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Entertaining #promfail Responses From Jimmy Fallon’s Audience

Prom is an important milestone in any teenager’s life. It’s a magical time brimming with anticipation and celebration. However, it can be challenging to navigate all the pitfalls and dangers as you engage with all the activities and events of the night.

The excitement of being (and being seen) on the dancefloor with your date can be overwhelming. So, if you’re not prepared, the evening could go from blast to disaster – just like this compilation of hilarious prom fails, hand-picked for your perusal from the internet.

Credit to Jimmy Fallon, #PromFail and all you prom-loving Twitter users out there for providing quality tales of prom night fails.

Too Early for Prom Night

Being a high schooler means dealing with a ton of schoolwork, and of course, finding yourself and your true calling. Thankfully, being in high school also means looking forward to experiencing one of the most exciting events of your life – prom!

Many teens get excited by the word “prom” alone. Kate, on the other hand, might just have gotten a little too excited. Imagine checking off all of your plans and preparations only to discover that you’re early… by about a week. Don’t worry, Kate. We won’t judge.

A Huge Surprise

Every school celebrates prom night differently. While the school faculties get busy implementing their themes and designs, everyone knows to expect the unexpected – to prepare for the twists and turns of the night as they unfold. Grant might feel as prepared as anyone, but unlike everyone else, he’s in for the biggest surprise of his life. 

Grant thought being crowned prom king would be the most memorable part of the night. Instead, it turned out to be his booger! We can only imagine how mortifying that was for him. What kind of friend only points out a booger after the photos have been taken?

She’s Not The One

You’ve thought of everything. You have the perfect slacks, shoes, shirt, and tie picked out for this momentous occasion. Everyone’s excited – until you realize you’ll need a date – now you’re terrified beyond belief. You go to make the first move. Your nerves get the better of you. Suddenly, time stops, and everything outside of her answer is forgotten. What are you going to do if she says no?

Count yourself lucky if the person you ask only says “no.” Brandon must have been thrilled when his girl agreed to play along, but he probably didn’t expect to get played quite like that. It might have been a funny #promfail, but it wasn’t a nice thing to do.

Missed Sent

Kaitlyn was going about a normal day when she received a prom proposal via text. She enthusiastically accepted, as evidenced by the use of two (!!) exclamation marks in her response. But there’s a twist to this story.

The message wasn’t meant for her. Caleb, “brevity is the soul of wit,” but you should probably stop and double-check your message next time before you get anyone else’s hopes up.

Burning With Curiosity

Ah, Prom night – a time when high schoolers can enjoy the fine company of their friends, get up to shenanigans, and forge memories together that will last them a lifetime. Sometimes, crazy or unexpected things can happen during these wonderful times. But we can’t get enough of those crazy moments, can we?

Imagine all that romantic tension practically overflowing while you’re out there on the dancefloor. Just when you go in to make your move, all eyes are on you. The worst part? Those are the eyes of your parents (and all the other parents of all the other students at your school).

A Bad First Impression

We all do stupid things when we’re young, right? Kristopher was spotted making circles in the school parking lot with his car the weekend before prom. Unfortunately for him, he was caught and issued a ticket by a cop. But prom was just around the corner. He had everything ready, including a date.

On the eve of their prom, Kristopher went excitedly to his date’s house to pick her up. When the door opened, a cop stood before him… the same cop who gave him the ticket at the school parking lot. Kris, I think it’s safe to say that you’re off to a bad start.

The Other Guy

Some people want to be paired off with someone they like or feel comfortable with during prom. We might want to go with our best friend, our crush, or maybe just someone who shares the same vibe. Brandon’s prom started smoothly. He dressed up, went and fetched his date, and got ready to have some fun. It was going to be a good night.

Or so Brandon thought. With just the snap of a finger and the turn of a back, Brandon lost his date to another guy. It’s terrible seeing your date dancing with another man at prom. We hope Brandon had a good time anyway.

Religious DJ

Prom just wouldn’t be prom without the music. It makes or breaks the entire event. The DJ usually drops some pop, a classic tune or two, and all sorts of party songs. With the spin of a disc, the DJ can strike the perfect mood on the special night. However, Thomas’s prom was a little different.

“Leave room for the Holy Ghost!” How would you react? We respect any religion and its beliefs, but we wouldn’t expect to hear those words in-between tracks at a high-school prom. There’s a time and place for everything, but maybe he’s studying at a Catholic school. Who knows? Whatever the case may be, we hope everyone enjoyed themselves during the event.

Best Dad Award

Dad jokes are some of the funniest things ever, and like a fine wine, they get even better with time. Jenna’s father has the wittiest dad jokes in the world. Honestly, her dad deserves an award for being so hilarious during her prom night.

