Only Smart People Can Ace This Logic Quiz

If a doctor prescribes you to take three pills and that you must take one pill now and the other two thirty minutes apart, when should you take the third pill?

Based on the doctor’s orders, you need to take a pill right now. Then, you have to take the second one in thirty minutes. After which, you only have to be ready to take it again in another half hour. This means that you will be taking the third pill an hour after you take the first pill. 

If you’re part of a race and you were able to pass the person in second place, what is your place in the race?

When you can pass the contestant who is in second place, it does not automatically mean that you are now in first. Remember that being in second means someone ahead. You are still in second place unless you manage to get ahead of one more person—the lead.

If there were six foxes that caught six hens in six minutes, how many foxes are required to catch sixty hens in sixty minutes?

Because six foxes are able to catch six hens in as little as six minutes, one only needs to multiply that number by 10, so the same number of six foxes will therefore have the ability to catch sixty hens in sixty minutes.

There are a hundred Skittles in a bowl, and they only come in three colors: red, yellow, and green. How many red Skittles are there if 2/5 are yellow and 1/4 are green?

If the yellow Skittles are 2/5 in number, it means there are forty of them. If 1/4 are green Skittles, it means there are twenty-five of them. The remaining 65 Skittles are not all red, so there are 35 red ones. 

What should be the next sequence after the letters J, F, M, A, M, J, J, A,?

If you are observant, you may have noticed that the letters in the question represent the first letter of each month in the year. It is, therefore, natural for the next sequence to represent the succeeding months of September, October, and November - thus S, O, N.

Sam has a mother and a father. They have five kids. Four kids are called Bob, Billy, Ben, and Barb. What is the name of the fifth child?

Read the question carefully, and you will see that Sam is one of the five kids. It is, therefore, safe to assume that Sam is the fifth child's name. All you need to do is read closely, and you will get the answer right.

Some months have 30 days, others have 31 days, but how many months contain 28?

Though February may be the sole month in the calendar that only has 28 days, other months also have 28 days included in them. So in actuality, all twelve months contain 28 days. 

When a rooster lays an egg on a roof, the eggs will surely roll…

Gravity will have no effect on the rolling of these roosters’ eggs. They will neither roll down, left, nor right. If you read the question carefully, you’ll notice that the question is about roosters. Roosters cannot lay eggs. Only female hens are capable of laying eggs—roosters are the male variety of chickens.

Before Mount Everest was discovered, which was the tallest mountain on Earth?

Mount Everest remains the tallest mountain, regardless of whether it was discovered or not yet discovered. A mountain does not cease to be tall even when no one has seen it yet. As long as Mt. Everest remains standing, it is still the world’s tallest mountain.

Two fathers and two sons go fishing. Each man catches a fish but only comes home with three, and none are thrown back or eaten. How was this possible?

The men who went fishing were a son, a dad, and a grandpa. The dad and grandpa are both fathers. Meanwhile, the dad and son are both sons. All of them were on the same boat, and each was able to catch a fish. If confused, best to reread the answer.

How is it possible to see a boat full of chatter passing under a bridge, even though there isn’t a single person on board?

If all the passengers on the boat are married, then it’s possible to see and hear a boat full of people without any single people aboard from anywhere, including a bridge.

If there are two U.S. coins in your pocket that total 30 cents and one of the coins is not a nickel, what type of coins are they?

If you read the question carefully, you will see that among the coins, only one is not a nickel. This means that the other coin could be a nickel. Therefore, two coins can be a nickel and a quarter totaling thirty.

Between a pound of feathers and a pound of rocks, which is heavier?

Neither the feathers nor the rocks weigh heavier than the other. Considering that the question indicated that both weigh a pound, both items technically, therefore, have the same weight.

Noah brought how many animals of each sex on the ark?

The question may be confusing because Noah might have brought two of every animal on the ark. However, he only brought one of each sex in order to allow the animals to repopulate and reproduce after the flood.

Among the numbers 70, 68, 64, 58, X, 40, what is X?

