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40 Funny Recreations of Celebrity Instagram Photos

We often see celebrities posting on Instagram about their lives, as most people do. Some share photos of luxury things that normal people can’t afford. Others keep their wealth a little more low-key. However, one thing they all seem to love doing is sharing their OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

Do any of you look incredibly picture-ready when you wake up? It’s surreal that celebrities think we’ll believe they woke up that way. They appear to be from another universe because of how flawless they are in photographs. Thankfully, most people see through the facade, and some even take their own pictures to gently tease celebrities on social media. The photos below are sure to give you plenty of laughs.

Bicycle Blues

We often question our own existence because of how perfect some people seem to be, while we have endless flaws. This is especially true when we see celebrity Instagram posts. Is their perfection real? There’s something about some celeb photos that make us question reality. In this case, our question is this: why is Selena wearing high heels in the sand?

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Peddling in the sand isn’t a smart idea in the first place, but if you’re wearing high heels? That’s just crazy. Before you start criticizing Selena’s photo, this was for a photoshoot. Still, we can’t help but giggle at the brilliant recreation made by a fellow Instagram user.  

Beat the Heat

Splashing around in the water is the best way to stay cool on hot days. The idea is that as you get wet, the temperature drops, but Emily Ratajkowski has everything backwards. After spraying water on herself, she only increased the heat.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

How did she do that? In reality, few people look this chic when doused with water. Your hair gets messy, your make-up runs, and you’ll be uncomfortable all day long. No one looks as perfectly hot as Emily in real life. 

Enjoying the Sun

There are many ways to enjoy the sun. Some people love sitting alone on their porch, admiring the view. Others prefer the company of other people. For Bella Hadid, appreciating the sun means laying on your lawn in an uncomfortable-looking pose.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Laying on the lawn is what kids love to do daily, while adults usually enjoy the grass from a seated position, with a cup of tea in hand. Bella Hadid breaks the mold. She says no to boundaries, rocking a runway look, even when she’s just chilling on a sunny day. 

Trust Fall

Ever want to have someone who you can genuinely trust? Trust falls are wildly popular nowadays in team bonding exercises, support groups, and self-help seminars. Instead of the typical trust fall, why not make it a bit extra, like they did in the photo below? 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Do you want to try it? Make sure you have a t-shirt with extreme strength and a partner with the muscles required to grip you firmly. If not, you’re going to face the same fate as the girl in the second picture. It may look hilarious, but God knows how painful it is. 

The Hustle of Parenting

Children are the most special gift a person could receive, which is why parents devote their lives to taking care of them. Of course, taking care of your kids is not always a walk in the park. You’ll feel rundown just looking at the mess they’ve created. 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Many parents end up wearing baggy clothes and messy hair, but not J-Lo. She looks stunning, carrying her daughter in one hand while holding a glass of champagne in the other. How can she be that good? 

Strolling Through Downtown

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise you can do without the need for equipment. It’s more fun if you walk with your dog, right? We’re all used to seeing people do that, but Emily Ratajkowski (yet again) shocked social media by walking her dog in lingerie.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

We can make all the jokes we want, but we have to respect the fact that she’s screaming self-love to everyone. Both women look gorgeous because they’re showing off their confidence, proving that you are gorgeous regardless of your size. 

Natural Light

Some people hate the idea of sun rays entering their rooms, so they opt to use blackout curtains. For those who enjoy it or do not have a choice, you can use the light streaming in as a prop for taking selfies.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

We all know about those “I woke up like this” photos. This one is slightly different. Instead of using a flash, you’ll use natural light from the sun streaming in your window. However, because sunshine is quite distracting to the eyes, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to snap a shot without squinting. Also, we’re not sure we would be as fresh as the girl on the left.

Gift Wrap

They say life is a gift, and sometimes, that’s true. With that in mind, an idea pops up. Just like Kylie did, you can dress up as a gift during festive events. If someone asks for their present, you can simply point to yourself. It’s a cheesy joke, but sometimes, those are the best!

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Jokes aside, gift-giving is a deeply human process. It is also deeply social and good for the soul to spend your time or money on making someone else happy. Aside from that, there’s the excitement of purchasing something that someone could truly appreciate.

Get Physical

Exercising sounds like a pain, doesn’t it? It’s too much for some people to even think about. Have you ever considered doing something out of the usual to spark your desire to work out? Would you, for example, wear a bikini while stretching on top of your car?

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Doing something like this has its drawbacks. First, the heat from the sun is dangerous. Though stretching exercises might be good for your back, too much can lead to serious injuries, especially if you’re perched high up on a car. So, you should always be cautious. 

