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Dog Storms Local Race, Beats All Competitors

Dogs truly are wonderful creatures, and any time we get to spend in their company should be cherished. Their utmost enthusiasm for just about anything can be so inspiring, and it can leave even the foulest of moods a distant memory. However, one thing that we love about dogs unconditionally is their love of  being active – that’s why the news of a dog storming a local race, and winning, is so amazing.

When competitor Gracie Laney took the final corner of her local relay event, she was in command. A solid lead, nobody likely to even have a chance to catch up with her. However, little did Gracie know that a canine competitor had joined in – and he was absolutely making up the distance on her!

As she looked to the finish line, she noticed an adorable little dog just appear from the side and bomb onto the track. It was right behind her in no time, and within a few seconds the dog was actually ahead of her. The dog picked up the pace at the final stretch and then flew ahead to take first place – cue the crowd going absolutely ballistic.

Afterward, Laney suggested the dog was the fair winner, saying that “he had to win” for all of the effort that he put into the race. Gracie, we hope that you keep that competitive spirit open for the rest of your running career!

The dog must be used to adulation, though, because it barely stuck around post-race and was off to the sidelines again. While that little moment of fleeting fame has passed for now, we suspect this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this hyper-competitive canine.