Here’s a breakdown of the answer, just in case you didn’t catch it. The numbers in the sequence are arrived at by subtracting two times the previous number’s position from the previous number. Therefore, four times two is eight. Fifty-eight minus eight—that’s a total of 50.

There are 12 fishes in an aquarium, and all died except 9. How many living fishes remain in the tank?

This question is a bit tricky, but you only need to pay attention. If there are 12 fish in an aquarium and all die except 9, there really is no need to do any mathematical computation. It means that nine fish survived in the tank.

If there are ten pears in a pile and you put three in your basket, how many pears do you have?

If ten pears are available, and you take three and put them in your basket, you have three pears! Take note that the question did not say that the ten pears in the pile are yours. 

The average woman has how many annual birthdays?

 Since all women have a single birthday each year, the same way a man does, everyone has one birthday. So unless the question is about the average number of birthdays a woman has in her lifetime, then the answer is “one.”

If a girl likes her one-story house colored pink, her clothes are also pink, her hair is pink, and even her furniture is pink, what will be the color of her stairs?

If a woman lives in a pink-colored home, everything in the house would definitely be pink, including the stairs. However, if the woman is in a one-story house, like the one in question, it is highly unlikely there would be stairs at all.

A son, father, and grandfather walked into a bar and ordered a glass of refreshing iced tea. What is the amount of iced teas ordered?

The least number of iced teas ordered is one because the person who walked into a bar could very well be a grandfather as well as someone’s father and son. Though tricky, it is how logic basically works. Watch those commas, too!

What would happen if a peanut growing from a tree is blown by a strong south wind? Which direction would it fall?

A peanut will never be able to fall from a tree because peanuts do not grow on trees. Peanuts are only able to grow in the ground. Therefore, there is no such thing as a peanut tree.

In each month in each year, how many seconds do you have?

Everyone has twelve different seconds in one year because every month consists of a second day. There are a total of twelve months in one year, such as the second of January, the second of February, the second of March, and so on.

If a farmer has five haystacks in a field and another four haystacks in a different field, how many haystacks would the farmer have if he combined all haystacks in one field?

If he combined all of his haystacks into one field, he would only have one haystack. This is because he combined all of them into one single stack on one field. 

The capital of the United States of America is what?

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. The name comes from George Washington. D.C. is the seat of the American government and was founded after the American Revolution. It is one of the world’s most visited cities.

Who among this group is bigger: Mrs. Bigger, Mr. Bigger, their baby, or Aunty Bigger?

Though it is easier to think that the adults in the group are the biggest, the more appropriate answer is actually D—among all the people listed, it is actually the baby who is “a little Bigger.”

If a plane crashed on the Canadian and United States border, where should the survivors be buried?

If an airplane happens to crash on the border between Canada and the United States, the question of where survivors should be buried is irrelevant because survivors need not be buried. Only the dead need to be buried!

How often can you subtract ten from a hundred?

The number of times anyone can technically subtract ten from one hundred is only once. After which, you can only remove ten from 90, then 80, 70, and so on.

How is a person able to know the score of any football game before the game actually starts?

Everyone knows a football game's score before it starts. Take note that the question does not indicate the end score of the football game but only the score prior to the game’s beginning, which is technically always zero.

Does hot travel faster than cold?

The correct answer is yes. Hot travels faster than cold. Why? Anyone can easily “catch a cold,” but no one has ever gone on record to declare they were able to catch a hot. 

A door is not a door when?

When a door is completely shut, then it’s properly called a door. When that door is slightly open, however, you can say it’s “ajar.” That one object suddenly takes on a whole new name and identity!

From 0-100, how often does the letter “A” appear?

Go ahead and spell out each of the numbers from zero to a hundred, and you will see that none of them in the sequence actually use the letter “a.”

What are lizards?

No trickery here. Lizards belong to the reptile family. They are a distinct class of scaly-skinned animals. They are also cold-blooded and born on land. Other reptiles include crocodiles, turtles, and snakes.

 If 12 fish are in an aquarium and six drown, how many fish are in the aquarium?

If there are 12 fish and half of them drown, they are probably not fish since real fish can’t drown. If fish die, it may be because of other reasons because fish naturally live in water.