Strong Aura

Life is full of ups and downs. You better keep moving whenever possible. Just like Kyle Richards, you should nurture your confidence so you can survive in this world full of people who doubt everything you do. Keep the faith, and keep going.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

We all know how difficult it is to climb the ladder of success, but you can reach the top with a good attitude and a strong will. Until then, either smile and proudly look at the camera or stare disapprovingly. Side note, drink driving is prohibited by the law, so we assume this lady is getting in the passenger seat! 

Back to the 90s

The fashion of the 90s hits differently. This decade is making a comeback with full force, and all the things people liked back then are making their way into modern fashion. Here, Hailey Bieber proves that this was one of the best eras of fashion ever.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Sporting Calvin Klein high-waisted underwear, Hailey rocks the looks with confidence. No one else could recreate this with quite the same perfection as Celeste Barber. Wearing a panty girdle, she stunningly flaunts herself with, of course, her signature sense of self-deprecating humor. 

Carbs Don’t Lie

Boys do lie. True men don’t. In this world full of people who make lying a living, we must keep ourselves safe from false promises. Celeste understood the need to know who to trust as she posted a picture seemingly identical to this photo on the left but with different thoughts.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Carbs are much more truthful than boys when it comes to gaining weight. Carbs make it obvious from the beginning that the person is eating a lot. It appears that our girl Celeste just gives us facts about how carbs are straight-up honest. They’re around all the time, and she doesn’t have to worry about them lying to her or not replying to her messages.

Two Sides of Motherhood

Motherhood can be a rewarding and satisfying life, but it’s also challenging. Giving birth requires that a woman give up control of her body for nine months. After this, she’ll have to learn the ropes of child care, find time to work on career development, and still have some moments left over for self-care.  

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

With all those things to juggle, no one expects you to look like Queen B. But don’t feel ashamed about it. Even if you don’t look the same as her, you’re still a queen. You’re the most important person in your child’s life, and that should be enough to counteract any frustration you feel about how things look now.

Self-Care and Self-Love

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to just be kind and loving. Treat yourself the way you’d treat a dear friend. You deserve everything that you have achieved in your life, and while it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities and obligations, make time today for yourself.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

There are many ways you can take care of yourself from the comfort of your own home. You can take inspiration from the ladies above and deal with your unwanted hair. Sometimes, even just cleaning your workstation or taking a nap can help you feel more serene. 

Next Caller

There’s a lot of things going on when you’re doing number two. Some people love to stare blankly at the wall, while others like to bring their phone in with them and scroll while they take care of business. All in all, the bathroom is a good place to start your day.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Some women take this time for relaxation. It is their chance to do nothing. You can mindlessly scroll social media, read a news article, or follow the lead of the ladies above and catch up with your friends on the phone. It is prime time for enjoying some me-time. 

A Different Kind of Advertising

Some people think being in love with yourself is a sign of narcissism. This can be true if you take it too far. However, healthy self-love can help you achieve your potential, live your values, and find connections with others. Just take a look at how Kylie advertises her products.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

The Kardashian’s are known for incorporating themselves into their products. Although it’s their way to sell a product, it has the positive side-effect of spreading a message of self-love among the general public. Self-love is a good thing. When you practice self-love, your subconscious mind gets the message that you’re worthy. 

The Reality of Waking Up

Ever wonder why people look so good when they use the “I woke up like this” hashtag on their posts? No offense, but most people don’t look like that in reality. The hashtag usually accompanies pictures people post in the morning when they’ve sneakily gone and tidied themselves up. 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

In reality, we look more like the picture below. It’s a big mistake to wear make-up overnight, so you’ll wake up bare-faced most of the time. We tend to wake up with messy hair and drool on our chin, but that’s perfectly fine. There’s no need to feel ashamed about this.  

The Perfect Beach Look

Sometimes, celebrity pictures look too far removed from real life. Why? They’re just too perfect. It’s not a bad thing, and we’re not saying it’s fake. Instead, we’re saying that celebrities have plenty of tricks to help them look like they stepped right out of a magazine or movie.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

We haven’t seen a lifeguard wearing make-up during their shift. Lifeguards are among those who are often under the heat of the sun, and while it’s fun watching people enjoy themselves on the beach, it’s also one of the most tiring jobs to do. You can see how exhausting it is in the picture on the right.

Less Clothing? No Problem

The Kardashians are known to be very particular about the way they dress. Their goal is to grab people’s attention with whatever they wear. They have an impeccable sense of style, which fans love to see.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

A loose sweater and a pair of boots can be styled to perfection if you’re a Kardashian. A lot of people tried to recreate this outfit, but few had any luck. Some pass the vibe, and others just need a little reshaping. But, don’t worry! Whatever you wear is fine, as long as it makes you comfortable.

