Got a Cold? 5 Tips to Still Get a Good Night's Sleep

A cold and a good night's sleep often don't go well together. So try these five handy tips to ensure you will sleep well.

A hot shower or bath

A hot shower or bath not only has a relaxing effect but also opens up your sinuses. This allows you to breathe more easily, so you will fall asleep sooner.


Put your pillowcase or sheets in the freezer before you go to sleep. This sounds a little crazy, but when you have a fever you are often constantly looking for that one cool spot in your bed. Do put the pillowcase and/or sheets in a resealable bag before putting them in the freezer.


Tea not only soothes your throat but also opens up your sinuses. Just make sure it's decaffeinated tea and that you don't drink tea for the last hour before you go to bed. If you do, you will most likely have to pee while you sleep.


Before going to sleep, make sure you place several pillows on top of each other so that you lie a little higher than normal. If you lie flat, mucus will build up in your throat. This will cause you to cough and you will not be able to fall asleep easily.

Positive thoughts

It can be very frustrating when you have to sneeze and/or cough a lot and despite all the well-meaning tips, you are still staring at the ceiling for hours. As hard as it may be, try not to be too preoccupied with the sleep deprivation you have suffered so far. Think of something fun and positive. If this fails, you can also turn on a podcast or an audiobook for distraction. Eventually, you will fall asleep.