What was the most recent time when New Year arrived before Christmas?

Technically speaking—New Year always comes before Christmas because January starts at the beginning of the calendar year, well before December. 

Imagine this: you’re on a sinking ship, and there is a group of man-eating sharks surrounding you. How do you get out of this situation?

Take note that the question asked you to imagine you are on a sinking ship—therefore, you are actually not on one. Feel free to stop imagining, and you need not actually know how to survive.

If eight men were able to build a wall around Gary’s house in ten hours, how long would four men take to build it?

If eight men spent ten hours building a wall around the house, it would actually require zero hours for four men to build the wall because the first eight men have already built it!

What has a golden treasure inside but doesn’t have a key, hinges, or lid?

An egg doesn’t have any keys, hinges, or lids, but it does hold a very important (and delicious) gold treasure inside – the yolk! All you have to do to find the treasure is crack open the exterior shell. 

Which should you light first if you have a match and there is a kindling wood, an oil lamp, and a newspaper?

You can’t light the newspaper, oil lamp, or kindling wood because you first need to have an initial flame to be able to light your match. Essentially, you first need to light the match before you can light anything else.

If Mr. Peter’s peacock lays an egg in Mr. Mike’s yard, who owns the egg?

Unfortunately for Mr. Peter and Mr. Mike, none of them will actually get any eggs. Peacocks can’t lay any eggs—only peafowls (peahens) are able to lay eggs. If either of the two found an egg, it wouldn't hatch a peacock, that’s for sure.

How much dirt can you find in a hole four feet deep, six feet long, and three feet wide?

It doesn’t matter what kind of measurements a hole has—by its very nature, a hole doesn’t contain any dirt—or much of anything. A hole should only contain air at most.

What do all wise men agree is between heaven and Earth, regardless of their religious beliefs or political affiliations?

If wise men put aside their politics and religion, they can all unanimously come together and say that in the middle of the phrase “ heaven and Earth,” the word “and” technically sits between the two.

Which of these four words can be rearranged to form the past tense itself?

Look at the word “eat” and rearrange all its letters. You will see that it can transform to its past tense form, “ate.” Well, that was a lot of work. Time to grab yourself something to eat!

Imagine that each side of a cube is two inches long. If you combine all eight sides, then how many square inches are there in total?

The problem doesn’t lie in not being able to measure how many square inches are in total. The problem lies in the fact that cubes don’t have eight sides, so the question itself is invalid and to be ignored. 

 Can a man legally marry his widow’s sister?

This trick question has nothing to do with legalities and everything to do with logic. Although the widow of the man – and, perhaps, the widow’s sister –- is alive, the man is dead. So, it’s impossible for him to marry anyone.

How can a cowboy ride into town on Friday, stay for three days, and then ride back out of town on Friday as well?

This clever answer might require re-reading the sentence a few times. The word “Friday” is known as a homonym, or one word with different meanings. It refers to the day after Thursday and the name of the horse. 

If you feed me food, then I will live. However, if you feed me water, then I will die.

A fire requires fuel in the form of wind, trees, trash, and pretty much anything else in its path. However, the only thing fire can’t “eat” is water – instead of growing, it will slowly (or quickly) die. 

This has hands but doesn’t have flesh, blood, or bones. What is it?

 If you’ve only grown up with digital clocks, then you may not know, but the older analog clocks are made up of “hands.” The short hand tells the hour, and the long hand tells the minutes. 

 This goes up and down the stairs, yet it doesn’t move. What is it?

The picture above gave a big hint to the correct answer to this tricky question. The carpet, laid carefully over the stairs, manages to go up and down without moving at all. Is it magic? No, it’s a carpet. 

What is something that happens once in a minute and twice in a moment but never happens in an hour? 

This question requires a careful look at the wording – or, really, at the spelling! The word “minute” has one “m” in it, and the word “moment” has two “m’s” in it. The word “hour,” however, doesn’t have any letter “m’s.” 

 The chicken went across the road. Why?

The old proverb says it best, “the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side.” Although this may sound simplistic, sometimes the simplest reason makes the most sense. Why else would a chicken risk the threat of traffic?