Cooking With Prince William

Prince William turns out to have more talents than we knew. Apparently, the Duke of Cambridge is also a fan of the culinary arts and wrote the forward for a cookbook that has a special meaning for him.

Photo: Brett Jordan/Unsplash

The book is titled “A Taste of Home”, and it’s not just any ordinary cookbook. It was released by The Passage, a charity organization meant to help the homeless. This organization has been running for 40 years, and all the proceeds from selling the book will go straight to support those with no place to call home.

A Longtime Supporter

Prince William has been officially supporting The Passage since 2019, but he first became involved with it a long time ago. In 1993, he first visited the charity with his mother, Princess Diana, who has also been a supporter of the organization.

Not Much Of A Cook

In his forward, Prince William admits to his limited abilities in the kitchen. He tells about his latest time volunteering at the organization’s kitchen, and thanks whoever decided to appoint him a carrot chopper rather than an actual cook. The carrots were used for spaghetti Bolognese with an amazing aroma, which the prince credits to him not cooking it himself. But other than carrot cutting, Prince William recalls how “sharing a hot meal in the canteen at The Passage makes people who are experiencing homelessness feel right at home.”

Photo: Calum Lewis/ Unsplash

Not A First

The British royal family is known for supporting different charitable causes and already has one cookbook forward under their collective belt. Meghan Markle wrote such a forward in 2018 for a cookbook released by the Hubb Community Kitchen titled “Together: Our Community Cookbook”.