Imagine seeing a man with fake hillbilly teeth opening the door for you at your date’s house. How would you react? We can imagine Jenna’s prom date laughing hysterically when he learned it was all for show. Who wouldn’t?

The Green Prom Dress

High schoolers wait eagerly all year long for the event. Just picking out what to wear is enough to give some a hefty case of anxiety. Katie understood the need to look good during the event, but some things are impossible to control.

Unfortunately, her school had a green screen installed to make the pictures extra special. If you look at the photo above, you can probably tell what happened next. Ladies, always remember the first rule of prom dress etiquette: avoid wearing anything green when your photographer’s background is a green screen. We hope Kate had a good time at her prom, despite halfway vanishing.

Punched Bowl Gone Wrong

Prom is the last big step through your high school life before you say goodbye to juvenile pranks and hello to responsible adulting. Of course, some high schoolers might take their jokes a step too far. In this case, we think Mason and his friends were a bit extreme with their interpretation of “fun.”

Just when everyone thought they were having a good time, their punch got spiked. Mason and his friends had no idea that their little act would cause such a big problem. That’s one crazy prom night, Mason.

Lose-Lose Situation

We all know prom can come with a high price tag. It’s a fact. Sometimes, even those who desperately want to attend can’t make it because it’s too expensive. What happened to Meowza and the rest of the students at her school puts a little twist on this concept.

Meowza’s school wanted to give their students a prom night that they would never forget. They even set a $9,000 budget. Unfortunately, the night was canceled due to low attendance. Not low attendance for prom night, mind you, but for classes. To the school’s surprise, almost every student had been skipping class on the regular, meaning most students were denied entry to the event. That’s a huge amount of money gone forever.

It’s In The Genes

Being crowned prom king and prom queen is a huge deal. It means the people that nominated you thought you were not only the stuff of high-school royalty but also the best couple.

Todd’s prom was like any other, except the prom king and prom queen were related. It must have been pretty awkward to see them dancing together, looking romantically into each other’s eyes. Todd summed it up perfectly with the word “creepy.”

Left Behind

Some high school students think coolness is an essential trait. After all, having cool friends is an important thing in life, right? That’s what Tomo believed. But on the night of her prom, reality bit back.

Tomo and her so-called friends made plans to ditch their prom because it was too mainstream. She later realized that she was the only one who didn’t go. We hope Tomo found real friends after this, or friends that wouldn’t ditch her, at least.

Too Much Procrastination

Procrastination is an easy trap to fall into, and it can cost you dearly. Most people use procrastination to put off work, while some use it to their advantage. Just take a look at how Anna used her time procrastinating to arrange a date with a celebrity.

For Anna, all her procrastination led to a chance encounter with a very special prom guest. That’s right. Anna attended her prom with Channing Tatum. Well, not the Channing Tatum, but a cut-out of him. Imagine carrying this paper standee wherever you go on your prom night. You have our respect, Anna.

An Unforgettable Prom Proposal

There’s always that one person who will go to any length to impress someone, especially during prom. Some high school students will go the extra mile just to make sure their sweetheart will say yes. Case in point: Natalie’s boyfriend.

Her boyfriend’s intention of surprising her was romantic and sweet. However, police officials weren’t impressed by his action. Even if you know the owner, it seems that it is still unlawful to open somebody’s car without their keys (or permission).

Unfortunate Experience

Finding the perfect outfit for your prom is hard. There are so many details to consider: the type of dress, the color, which accessories should go along with it. When you finally find that “perfect” dress, the last thing you want is for something unexpected to happen.

Andrea experienced the worst wardrobe malfunction during her prom. What a nightmare. Thanks to a kind soul who lent her a onesie, she survived her prom with a big smile. We can see how happy and confident she was in this picture.

Wrong Person

Asking someone to be your prom date is a significant event for many high school students. But what happens when you’re not sure who you want to go with, or worse, you get a yes from the wrong person? Once again, Mason took away an awkward but hilarious tale from his prom experience.

Mason announced his prom proposal through the school intercom, but there was another girl with the same name in his school. Maybe that’s why Mason turned from being a young, hopeless romantic to a punch bowl spiker. Either way, we think that asking your date face-to-face is probably the best way to do it.

Just Kidding

Top tip: when you ask someone to be your prom date, you’ll need to put some effort into it. Some people use compliments, while others go for jokes. Then there are those smooth kids who opt for flowers or candy.

Ben’s friend casually asked a girl to be his prom date in a text message, using his initials: “JK.” Unfortunately for him, JK also stands for Just Kidding. Nobody is going to say yes to your prom proposal, JK. JK.

