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40 Hilarious Times People Clapped Back at Karens

By now, everyone has heard of the infamous Karen. You may even have come across a Karen in the wild, finding yourself in an interaction with someone who has a higher sense of entitlement than others. Though Karens can grate on our nerves with their unwarranted rudeness, the jokes surrounding them are designed to be lighthearted. It’s the world’s way of helping them see that they don’t need to take life so seriously, and managers don’t need to be called over every minor inconvenience. 

Regardless of the situation, Karens feel that they should always get their way. It’s no wonder people have resorted to photographing and filming their bratty behavior. Rather than getting angry and stooping to their level, people have gotten creative. If you’d like to know just how creative people have become, read on for 40 of the funniest examples of payback against Karens.

Is Kim Kardashian a Karen?

Should Kim Kardashian West change her name to Karen? Netizens were quick to point out the reality TV star’s Karen-esque behavior of demanding to speak to the manager in her Twitter post to Jack in The Box. 

KKW did not reveal the details of her “serious complaint” against this business. However, given her social media following, you can imagine how many people saw her tweet. Does the name Karen Kardashian West suit her? It does fit with the family’s love for the letter K.

Karen’s Stolen Valor

Karens love to exercise their authority over others in any way they can. Here is all the proof you need. This Karen is demanding to be addressed by her husband’s rank in the navy. Poor Karen has to sponge off of her husband’s position just to show she is better or more important than others.

While this shows a lack of confidence and low self-worth, there are better ways to deal with these feelings. Sadly, we’re pretty sure joking about this sticker could result in a serious Karen meltdown.

Karen and Church Separation

Karens are often upstanding members of their church and their community. However, it is ironic that they can attend church but also speak angrily to a waitress on the same day. The transformation is a clear example of the false facade Karens often put up.

Churches are supposed to be places where acceptance, love, and kindness are valued. Her wide smile as she goes for lunch after church is only a ruse. Watch out, servers – you might be Karen’s next target.

The Battle Cry of the Karen

Live, laugh, love appears to be the official Karen slogan. However, they seem to have missed the true meaning behind it. Unless they believe living, laughing, and loving are only for them. If this is the case, then watch out when you see a Karen who has this slogan embellished on their clothes or shoes. 

The slightest thing could set them off, and then all you can do is pray that no one comes under fire. If you’re a server or the manager, it’s time to duck and cover!

No Breaks for You

Karens come out in full force on holidays, especially on Thanksgiving. Work would not be so bad if only Karen stayed home with her family like most people dream of doing. Instead, supermarket employees bear the brunt of their entitlement.

Karens will always find a way to rub in the fact that a server must work on a holiday. They love going grocery shopping to bask in the fact that no one in the store is enjoying time off. Let’s just be thankful Karen doesn’t visit us during the holidays.

Karens and Their Furious Reviews

This café found the perfect way to get back at a Karen who described their coffee as the worst cup she’s had in her whole life. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, this Karen’s behavior could not be overlooked.

She posted the comment on a major online travel company’s website, and it was no doubt seen by many. However, the café refused to become a victim of Karen’s tirade. Instead, they made her a part of their marketing campaign. 

Can We Reschedule?

Karens are so wrapped up in themselves that some even think the laws of nature don’t apply to them. Take the case of an entitled Karen who wanted to postpone a solar eclipse because her kids had school that day. 

The next commenter was quick to call attention to Karen’s odd demand, asking whether this woman was genuinely expecting the sun to fit in with her schedule. Karen had no reply. Hopefully, she understood why it couldn’t be done her way. 

A Dose of Karen’s Own Medicine

It appears Karen got a dose of her own medicine in answer to one of her anti-vax tweets. As a well-known opponent of vaccines, this Karen claimed that a spoonful of one would likely kill anyone who gave it a try.

To draw attention to the ludicrous lack of logic in this claim, another Tweeter flipped Karen’s argument around. Since it is healthy and can be eaten, perhaps Karen would have no objection to a shot of this cruciferous vegetable.

It’s Not Always About You, Karen

Karens are known to have an opinion about anything and everything. Thank goodness, not everyone is afraid to stand up to them, especially in a life or death situation. Take this case, for example. A diabetic student needed a shot of insulin, but unfortunately, she had a Karen next to her in class.

Imagine having to tell someone that you’re not giving yourself an insulin shot to make you feel uncomfortable or to inconvenience them in any way. Diabetics need to take their shots as scheduled and as needed. 

