the apartment feel like home for the two of you.

Comfortable with Prickly Legs

When we shave our legs, there is a brief and glorious window of time during which our legs feel smooth. Then comes the thorny stage. Any person who touches our legs during that stage feels like they are scouring their hand on a prickly plant.

It's okay with a partner since they eventually become acclimated to the cactus stage. The second day of the stubble is the sharpest, so do warn your partner before you begin rubbing your legs against them. 

Long-Distance Relationship

If you and your significant other can endure a long-distance romance, you can survive almost anything together. It is so difficult to be away from the person you love the most. If you put in the energy and extra attention it takes to make an LDR work, it is so awesome. 

Of course, nothing is more difficult than only having the option to see your partner through a screen. All you need to do is reach through and give them the most secure embrace on the planet. 

Sharp Claws

Regardless of how frequently you cut your toenails, they can often feel like sharp claws on your partner’s legs. For reasons unknown, it is calming to rub your feet on their legs. It produces a sense of closeness and intimacy, but only if you’re mindful of those sharp nails! 

Despite the scratches they suffer, they never get frantic or advise you to put on socks. That is real love and understanding.

Pimple, Go Away!

When you are stroking his back, and your finger discovers a pimple. You grin at him as you begin picking, and after a couple of moments, he finally acknowledges what you are doing. 

From the start, it is alright until he feels the littlest squeeze and says, "Don’t dig your nails in!" While most people end up yielding and allowing their partner to excavate the pimple, others refuse to be poked and prodded. If your partner lets you squeeze to your heart’s content, you’ve found a keeper!

The Big Question

Many people long for the day somebody gets down on one knee and asks the big question. When somebody loves you so much that they need to be with you always, it is an amazing feeling, especially when they put a lot of thought into the proposal.

In some cases, you don't see it coming, or you had an inclination that it would happen soon but didn’t know precisely when. It's not about the ring or how grand the proposal is; it's about the two of you committing to building your new life together.

Reality TV Bonding

When you eventually persuade him to watch your number one reality drama, and he gets hooked – is there any better feeling? You never figured your beau would be so devoted to the lives of wealthy middle-aged housewives, yet here you are, watching the surprise on his face as the drama goes down.

It's always fun when you and your partner share an obsession with a show, regardless of whether it took a little persuading for them to finally sit down and watch it with you. 

The Best Hugs

One of the best things about having a partner is the surprise hugs you get. Those unexpected hugs are so soothing and special. Whether you’re cooking or doing the laundry, when you have somebody offer you some affection to make the experience more exciting, it doesn't feel like a task.

Those warm hugs are little tokens of how much you are cherished. If you are having an awful day or simply feeling down, an embrace from your significant other can cause it to feel like all will be great as long as they are close by. 

Inhaling Love

Regardless of whether they are coming in for a kiss or a quick cuddle before they leave for work, that little intake of breath shows that they can't get enough of you. It may sound odd to say that you smell your significant other, however, those fragrances are typically soothing and cause you to have a sense of security. 

There isn't anything wrong with taking an additional whiff of their hair before you take off from the house. It is an expression of love and a great way to remind them how much you care. 

A Calming Human Blanket

On days when everything appears as though it is turning out badly, there is nothing better than curling up with your partner. Those close hugs fill you with warmth and make every one of the terrible things wash away, even if it’s only for a while. 

Regardless of what the issue is, it gives you peace of mind once you are in your partner's arms since that is the place where you have a sense of security. When you discover somebody who can make your stress dissolve like this, never let go.

Lights Out

Regardless of what time of day it is, you can put on a film, and in no time, one of you will be sleeping soundly. This is understandable. However, if they insist on picking the film and then they fall asleep halfway through, it can be annoying. 

If this happens, your best bet is to quietly reach for the remote and switch over to the movie you wanted to watch. Just hope and pray they don’t wake up while you’re doing it!

Sleeping Limbs

Snuggling is delightful until you begin to lose feeling in your arm. Be that as it may, you never want to move because your partner always looks so comfortable and peaceful. Why disturb them over something so trivial? 

Of course, as the night wears on, the numbness spreads and you begin to wonder if you’ll ever get sensation back. Eventually, you have no choice but to reclaim your arm and then go through the odd sensations that occur as blood returns to your limb. 

Baby Reveal

There are various milestones in a relationship, and one of them is having kids. The second you see those two little lines on the pregnancy test, it creates a mind-boggling blend of excitement and anxiety. The really thrilling part is telling your significant other the news.

Regardless of whether it was a surprise or you had been pursuing it for some time, that moment you share with your partner will be one both of you will remember fondly until the end of time.