Unforeseen Event

When high schoolers attend prom, they just want to have a good time. Dancing, eating, doing stupid stuff with friends – these are the experiences we live for as teenagers. Nobody plans to dislocate their knee on prom night. But you have to expect the unexpected when you put a bunch of crazy high schoolers all in one room. 

Lauren was having a blast until she dislocated one of the joints in her leg. Luckily, her loved ones were standing by at her time of kneed. Even her parents dropped by just to give her a brace. It looks like she enjoyed every part of her prom night, dislocated or otherwise.

Not This Time

We all want to look stunning, especially during prom night, which is why we spend hours and hours getting the perfect look. Mariana thought she had just the thing to make her prom night special.

Mariana thought wearing high heels during her prom night was a good idea, but then she fell. Worst of all, someone captured the moment. A piece of advice to all the women who dream of wearing high heels: practice multiple times beforehand, and let your feet adjust to your shoes before the big event.

Grandma’s Prayer

Finding a date is quite a hassle, especially when you’re not the type of person who easily gets along with others. Susie believed having a date was unnecessary, so she opted to bring her sister along instead. While we think that’s okay, her grandmother thought otherwise.

Susie just wanted to have fun with her friends and her sister. However, Susie’s grandmother wanted her to find a partner who would love her, which is sweet. While we wish Susie luck finding a perfect partner, there’s nothing wrong with being single. We hope she had a wonderful time at prom with her sister.

Go Wildcats

If you’ve ever watched High School Musical, you’ll fall for Zac Efron’s character. We can confirm that Zac was once considered the ideal man by many teens. Understandably, you’d be excited to hear that your date looks just like him.

Let’s just say Kodith’s date wasn’t impressed with what she saw when he showed up. Kodith, we think you’re probably a handsome and lovely guy, but Zac Efron is one tough act to follow.

Everyone Has Priorities

Whether it’s a vacation abroad, a celebration with friends, or an emotional reunion, we take pictures to capture our favorite moments. Big events like prom tend to deliver an abundance of photo opportunities.

Christy’s son and his friends got a bit too excited to take photos during their prom. As they arrived at the venue, they were greeted by a crowd almost ready to go home. Thankfully, the DJ let them enjoy the final moments of their prom with good music and good company.

An Absolute Nightmare

Impressing your prom date is a real challenge. You want everything to be perfect: from your dress and hairdo to little details like your nails and lipstick. What if something unexpected were to happen? Something that involves paramedics, maybe? That’s terrifying, don’t you think?

After arriving at his date’s house, Taylor discovered that he needed to use the restroom. Since he didn’t want his date to have to wait for him, he hastily zipped his pants over what we can only assume to be, from Taylor’s description, his breakfast. We feel sorry for Taylor and anyone else who witnessed this bizarre incident.

Being Comfy Wearing Crocs

Girls, wearing high heels during prom is not compulsory. You can wear whatever you want to wear, and no one will stop you. If you feel like wearing slippers underneath your gown, then do so. Make yourself happy and enjoy your prom.

Being comfortable was Rachel’s priority during her prom night. Instead of wearing nice high heels, she wore her favorite crocs. No one stopped her, and we’re all for the idea. Also, we wish to point out that she rocks those crocs.

Dance The Night Away

You can’t enjoy prom if there’s no dancing! Most high schoolers look forward to it, and if they manage to get the hang of a few decent moves, it’s something they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. On the dance floor, you don’t need to worry about your surroundings – you can just be yourself.

Molly discovered a new dance move during her prom night. She performed it with all her heart and accidentally punched herself. We know Molly had a good time during the event, but for now, it might be an idea to keep some ice packs handy for that black eye.

Getting Enough of Prom

We all know how stressful prom is. Some people struggle with finalizing their outfits, while others focus more on memorizing dance moves. Some high schoolers shake off stress like it’s a gentle sunshower, while others find themselves in too deep. If you’re in the latter category, you can always keep your feet dry and decide not to go.

Jackie was clearly one of those stay-at-home teenagers! You shouldn’t feel bad if you choose not to get your feet wet – it’s your decision. Prom happens once in a lifetime, but if you feel yourself sinking in an ocean of stress, do what makes you happy.

Too Much Salad

Wearing a dress and walking around like royalty are things you can expect to do during prom. With all the magic of the venue, you’ll feel like a prince or a princess. It’s perfect – until you eat more than your gown can take.

Eating too much during prom is not a good idea when you’re wearing a tailored gown. Melly did just that – enjoying pasta until she could barely breathe and her dress almost burst at the seams. Luckily for her, she had a chaperone that could sew her back in during her time of crisis.

Do It Yourself

Some schools don’t offer a prom night. Yes, it’s sad. In some schools, teachers might be too busy to organize it, or they might be on strike. The point is, if you aren’t able to go to prom for whatever reason, then you can do what Cassidy did.

