Hilarious Tinder Profiles That Put Fun Back Into Dating

By Paul Reeve

Are you tired of your boring single, friendless life? Why not try Tinder? Dating can be exhausting and finding the one that matches your personality can be quite a challenge. Plus, finding someone to date can be a bit of a minefield. Well, this app has been around for a while now. The consensus is that some people have found love this way—just by swiping on their phones.

Tinder is an app where you can find a friend (or something more). Some people take Tinder seriously and painstakingly construct extensive profiles about themselves to increase their chances of getting a match. However, some folks just want to have fun. Some of them have come up with the craziest Tinder profiles ever. And what could be better than meeting that special someone with whom you can laugh? Swipe right! Let’s check out some of the craziest profiles on Tinder.