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Grandmother Passed Over for Dog Ownership, Gets Amazing Surprise

They say that as we age, we begin to realise the value not of money or of material wealth, but instead of our relationships with others. In our last moments, we don’t think of our bank balance, but the balance of time we spent with those who we care about most. When Andrea Hijar’s grandmother wanted to get a dog at the age of 76, though, she was frustrated at the challenges of making it so. She decided to get a new canine companion, and her family assisted in looking around local Peruvian rescue groups.

Every time, though, they were told that they were being rejected due to the age of their grandmother. Hijar continues to push, as she knew how excited it made the grandparents that were so beloved. Sadly, her grandmother was told the bad news and simply accepted that she would never again by the owner of a beloved dog. Hijar, though, was undeterred – she would find someone who would trust her grandparents as much as she did!

And so she continued to search around online and offline for solutions. Her hope came when she came across the post of a man who had a puppy in his arms – the puppy needed a new home, somewhere that it could be brought up with the right love, care, and affection. So, Hijar reached out to him to see if he would be happy to make the deal happen. He agreed, as he believed Hijar and co. would care for the dog.

What happened?

Hijar left with her father and grandfather to pick up the gorgeous dog, who was soon named Princesa. With the dog in-arm, Hijar went to see her grandmother alongside her grandfather to show her the special news. You can see a moment of the union taking place below:

Naturally, her grandmother was deeply emotional and very happy that she would again be allowed to hold on to a dog that she loved so much. Others might have doubted Hijar’s grandparents, but as you can see from the images of Princesa and her new family, they were wrong to doubt the empathetic love of a grandmother who has lived a very wise, happy life!