Karens in the Wild

Are you aware of the two sides to Karen’s personality? Their double-standard mentality is the reason why they will attack a server who forgot a sauce packet. At this point, Karen is a tiger already bursting forth with expletives and demanding to speak with the manager.

Of course, the same Karen will turn the other cheek when her child starts making a mess and wreaks havoc in the same restaurant. All of a sudden, Karen is quiet as a kitten at her table.

Being in a Relationship with Karen

Can you imagine what it would be like to have a relationship with a Karen? As it turns out, most Karens want their partners to think as one with them. Hence, the constant use of “we” in the relationship.

Saying “I” when dating a Karen is not acceptable. This time, however, the joke was on Karen as she failed to notice her partner had some big news to share with her. The announcement he made was clearly not what she was expecting.

Karen Always Stays in Character

Do you think Karen would cower when faced with Death? The answer seems to be a resounding “no.” Even in the afterlife, you can expect Karens to be Karens.

When faced with Death, this Karen asked if she had been a good person in life. Of course, Death’s answer didn’t sit well with entitled Karen, who immediately asked to be brought to the manager. Did her demand have Death shaking in its bones, or has she finally met her match? 

What Do You Call a Herd of Wild Karens?

Don’t be alarmed. This is, as they pointed out in Jurassic Park, all part of nature. Dr. Ellie Sattler, played by actress Laura Dern, observed the movement of dinosaurs in herds. However, Dr. Sattler could not have imagined the implication her observation would have years later. 

As it turns out, Karens also move in flocks and herds. They like to hang out with other Karens who have similar hairstyles and a similar sense of entitlement. The big question is, would a herd of dinosaurs be scarier than a group of entitled Karens?

No Time for Horseplay 

Regardless of how entitled Karen thinks she is, she should realize most other people have no time for her horseplay. Yet this concept always seems to escape Karens who, at the slightest problem, will demand to talk to whoever is in charge.

As many Karens soon find out, they will not get a different answer just by demanding to speak to someone in charge. Most employees are well-trained on company policies. So, stop fooling around, and let them get back to work.

All Roads Lead to Vaccines

Karens are known for their hard stance against vaccination, not to mention their belief that they know more about what is best for their children than doctors. Blaming a car crash on vaccines is taking it to the extreme. 

This Karen meme highlights their deep mistrust for vaccines. At the same time, it gently pokes fun at Karen by associating her with this cute, dubious-looking snake. Well, the pursed lips do show a remarkable resemblance. 

What’s in a Name?

Admittedly, not all Karens can be bundled up into the same self-entitled class of privileged white women. Some even suggest that it is a sexist term. For better or worse, the name Karen has come to be associated with humor for many people. 

One Karen is not happy about it and wants people to stop having fun at her expense. However, this Karen seems to be the only one complaining. Have you heard anyone called Alexa whine when people made fun of her name?

Anti-Science Karens

It’s like going against a wall to argue with people who have been brainwashed, misinformed, and who argue mainly for the sake of winning an argument. It’s an outward display of inner fears that they are too proud to admit they feel. However, it can be tough to remain compassionate and calm. 

The fetus appears to be in shock about Karen’s response. There are fears of vaccines containing a microchip. Some believe it will self-destruct in five years. What would life be like under the care of a Karen who believed such things?

Little Demons

This Karen is looking for trouble. Her car sticker is one of many examples of her inability to keep her unfounded opinions about vaccines to herself. She is caustic and accusatory – a veritable know-it-all who has a knack for infuriating people. 

She might as well be pointing fingers at people whenever she goes with an attitude like this, implying that her household is perfect. She doesn’t allow a tinge of anything synthetic to enter their blood, and she wants everyone to know about it. 

The Big Cheese

Some Karens have an unusually high opinion of themselves. They need to be treated carefully by those who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with them, making sure that they are not slighted. They are divas – modern-day queens.  

Make even the slightest mistake in her presence, and you’d better be ready with a quick apology. Otherwise, prepare to be threatened with the loss of your job. She will compel staff to call in the big cheese at once because no one else is worthy of her presence. 

Cream of the Crop

Many people feel like they just can’t catch a break. Fast-food employees work hard each day and only get peanuts for compensation. Worse, they have to deal with Karens who look down on them while also expecting them to be perfect. 