Breakfast Time

Alexis Ren makes us rethink our appearance during breakfast. It’s uncanny that she looks so good after waking up. Is Alexis even real? She’s so captivating that we never even noticed how scandalous her shirt looks until we saw Celeste’s hilarious recreation.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Alexis Ren is an inspiration for some people. She’s not only looking great during breakfast, but she dares to wear clothing that may be considered risque to some. There are many copies of that shirt she’s wearing, but the one on the right is probably the funniest. 

Pink Fashionista

Kendal Jenner always sets the bar so high when it comes to modeling. Even in the competitive world of fashion, she’s one of those celebrities that people love to follow. She set an example for everyone else by wearing bold outfits without fear of criticism.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Don’t worry if you don’t have Kendal’s height and body size. You are perfect in your own way, and that should be enough. You can always be a model at home, just like Celeste. Embrace what you have, and use your clothing to compliment it well. 

Vacation Trip

Having so many things to carry in your luggage during vacation is tough to manage, especially when you’re traveling for the first time with your kids. It sometimes results in a major headache, and you’ll be exhausted before your trip even starts.

mage Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

IIn the photos, you may think people look stress-free, but wait till you see them carrying their huge luggage at the airport. The truth for parents with young kids is that traveling can be the toughest ordeal. Just look at the photo on your left. 

Rolling in Bed

Everyone would agree that some people look entirely different when they wake up, especially celebrities. Maybe, it’s in the water they drink. We don’t exactly know the reason behind the vast difference, but if you look like a caveman after waking up, we feel you. 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Imagine waking up and rolling onto the floor. That’s the worst way to start your day. The truth is that well-balanced people don’t even bother looking at celebrities or trying to emulate their style. It’s far healthier to focus on your loved ones and the life that’s going on around you. 

Need Some Air?

Since Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has been making a lot of noise in the world. She has been on the scene for many years. We can see why she wanted that fan all to herself – it’s a symbol of the intensity of her fans’ affection for her.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Those of us who don’t have a fan like that can substitute a leaf blower. Yes, we need something to cool our heads from all the stresses we’ve been through in life. Of course, we don’t recommend actually using a leaf blower like this. It could be dangerous, so leave such pranks for the trained comedians. 

It’s Not Photoshop

We all know Miranda Kerr. Who doesn’t? She’s known for being a top model, mother, and entrepreneur. One of her most impressive modeling tricks is to lean back perfectly while looking at the camera. We can learn so many things through her poses, just like this recreation of her photo.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Many thought it was photoshop, but it wasn’t. Miranda just has a strong core muscle that aids her in executing this position. Both women are stunning in their way. They make it clear that you are lovely, regardless of your size.

When Reality Hits

Often, we ask ourselves how models do their shoots because they just look too perfect. We never think about what they go through to make themselves look that way. Here’s a glimpse of how models do their shoots and how it is in reality. 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Modeling is a tough job, and many factors come into play for it to be successful. Knowing this will help you understand why your own selfies never quite look like the ones on a model’s Instagram. For this reason, we respect the hard work and dedication of every model in the world. 

No Clothes to Wear

When girls say, “I have nothing to wear,” it means they have tons of clothes in their closet but nothing they want to wear. Celebrities have assistants and stylists to help them choose their outfits for the day. 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

For ordinary people, the “assistant” or “stylist” is generally a best friend or family member. The most important part of this arrangement is that it’s free. You just have to call them and ask for their help with your costume crisis. 

Celebration of Motherhood

Being a mother requires a lot of patience and dedication, which is why we salute all the mothers out there for their unconditional love and care for their families, especially for their children. Expecting a child always calls for a celebration, but some people celebrate differently than others. 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

We love to see two gorgeous women flaunting their baby bumps because why not? It’s a beautiful thing to see the bond that the two women share with their babies, and we hope they’ll continue to grow and become stronger as they raise their kids.

Surfing Like a Boss

Over the last few decades, surfing has gained a lot of attention from many people. It is an activity with physical benefits not found in other sports. It’s also a great source of exercise that improves balance and stamina while also strengthening the core muscles in the torso.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Surfers get a lot of enjoyment from being outside on a nice day, which most people can understand. You can either ride the waves or plunge into them. No matter what you usually do in the water, surfing is a great sport to try.

Posing for Fun 

Sometimes when you see something ridiculous, it’s impossible to resist imitating it. This is how we feel when we see the gorgeous Nicki Minaj in this photo. Who would think sitting on your stairs while posing like you’re swinging on monkey bars is a good idea?

