In Need of Sunshine? 6 Sunny Winter Destinations

With the short days and tons of rain, we all long for a little sunshine. In January and February, you have to get on a plane, but the possibilities of fine destinations are endless.


Curacao is a tropical island as a tropical island should be. Lots of sun, beautiful beaches, and cool waters. Temperatures reach 30°C in January, although there is also the chance that you will end up in a rain shower. Fortunately, these showers are short-lived, as you will find an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day during the first two months of the year. Time your indoor activity exactly during one of those rainstorms, and you won't be bothered by anything.

Canary Islands

A little closer to home and therefore less warm, but also in the Canary Islands the sun shines in abundance in January and February. With maximum temperatures of 20°C, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and Gran Canaria may not be suitable for a tropical beach vacation, but sporting activities such as hiking or surfing are fine here. Do bring a thick sweater for the evening, because it cools down. You can enjoy the sun on your face the next morning.

South Africa

When it's winter here, it's the middle of summer in South Africa. Chances are that you will spend days here enjoying temperatures above 30°C and emptying bottle after bottle of sunscreen. Keep in mind that it is the rainy season in the summer and you might just end up in a shower. Although this is always true of the Cape Town region: locals don't say that this city has four seasons every day for nothing.


Just below Spain, you will find beautiful Morocco, where the temperature differences are quite large in each area. If you visit the Atlas Mountains in January or February, you are guaranteed snow and lots of colds, but along the coast in the south of the country, temperatures are much higher. Here, with a little luck, it can get as high as 24°C.


The people of Thailand refer to January and February as the cooler months of the year, but that makes them perfect for European travelers. You won't encounter much rain in these months with temperatures of 28°C or higher. Very warm for us, but the Thai are used to temperatures of 35°C or higher.


January and February are also considered cool months in Dubai, but with average temperatures of 24°C, this is another destination that feels like summer to us. While not everyone is a fan of this city, enthusiasts agree: it doesn't get more diverse. You'll find beaches, ancient culture, vibrant city life as well as trips to the desert and sporting water activities.