Here’s How Having House Plants Will Change Your Life

You might already know intuitively that being around flowers and trees makes you feel better, but did you know that there’s an explanation as to why that happens? Spending time around foliage stimulates our brain. This makes us feel inspired and improves our mood if we’re a little down. This is why, if you ever get the blues, taking a stroll through the park is a great way to elevate your spirit. Having plants indoors will give you the same effect. The more foliage you surround yourself with, the better you’ll feel!

Photo: Severin Candrian/Unsplash

Plants Will Make You Healthier

Flowers, leaves, and small little trees can help boost your energy levels. You have probably noticed flowers in hospital rooms and thought that they were just a nice gesture, but the truth is that they actually encourage patients’ bodies to recover faster. Placing plants in offices will mean fewer sick days taken by employees. But how do plants make us recover faster and feel more energized? Well, they improve air quality, lower blood pressure, and boost your immune system, to name a few. Foliage in the bedroom will also improve your sleep, helping you wake up sprightly and ready to take on the day.

Plants Will Make You Feel More Relaxed

Today, we spend most of our time with technological devices, but as humans, we have a very deep connection to nature. This connection means that seeing nature will always make us feel more elevated. This is why having pieces of nature inside your house is crucial to both your physical and mental wellbeing. Just adding a few potted plants to your home will help you feel calmer.

Photo: Huy Phan/Unsplash

Plants Will Make Your Memory Better

One amazing benefit of having green around you is that it improves both memory and concentration. A study conducted at the University of Michigan shows that people who have plants at home can increase their memory capacity by 20% and are better at learning new things. One potted plant next to your desk can better your concentration. We really can’t think of any reason not to fill your space with flowers and foliage!