Cypriot Genius Uses Drone For Dog Walking During Isolation

As a dog owner, one thing you might not take into account during self-isolation is dog walking. While most people will be happy to sit in for the majority of their isolation, animals won’t get the fuss. They’ll still want to go outside for a trek to the park or the beach. And while most governments are happy to let people out for a short walk with the pet, it’s not something that everyone has the opportunity to go and do. So what do you do? Let your pet just walk around in the house?

You could do what this genius in Cyprus decided to do instead. The Cypriot gentleman knew that his dog would need a walk shortly, so helped him go for a walk with the help of a drone. Using the drone's capability for being able to see where it’s going, the owner was able to attach the lead and just fly along with his canine.

This meant he could make sure his dog was OK and take it for a nice walk without any of the usual stress that might come from going outside during isolation. With some countries taking crackdown very severely, this is going to perhaps be something that more dog owners are going to need to think about trying.

Vakis Demetriou is the owner of the dog, and he shared his idea on his Facebook page in the middle of March. This naturally got a lot of traction and has shown other creative uses of drones in recent times. Someone used their drone to deliver snacks to a friend, and another person managed to use a drone to try and send food packages to people. Psst, governments, we could maybe try that elsewhere? Instead of letting people starve or take the risk of going to the store themselves?

Just an idea.

For now, though, this video has simply brought a smile to the faces of many – and put more than a few lightbulbs on in the minds of excited dog owners. If you are worried about how to get your dog a bit of exercise and you are the owner of a drone, this might be just what you need to get him/her outside for a little while.

If going outside is too risky/dangerous for you to try out during COVID-19, why not try and walk your dog remotely? It might seem odd at first but, as Vakis shows, it’s not impossible!