They are self-appointed royals who demand top service and insist on nothing less than your unwavering attention. One cannot afford to err against a Karen who, knowledgeable and all, won’t have second thoughts about calling for justice at the food court. 

Feel Karen’s Wrath

A Karen comes into this world as a member of the nobility. She may walk down her apartment steps feeling for all the world as though she’s descending from a castle, with a butler waving a gloved hand to bid her a good day. 

Karens do not waste time expressing their furious demands to ordinary employees. After all, they know there is a chain of command that needs to be enforced. If she has to say something, the manager shall have to be around. 

Digitally Disinfected

The pandemic has given rise to an equally powerful organization of anti-vaccine Karens. They are a hardy group, just like the invisible airborne virus, and they are increasing in numbers too. It seems the Karen lifestyle is surprisingly infectious. Until now, the government has been at a loss as to how to prevent them from spreading. 

They protect their devices against internet viruses the way we wish they would protect their kids against deadly illnesses. However, we still haven’t figured out how to change the mind of someone who is convinced they know everything.   

That Famous Karen Meme

This is the famous meme used to launch Karen’s many unpleasant traits. It features a combination of two characters from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a cat called Smudge, who now has over a million followers and is immensely beloved. 

The contrasting personalities are used to highlight Karen’s leanings towards self-importance. This is the seed that has bred contempt and made Karen ever so infamous. Is it her fault that people have come to love and hate her? Karen never takes the blame for anything. 

The Self-Defeating Karen

Years from now, we shall all look back to the year the pandemic came and changed the way we do things in general. How? For one, going to the mall seems like a difficult mission nowadays. In some countries, people have to bring a permit just to buy groceries. 

Karens have risen to the occasion, complaining about everybody else who has thought of doing the same things they are doing. “Be a bit more creative,” she cries out. Karen doesn’t want to realize that she’s just like the commoners. 

Nature or Nurture?

Dr. Evil has offered a pertinent question about the nature of Karens. The rise of the infamous Karen has gotten to a level that even supervillains cannot dismiss their colossal influence. She, the master diva, is considered a threat to their ambition to dominate the world. 

It would be an insult to Karen for people to think her qualities are merely acquired. No, these intrinsic values are unique to her nature. It’s in her blood. Karens were born to seek out managers. 

Morphing Karen

Karen has now assumed the level of a goddess. She’s gone a long way from the day we first identified her through The Real Housewives and Smudge the Cat. Karen is everywhere and now even morphs into a shady Thomas the Tank Engine character. Is there no limit to her power? 

Thomas became Karenesque the moment an ordinary employee told him he couldn’t have his way about something. His eyes, like the sun, directed a harsh Karen-ray on his opponent, putting everything back in place.

Overly Sensitive Karens

A Karen willfully assumes an air of importance the moment she steps out of her abode. She can be cute with that trademark short hair reminiscent of Kate Gosselin, who gained popularity from Jon & Kate plus 8. However, it would be a mistake to think she is a pushover. 

Do not mess with Karen. Even the slightest annoyance is tantamount to giving her a bad hair day. If that happens, she will pull out her most powerful attacks, just like Pikachu would against enemies. What happens, though, when the cashier is the manager? 

A Game of Guess Who

Guess Who reminds us of the good old days. Playing against friends and family members, one has to guess the identity of a hidden character by asking relevant questions designed to deduce information from the other player’s “yes or no” responses. 

Based on the game mechanics, one cannot mistake Karen from the rest. She complains a lot, carries an air of self-entitlement, is brimming with privilege, and knows she is always right. Her traits are unmistakably unique. 

Danger Zone

Everything around us is slowly being permeated with a tinge of Karen, even our subconscious. Sometimes, without knowing it ourselves, we become like Karen. She can be invasive, and when she does, it can be dangerous. 

Even Walter White from Breaking Bad looks more terrifying when crowned with Karen’s famous hairdo. He looks like a man possessed. An employee cannot afford to commit a single mistake against anyone with a Karen trait. That would be stepping into the danger zone. 

Adapt and Overcome

Karen doesn’t quit. However, she does like to arrive fashionably late, so all eyes focus on her. With that unmistakable Karen hairdo, sometimes projecting an androgynous appeal, she really just wants the approval of those around her. In this way, we can all relate to Karen.  

Try to counter her flow, and you will see her come back even stronger. Karen will adapt and overcome, like the Marines, until she conquers. Forget the manager – she will demand a meeting with the CEO if necessary. There is no denying Karen’s power. 

