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Which animal represents the United States Democratic Party?

Believe it or not, the United States Democratic Party is represented by a donkey. Meanwhile, the Republican Party uses an elephant. Some still cannot fathom the fact that no party is represented by a bear or a bird. The donkey was originally associated with 1828 Democrat Andrew Jackson during his presidential campaign. At that time, his political opponents referred to him as a donkey. Instead of being offended, Jackson used the animal in his campaign posters as a symbol of being strong-willed.

Fill in the blank. “She’s a harder worker ____ the last person who worked here.”

“Than” is the correct answer. The appropriate sentence should read, “She’s a harder worker than the last person who worked here.” This question should remind you of your 4th-grade English lessons. Remember that when the word “than” is used, two different are being compared. 

A light-year measures what?

It is easy to associate the term “light-year” with the animated movie Toy Story. But it is actually a mathematical and scientific measurement used to identify distance. More specifically, it is used to find out how far light has traveled in a span of a year.

Among the following:768×2, 1,410, and 2,800/2, which is smaller?

Among the two equations in the selection, as well as the lone number, the sum that is the smallest is 2,800/2. The equation’s sum results in 1,400, which is essentially less than 1,410, while 768×2 equals 1,536.

How loud a sound is, in terms of a sound wave, is determined by ____.

It is the amplitude that determines how loud a sound is going to be. Meanwhile, frequency is defined as the length of time the sound will last per second. Meanwhile, the wavelength describes the distance traveled by a wave in between crests.

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which country?

Mount Kilimanjaro is situated in Tanzania within the African continent. It is considered the world’s largest free-standing mountain, standing at 5,895 meters above sea level and approximately 4,900 meters above its base. Out of three of the mountain’s volcanic cones, two are extinct, and one is dormant and could erupt again. Mount Kilimanjaro’s last volcanic activity was two centuries ago, while its last major eruption was almost 400,000 years ago.

Among these men, who became the United States of America’s 13th President?

While he isn’t one of the United States’ most famous serving presidents, Millard Fillmore was America’s 13th. He was also the Whig Party’s last member to ever serve in the White House. He was the country’s president from the years 1850 until 1853.

The bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death, spread and ravaged the world during which period in history?

It was during the Middle Ages when the bubonic plague, or Black Death, swept through cities, towns, and villages. The plague purportedly began when infected rats arrived from ships that traveled internationally. Symptoms of the bubonic plague include chills, headache, fever, and swollen lymph nodes.

The square root of 16 is what?

The square root of sixteen is 4! This should be easy enough to answer from the top of your head. If you were able to choose the right response correctly, you are a step closer to getting into Harvard! 

Among these objects, which would fall to the ground at the fastest rate when there is no air resistance?

Though these items all vary in weight, they will actually fall at the same speed toward the ground. The University of California, Santa Barbara, states that the acceleration speed because of gravity is approximately 10 m/s2 in any part of the world. Therefore, any object is sure to go through the same acceleration every time it falls.

Sir Isaac Newton’s theories on gravity were inspired by which falling fruit?

The English mathematician Sir Isaac Newton formulated the theory of gravity based on his observation of an apple falling from a tree. Some people today mistakenly believe that the apple story was merely a myth, but it was true. According to Newton, the force which caused an apple to drop from a tree was the same force that allowed the moon to remain in place. He developed his theory and eventually presented it in his book Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

What is three-quarters of 60?

It is easy to get confused by the question, and a lot of people are actually rattled by the answer. To make it easy, you can change the question into a fraction. Three quarters is ¾; thus, 3/4 * 60 is equal to 45.

Among these triangles, which has sides that have different lengths?

It is a scalene triangle that has all its three sides in different lengths. Meanwhile, an equilateral triangle has all of its sides of equal lengths. But an isosceles triangle only has two same-length sides.

Among the planets in the Solar System, which has the biggest known mountain?

The tallest and largest known mountain within the solar system is located on the surface of Mars and is referred to as Olympus Mons. When compared to the landmass of the United States, the mountain would be as large as the state of Arizona.

What materials are incorporated into iron in order to produce steel?

Carbon is necessary in order to manufacture steel from iron. Essentially, the material is first heated up and then placed in a furnace to melt. Doing so helps remove impurities from the material. After this, carbon is introduced into the mix in order to produce steel.

What is the distance around the outside of a circle called?

Circumference refers to the distance around a circle. Meanwhile, the diameter is the distance from one side of a circle to the other. The radius is a segment of a line that extends from the circle’s center up to its edge.

Which is closer to planet Earth: the sun or the moon?

Though the sun is more than 20 million times bigger when compared to the moon, the National Ocean Service confirms that the moon is much nearer to the Earth. This is the main reason the moon’s details are visible from the Earth via a telescope.

What was the city of Mumbai previously called?

Though all the mentioned cities are located in India, Bombay was once Mumbai’s original name. The change from Bombay to Mumbai became official in 1995. Bombay was actually a hallmark of British colonialism, and the conversion to Mumbai was intended to reflect India’s heritage as well as the goddess Mumbadevi.

Which of these shapes has seven sides?

A heptagon is a shape that has seven sides. A hexagon, which is usually mistaken for a heptagon, actually has six sides. Meanwhile, an eight-sided shape is called an octagon, and a five-sided shape is a pentagon.

