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Film about the making of The Godfather set to start development

As one of the most beloved pieces of media ever created, The Godfather is a tremendous piece of cinema history. The classic, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, became a template for more or less any gang or mob-related piece of media ever since. Now, Oscar Isaac and Jake Gyllenhaal are going to be involved in the development of an intriguing film about the making of The Godfather in the first place.

The story of the film and its crazy production is being developed, with the duo involved looking to find out the stories behind one of the most impressive moveis made of all-time. It’s going to be intriguing, though the film certainly has a dark past. When developed at Paramount Pictures, Coppola and producer Robert Evans were known to butt heads on a regular basis.

They argued constantly, with Coppola accusing Evans of “slowing down” the production. Various challenges involving locations, budgets, and everything else also came up during development. There was even talk about potential run-ins with local mobsters who were not too keen to have their activities shown on the big screen in such an open manner.

Oscar Isaac and Jake Gyllenhaal

From fears about casting Marlon Brando to the location moving from Kansas City to New York, there were various challenges and problems during the development of the movie. Now, this tell-all behind the scenes movie should offer fans of The Godfather new and improved insight into just how mad the set and development of this legendary movie was.

If you are intrigued by The Godfather, you might find this to be one to keep an eye out on. With two major actors of the current era involved, too, it should be sure to draw a wide and varied audience of people excited to find out more about this famous movie.