Early Traces of Karen

Recent studies have shown that the earliest traces of Karen appeared long before the pandemic in the 70s sitcom Fawlty Walters. Putting the beloved characters under a microscope, scientists discovered how the hotel owner was repeatedly exposed to an unrelenting Karen-like customer.

With her short haircut and righteous brow, she demanded to speak to the manager. A link between this old lady and our modern-day Karen is still being examined. We will be sure to update you on the latest research! 

Worthy of a Name

International survey results showed a steep decline in the use of Karen as a name for newborns. Perhaps this is due to it being associated with meanness towards other people. Mothers generally want to choose names that are correlated with good qualities and values.

A new angle to the issue is slowly getting acceptance. The idea is that “Karen” does not just carry a nominal function. Rather, it is a societal rank that one must acquire. In other words, a Karen has to be worthy of the name.

Detecting a Karen

Thanks to the internet, people are now able to detect a Karen in public based on her famous traits and unfavorable behavior. This is as important as going to the beach and spotting an approaching shark to protect your family and other swimmers. 

This photo was posted so people can be aware of the dangers of being in the proximity of a Karen. This is her typical stance when she smells blood. She’s ready to go in for the kill at any minute if an unsuspecting employee makes a false move. 

Game of Karens

It is not unusual to see memes from popular shows poking fun at Karen. Even the multi-award-winning series Game of Thrones, which lasted eight seasons, is no exception. Fans transformed Arya Stark into an imperious Karen. 

In the real world, if one desires to play the Game of Karens, it is important to identify her typical supporting cast – managers, supervisors, shamed employees, and everyday people with cameras at the ready. These players combine to make Karen, in contrast, a demigod of society. 

How to Be a Karen

Society is torn on how to deal with the Karen phenomenon. A school of thought might rise that unequivocally dismisses such mean behavior towards the service industry staff, calling for justice for the victims of oppression.

Another school of thought praises Karen’s behavior as unpretentious and authentic. In fact, some people may want to be like her, dress like her, and even have spoiled kids. Here’s a guide to becoming a Karen yourself. Her coldheartedness, though, requires constant practice. 

Karens Strive for Purity

Karens are known for their strong stance against anything that’s not “pure.” She dismisses evidence and logic, favoring her instincts and opinions instead. A Karen honestly believes she is pure, and she stands by her convictions. 

Karen intends to stay clean and “pure” forever. So, don’t even bother discussing the art of tattoos with Karens. They will never surrender their holiness to the mundane, no matter the liveliness and color. She shall persevere with her righteousness. 

Power Tripping

The sharp increase in the population of Karens worldwide is becoming a unique topic in sociology. Indeed, it may soon be handled by top universities such as Harvard and Oxford. Some aspects unique to Karens include their bloated sense of authority and sweeping delusions of grandeur. 

This particular Karen believes she can start a protest and grow it into a rebellion designed to bring down Twitter if her demands aren’t met. Other account holders may think this is funny, but they will soon feel Karen’s wrath. 

When Worlds Collide

This is not your typical Karen story. No one has been yelled at or demeaned by a Karen in this situation. Instead, two Karens have collided. Like two powerful celestial objects, their collision is nothing short of spectacular. 

Though a rarity, it can happen. When a Karen is lined up to clash against another Karen, it becomes an apocalyptic narrative. When worlds collide, the human race edges towards extinction. We can only pray that such encounters remain rare. 

Prepare to Be Railroaded

The turnover of jobs in the customer service department is pretty high, and some people who haven’t experienced working in that department may find it strange. “What’s there to it?” This is a question many people ask, thinking customer service isn’t rocket science. 

This might be true if it weren’t for the Karens of the world who make customer service a difficult job. It’s no exaggeration to compare it to seeing an 18-wheeler bearing down on you on the highway. It will be messy, and that’s why a service-oriented career can drive even the best of us mad. 

Superhuman Powers

Karens will never accept scientific proof over their own ideas and instincts. They are unwilling to cooperate, even when public health may be at risk. For this, Karens get their fair share of criticism. Community members are more likely to censure their wild claims and restrict their sphere of influence. 

However, Karens cannot be held down by these social castigations. They transcend educational degrees, laboratory findings, and scientific inventions by simply being themselves. They are born omniscient and become a great ball of fire when scrutinized by ordinary citizens. They shall not be blasphemed.