If your school does not offer a prom night, then do it yourself. Dress up at home, play music that they usually play at prom. Have some fun, dance, talk with those classmates you don’t usually talk with, and take pictures. Feel like a princess or prince for a day.

Not A Wedding Photo

Ever been to a prom looking like it’s your wedding day? Yes, some dresses look like wedding gowns, especially if they’re white. Whatever dress you wear, just make sure to have fun and enjoy your prom.

Because of her outfit, Lauren and her boyfriend looked like they’d just exchanged a mutual “I do.” Don’t they look great together? Lauren, it’s all right. We’re sure your dad will recover from the shock!

That One Friend

We all know what a prom is, right? It’s commonly known worldwide, but not to Kaylie’s friend. He probably doesn’t have a clue what this “prom” thing is. Maybe he’s too young. We don’t know where he comes from, but we can forgive him because he decided to escort Kaylie to her prom.

Everybody has that one friend who doesn’t know much about the world, just like Kaylie’s friend who thought prom was “like a dance or something?” We just hope these two had fun that night and that Kaylie’s friend figured out the true meaning of prom.

Rain on Me

Some people love the rain, and some hate it. It’s perfect when you’re inside, snuggled in a blanket with tea and a good book. There’s something about rain that just makes us feel good. It can even be romantic, so long as the setting is suitable.

We sometimes think of it as a blessing, but there’s one thing we all hate: getting wet! While Erik drove his date to their prom venue in the rain, her dress was getting dragged along the wet road. Mixing “rain” and “prom” doesn’t sound like fun. The moment you step out of your house, your dress is vulnerable to stains.

Forgotten Prom Ticket

Imagine riding in a limo on your way to the prom with your friends when you realize you’ve forgotten your ticket. What would you do? Emma decided they had to turn back and get it. Simple enough, right? Not if the limo needs to do a 10-point turn.

Of all the things to forget, Emma forgot her ticket. The driver had to make a return trip, but the Hummer limo had to contend with the shape of the cul-de-sac as Emma struggled to get back into her house. What’s hilarious is that their neighbors were out, catching everything.

Backdrop Fails

Imagine looking forward to seeing your prom pictures, only to find out that the backdrop made you look pregnant. Now, imagine how embarrassing it would be to have a bunch of your classmates laugh at you in the hallways for this background blunder.

Well, this happened to Fletcher’s date. This beautiful woman accidentally became “pregnant” due to the ill-positioned backdrop behind them. It looks convincing to us. We just hope they took this lightly and will be able to spend the rest of their lives laughing at this picture.

You Okay, Steph?

A lot can happen during prom. Students can go wild and dance nonstop, to the point that they pass out. Steph can relate to this. She passed out at prom – not on the dancefloor, but in a field. She even has the picture to prove it.

While standing in the field for a photo, Steph felt faint. As you can see, she went with the feeling! Fortunately (or unfortunately), someone captured it as it happened. The worst part is, no one noticed that she was struggling until she collapsed to the ground.

Mom Prom

Our moms deserve all the love and affection in the world. This group of moms knew exactly how to have fun when their sons and daughters were away attending prom night. They decided to throw a party for themselves – a “Mom’s Prom” – to celebrate their motherhood and have a little fun.

This Twitter user came home to find their mother mid-way through a party at home with other moms. We hope they joined in and enjoyed the rest of their night singing and doing crazy things at home with the fun moms.

DIY Hair Color

We’ve all been there – placing great importance on unimportant things. That’s just how high schoolers (and some adults, come to think of it) go about life. So, don’t feel too bad. Teairra wanted to change her hair color to blonde to make a statement. Instead of blonde, though, her hair turned orange.

The worst part is that her hair color matched the color of her dress. Though she thinks it turned out badly, we have a feeling she looked good with orange hair and a coral dress. Don’t worry, Teairra. You aren’t the first, and you certainly won’t be the last.

Too Much Partying

Prom will never be complete without an afterparty, but Sarah and her friends took this concept to the extreme. Unfortunately, after too much partying, Sarah passed out in her date’s car. She could never have imagined what would happen while she was out.

Let’s just say her friend wasn’t thinking like a friend that night. Drinking too many cocktails can spoil everything, so avoid it at all costs. Poor Sarah only found out what happened years later.

Always Dance in Caution

It’s okay to be wild on the dance floor. Just try not to follow Hannah’s boyfriend’s example and rip your pants off. Prom is always fun and exciting because it’s your first taste of freedom, but guys, let’s leave magic tricks to the professionals.

Hannah’s boyfriend, who loves the hit movie Magic Mike, wanted to copy Channing Tatum’s moves but failed terribly. We hope he recovered from splitting his pants and underwear and that he still enjoyed his prom with Hannah.