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

The strangest part is, Nicki somehow made it look cool and fierce. Not everyone could pull off that pose. Celeste nailed it too. They are both queens in their own way. We just hope their tailbones are okay after taking the picture because it looks painful.

Greatest Regret

The strangest part is, Nicki somehow made it look cool and fierce. Not everyone could pull off that pose. Celeste nailed it too. They are both queens in their own way. We just hope their tailbones are okay after taking the picture because it looks painful.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Obviously, Selena can buy another glass and expensive wine or juice anytime she wants. However, in reality, people are usually upset when this happens to them. It’s even worse if it was the last glass of wine in the house. We think that’s the feeling Celeste was channeling! 

Spider Walk

Katy Perry must be so engrossed in her performance that she slipped into a rendition of the spider walk scene in The Exorcist. Her bend is even deeper than Thomas Anderson in the film, The Matrix. The most impressive part is that she kept on singing while doing that. 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

If you’re looking for a good time, there are plenty of places you can find it. You just have to know where to go with your kids. Celeste’s recreation is adorable and hilarious. We hope the kids had a good time watching their mom being silly! 

Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfies took the internet by storm in 2015 when they were introduced. The concept is simple: hold your phone out in front of you, activate the front-facing camera, then capture your reflection in the mirror.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

This trend has exploded over social media platforms like Instagram, and Emily Ratajkowski posts her fair share of mirror selfies. One of the main reasons why people post a mirror selfie is to take a picture of their outfit or their current mood. Both women did a marvelous job of capturing their moods that day. 

The Best Combination

Some days, we feel confident, and it makes us want to rock a wild outfit. Perhaps you even have some combination in mind that you planned out for a special event. Then you realize an important component of the outfit is in the laundry. How would you feel, and how would you react?

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Mixing and matching outfits is a common activity, but sometimes it is tough to find the best match. Wearing the right combinations of clothes can feel like a powerful act of self-expression, but we suggest saving outfits like the ones above for days that you plan to spend at home!

Laundry Time

Some people hate the thought of washing their clothes. It’s not because they don’t want to but because it’s exhausting. It takes up a lot of time and energy, and it’s also annoying when you have to iron, fold, and hang everything.  

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Apparently, this is not the case for Paris Hilton. Well, not according to the photos she posts anyway! This boss look is an odd match for the washing machines. However, she looks stunning wearing a sparkling silver suit. 

Transform in One Bath

It feels surreal to look at Adriana Lima’s photo portraying an after-bath look. Wearing a bathrobe and a towel covering her hair, it certainly does look like she came from a bath. However, some disagree with this portrayal. 

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

First, she’s clearly wearing make-up. It’s unrealistic to have perfect make-up right after you step out of the bath. Of course, it’s for a pictorial, so it’s understandable. A person’s normal look after a bath is more like the photo on the right! 

The Best Way to Unwind

We all have days where we feel extra tired for unknown reasons. If you’re thinking of the best way to deal with it, then try getting into a bathtub and relaxing while listening to your favorite song. Just close your eyes and relax.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

If you find yourself singing along, it means that you’re in a great mood, so you should step outside and enjoy the rest of the day. Who wouldn’t want that? Try it, and see the difference for yourself.

The Value of Saving Money

Saving money is not the easiest thing to do. It takes effort to make it happen. Posting about your success through social media is okay. However, publishing bragging about your wealth in all your photos is not okay.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

The act of saving money is easy in theory but hard to do in practice. Do you know why? It’s because saving money is a habit. Although it’s easy to say it’s easy, in reality, it’s hard to start a new practice.

Outfit Ideas for Winter

Cold weather is a nuisance to the people who have to shiver through it with extra layers of clothing and gloves. However, there are some people for whom cold weather provides a unique opportunity. Here, Kylie proves yet again that she’s one of the top trendsetters.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Look how comfy her outfit is, and it’s perfect for cold days. With that fluffy blanket on hand, you would never feel the effects of cold weather again. At first glance, she doesn’t look like Kylie. Maybe because we’re used to her revealing outfits. All in all, this was a good idea for winter. We just hope no one will judge you when you go out covered with a blanket.

After a Gym Session

Exercise is good for you. It helps you develop all sorts of skills like endurance, strength, and even social skills. The more active you are, the more resilient you should be to ailments of the mind and body. So, the next time you’re feeling lazy, go smash out a good workout session to boost your energy and motivation.

Image Courtesy of @celestebarber / Instagram

Whenever you hit the gym for a challenging session, you end up sweating and looking exhausted. People who look like the person on the left are a special breed. Most of us look at the photo on the right and see a reflection of ourselves.