In which city in California is the Golden Gate Bridge located?

One of California’s most famous landmarks is the Golden Gate Bridge, situated in the northern part of San Francisco. The bridge measures almost 9,000 feet long and 746 feet tall. At the time of its completion in 1937, it was recognized as the symbol of America’s power and progress. It also set a world precedent for suspension-bridge designs.

There is an aquatic animal that has three beating hearts. What is it?

It is the octopus that has three hearts. But a larger sea creature, the whale, has four large heart chambers. Meanwhile, the jellyfish and the starfish are quite literally heartless sea creatures.

The process that turns liquid into gas is called _____.

Evaporation is the process wherein liquid is converted into gas. Once a liquid is sufficiently heated, its molecules start breaking apart and become vapor. 

The specific temperature where Celsius and Fahrenheit become equal is _____.

Even when two scales of temperature are measured in different ways, there is a specific point when both become equal. It is only through a freezing -40 degree temperature that Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same.

Why are plants colored green?

The green color present in plants is due to chlorophyll. Stems and leaves are colored green due to chlorophyll’s inability to absorb green-colored wavelengths of light.

The nucleus is located in which part of an atom?

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission declared that protons and neutrons could be found inside an atom’s nucleus. Protons possess a positive charge, while neutrons carry zero charges.

Which of these symbols stand for silicon?

The Periodic Table of Elements shows that Si is the element symbol for silicon. The table classifies silicon under group 14 as it belongs to Metalloids. The same group similarly covers germanium, boron, antimony, and tellurium.

These literary works were all written by Edgar Allan Poe except one, which is it?

The Old Man and the Sea was written not by Edgar Allan Poe but by Ernest Hemingway. Poe wrote short stories and poetry. Some credit him as the writer who single-handedly created the short story genre.

The waves utilized to transmit cellphone calls are called _____.

Radio waves are responsible for a mobile phone’s ability to make and receive a call. These waves fall under the electromagnetic spectrum and travel at light speed.

The hottest layer of the Earth is called the _____.

The Earth’s core is considered the hottest layer. It is located 1,802 miles beneath the surface of the planet. According to scientists, the core is extremely hot, and its temperature ranges anywhere from 8,000 to 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto was co-written with _____.

The Communist Manifesto was published in 1848 as a pamphlet. It was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles—both were German philosophers. It is considered to be one of the most critical political documents ever produced.

An oxbow lake is shaped like _____.

Since an oxbow lake is formed any time a river’s wide mouth is cut off, thus creating a free-standing body of water or pool, the shape formed is that of a U.

Among all the organs in the human body, which is the heaviest?

The human body carries 78 organs. The heaviest among all these is the liver. Its size resembles that of a football. Meanwhile, its weight can range from three to as much as 3.5 pounds.

Among these large-size animals, which of them literally has the biggest heart?

All these mentioned creatures are humongous in size. However, of the four, it is the blue whale that holds the record as the creature with the largest heart. It is estimated that a blue whale’s heart weighs approximately 400 pounds.

Who among these famous historical figures created The Theory of Relativity?

It was Albert Einstein who created the Theory of Relativity. The theory states that time and space are relative, and any motion is relative to a specific frame of reference. Meanwhile, Sir Isaac Newton is known for his theory of gravity. 

Among these chemical equations, which stands for hydrogen peroxide?

H2O2 is the chemical equation for hydrogen peroxide. It has a pale blue hue. Essentially a chemical compound, H2O2 is usually utilized as an antiseptic. When harnessed in its purest form, this compound is not seen as a clear liquid.

Who, among these popular intellectuals, said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

It was Albert Einstein who was known to state the phrase, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Though it seems as if this statement came from a philosopher, it was Einstein, the physicist, who actually said it. Besides this popular saying and his enormous contributions to science, Einstein also helped create modern-day items such as paper towels, laser pointers, and solar power. 

Name the amendment that allowed women the fundamental right to vote.

It was on the 18th of August, 1920, that women in the United States of America were given the right to vote under the Constitution through the Nineteenth Amendment. This amendment declared that citizens will be granted the right to vote and will neither be denied nor “abridged by the United States or by any state on account of gender.” The amendment’s approval was a significant mark in American women’s lengthy fight to gain a little more political equality.

A turtle is classified as what?

Turtles are considered reptiles because they are unlike amphibians, who have an aquatic larval stage. They are vertebrates similar to snakes, alligators, and lizards. They also breathe through their lungs. Their skin is dry and scaly in order to prevent it from drying out. Turtles can be easily identified because of their large shells.

What is a large group of owls called?

Anytime you see a large gathering of owls, the group can be described as a parliament! It is not clear how the name came about, but one possible origin of this collective noun is the 1950’s children’s book titled The Chronicles of Narnia, wherein a group of gathering owls was called a parliament. 

Matthew Hopkins was known as a _____.

It was during the English Civil War when Matthew Hopkins became a famous (or infamous) witch hunter. Fortunately, his witch-hunting career only lasted for three years. However, throughout that time, he was responsible for the death of more than 100 people he accused as witches. One of the many ways he used to identify witches was through “pricking.” If a person was pricked with a needle and did not bleed or feel pain, she was considered to be a witch.