Dates in the Time of the Pandemic

The pandemic has been tough on romance since we are all cooped up inside, and it is easy to run out of activities. When you find the opportunity to head outside and spend time together in nature, it feels like you’re back in the early days of your relationship once more.

Getting a charge out of nature and each other's company is important when all we have done is sit inside for such a long time. You just have to get inventive with your outside dates to ensure they fit with the COVID-Safe guidelines in your area.

Your Biggest Supporter

Things begin to get more challenging as you get further into your pregnancy. Over the final weeks, it can even be hard to see your own feet! Basic things like getting off the sofa, going to the restroom, or getting to sleep become difficult. 

Sooner or later, you need to ask your significant other for help since everything is extra taxing for you. While having your nails done isn't a necessity, it's nice when your partner is prepared to help you in any capacity they can. 

Unconditional Love

Discovering your first gray hair can be terrible since it causes us to feel like we are going downhill. Fortunately, your significant other will love you regardless of what hair color you have. They will even help you trim those grays, so you don't need to be confronted by them every time you look in the mirror. 

Discovering gray hair isn't the apocalypse, however, it can feel like that when it first happens. Having your partner next to you will, at least, make you feel supported and cherished through the ordeal.

Tired but in Love

When you have an infant at home, life tends to be chaotic. There must be numerous feedings throughout the day, and other household tasks can accumulate since you’re both depleted from waking up with the child throughout the night. The house may look like a mess, however, that is normal for new parents.

At last, you get an opportunity to unwind, and your better half sympathetically deals with the laundry that has accumulated. This is one of those moments when you realize you picked a good one. 

Crying Together

When somebody chooses to watch The Notebook, it’s likely that you will both end up balling your eyes out. There isn't anything amiss with having a decent cry to a sad love film every so often. Just make sure you have a box of tissues handy. 

The best part about watching sad films is that you can hug your partner for comfort. Nothing beats the feeling of security and calm you get from snuggling with your better half.

A Hairy Situation

When you cook for your partner and they discover one of your hairs in their dish. "How did that get there?" You can play it off and say that your hair adds more flavor or that it is your special ingredient. However, you can’t be offended if they lose their appetite for the meal you prepared. 

Of course, a strand of hair in the salad or spaghetti won’t do them any harm. Indeed, they kiss your hair all the time. Somehow, though, there’s something mentally off-putting about finding hair in your food. 

Showered with Affection

When you’re done taking a shower and realize you neglected to bring a towel, your partner becomes your knight in shining armor. "Darling, would you be able to get me a towel?" It may be a simple gesture, but it really does feel like they saved the day. 

It's extra sweet when your better half goes to the trouble of bringing you a fluffy, warm towel fresh from the dryer. If they wrap you up in it instead of just handing it to you, then you’ve definitely found a keeper!  

"Make A Wish"

When you discover an eyelash on your loved one’s face, you need to put it on your finger for them to make a wish and blow it off. In an ideal world, they won't have anything to wish for since everything would be wonderful and they wouldn’t want anything to change. 

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you can't think of anything better than being near your partner? That is a dream come true.

Let Your Hair Grow

At the start of a relationship, you shave each time before you see your beau. Some women aim to be as smooth as a dolphin, despite the fact that no one expects such perfection. At a certain point, however, most women quit being so conscientious and allow their hair to grow wild. 

Everybody should be reminded that ladies have body hair, and it is perfectly natural for them to leave it as it is if that’s what they want to do. If a woman is comfortable flaunting her body hair, then more power to her! 

No Boundaries

When you have been with somebody for years, there aren't many boundaries left that haven’t been crossed. You become accustomed to one another, and things that once felt humiliating are ordinary for you and your life partner. 

For some couples, this even includes being in the restroom together, regardless of what you are doing. It might appear strange to new couples, however, life is so much easier when you can share the bathroom. In relationships, everybody ought to feel comfortable when their other half is around.

Bedtime Stories

Having somebody read to you is a beautiful way to enjoy a story since it allows you to truly envision what's going on in the book. You could get an audiobook, but wouldn’t it be better to listen to the voice of the person you love?

These personal moments allow couples to bond and appreciate each other's company. Though they may not be Instagrammable moments, they are ones you will think back on fondly as you grow older. 

Self-care is Necessary

All of us need to set aside time for self-care, yet that doesn't mean you can't share a kiss before your partner leaves for work. You may be wearing a face mask and looking like Hanibal Lecter, but he will still give you a peck as he hurries off to work.

It doesn't make any difference what you look like – your partner still thinks you are the loveliest person on the planet.