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Celebrity Tattoos With A Story To Tell

Celebrities love to show off some skin, and if they have some skin to show off, why not add some art to it. The problem begins when you forget that it’s almost permanent.

Take Ariana Grande (You’ll see both singers in this list) who made a spelling mistake when tattooing her palm in another language! Or Kelsy Karter who tattooed Harry Styles’ face – on her face!! What was she thinking?! Let’s begin!

Emilia’s Bumble Bee

Khaleesi (i.e. Emilia Clarke) has a permanent reminder of her queen bee status etched onto her little finger. This Game of Thrones star got her very first tattoo in 2015 in honor of her role in the movie Me Before You.

The tattoo artist who was honored to do the inking spoke out about Emilia stating that she was ‘sweet and kind’. We would expect nothing less of the Mother of Dragons!

Minka Kelly and Her Red Star

This one’s cute. A simple red star at the foot of Minka’s ankle, to forever match whatever red shoe she will be wearing.

When she played the style icon Jackie Kennedy in “The Butler”, she looked so believable that it was only by the tiny little star tattoo that you could tell them apart.

GOT matching tattoos!

In an adorable act of friendship, Game of Thrones co-stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner recently got matching tattoos. These two basically grew up together on set, landing their respective roles at an early age and have developed into some of the best friends in the industry. So just what is the tattoo of?

Both have the date August 7, 2009, inked in red of their forearms to honor the date they found out they landed their GOT roles. You don’t get more adorable then than!

Lotus for Lannister

Another prominent tattoo on Lena Heady is the large Lotus flower inked on her upper back. Lotus flower is a common tattoo which is said to symbolize love, emotion, compassion, and purity.

It is clear Headey is proud of the body art as she is often seen wearing open-back outfits and posing, Lotus in full view, for the camera.

Paris Jackson for Zeppelin

Paris Jackson is only 20 years old but has more than 50 tattoos already. But her new one was made after getting out of rehab. She planned on getting only one but got more.

The design was created at Tattoo Mania in West Hollywood, California. The theme was to honor Led Zeppelin. The band members are singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham. The symbols on her tattoo were used to promote their fourth album, 1971’s Led Zeppelin IV.

“I’ve taken a break from work and social media and my phone because it can be too much sometimes, and everyone deserves a break, but I am happy and healthy and feeling better than ever,” she wrote earlier this month.

She captioned the picture: “Was planning for a few months on just getting ‘Zoso’ but then I said f*** it and…

Kelsy Karter gets Harry Styles’ face

We told you this was going to be funny…

New Zealander singer Kelsy Karter, for a reason which is somewhere in outer space, has tattooed singer Harry Styles’s face on her cheek (!) as a birthday surprise for him. The tattoo was done by tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste and she captioned the picture: “Mama, look what I made me do.”

When asked later for the reason, she said:

“I’m a big fan of Harry and I’m not afraid to express it and I honestly don’t know how to do anything half-arsed. As a fellow musician, I really respect what he’s doing for rock ‘n’ roll. I’m a female in the modern-day movement of rock ‘n’ roll and he’s exposed the kids to sounds they might have not otherwise heard… It’s opened doors for people like me. I really respect what he’s doing and love what he’s doing – and he’s nice to look at.”

Hilary Duff’s Inks for Friendship

Celebrating a bond of friendship is something to admire, and Hilary Duff did just that when her and BFF Alanna Masterson got matching ghost tattoos. The spooky ink is captioned with the words “Ride or Die” and is meant to describe the unbreakable bond between Hilary and Alanna.

Although some are wary to get matching tattoos with someone in case that bond goes sour, I think this gesture of friendship is to die for.

Rita Ora, Light Like a Feather

It is known that despite the feather tattoo’s delicate beauty,  Rita Ora covered up this work of art which she got done by legendary tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy.

McCurdy has inked half the stars in Hollywood and turned it into roses, the work itself is really beautifully done. The placement of it is everything.

Adele’s A+

While it may seem the obvious choice to attribute the A tattoo on Adele’s neck as her initials for her first name, in truth this inking is dedicated to the music legend’s young son, Angelo.

What a show of motherhood dedication, Adele and her tattoo gets an A-plus from us!

A Spiritual Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, like many girls, did something drastic to show she was over her famous ex-boyfriend who she refuses to name and got a tattoo.

Since her ex was anti-tattoos, it was the perfect move. The words inked on her wrist mean lotus in Sanskrit which is the manifestation of spiritual beauty.

Adam Levine is a Mama’s Boy

We all have a soft spot for men who love their mamas, but the heavily inked and heavenly handsome Adam Levine just took the cake for the sweetest son.

Now, we have a mama’s boy and a sexy singer, what else more could you ask for?!

Angelina Jolie’s Ample Tattoos

Angelina Jolie is known to have lived on the wild side in her youth, and one of her favorite past times is getting new ink.

But the gorgeous actress went a little crazy when she recently got a total of three new tattoos added to the collection. The tattoos, which apparently represent Buddhist blessings, are only a tenth of her body ink collection.

Olivia Wilde’s Homage

Olivia Wilde’s tattoo reads “all love, a” which is a homage to her uncle who passed away.

She had this one tattooed as a reminder of how his love for all people should be a reminder for her to follow in his footsteps. This truly is a bittersweet work of art.

Liam Payne Interesting Direction

One Direction member Liam Payne finally gave in to peer pressure and got himself his own tattoo.

While we are unsure of the symbolism behind the ink, it still looks pretty cool.

Ariana Grande on the grill

It seems Ariana Grande is having a hard time with tattoos in general. Grande was so happy to reveal her tattoo that she posted it on Instagram. The tattoo was in Japanese kanji symbols and was supposed to say ‘7rings’ as the name of her new album.

She captioned her picture: “This felt super good @kanenavasard jk (everyone thinks this is a fake hand but it’s indeed …. my hand.”)

The problem is that she never got it spellchecked, and she was missing a symbol. So her tattoo actually said BBQ grill, or a Japanese version, called Shichirin.

She took off the picture and then wrote: “Indeed, I left out “(another Japanese character)” which should have gone in between. It hurt like f**k n still looks tight. I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if I miss it enough I’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time.”

Scarlett Johansson’s Ode to NYC

Wearing her heart on her sleeve in the most literal sense, blonde beauty Johansson expresses her love for New York City in the cutest way possible: a charm inked bracelet on the wrist with the words “I heart NY on the charm.”

Although the meaning of this tattoo is pretty self-explanatory, Johanson has said that what makes tattoos extra special for her, is when the meaning remains private.

Drew Barrymore’s Birdie

If any of you really watched Drew Barrymore’s interviews, you would come to see that she is a free spirit.

Let’s just interpret this tattoo and see it for what it is: a bird flying as free like Drew’s spirit.

Rihanna’s Stars

Rihanna is the tattoo queen with over 20 inkings on her body. This chic and unique array of stars starting from the neck going down towards her spine is one of her most visible ones.

The “Umbrella” star started this tattoo in L.A and got in finished in New York back in 2008. it is said that these stars were made to match former boyfriend Chris Brown’s stars behind his ear.

Miley Cyrus Loves Forever

The quote says: “Love never dies”. What a cute and subtle way to show her soft side in contrast to her coming in like a wrecking ball when she went through her wild days.

Miley has cleaned up in the past few months, but the tats remain!

Sarah Hyland’s Hummingbird Inspiration

The Modern Family star got a beautiful tattoo of a hummingbird inked behind her ear. Funny girl Hyland shows she has a serious side too when she explained her choice of inking in an Instagram caption:

“The Hummingbird, though it be but little, can travel great distances. It is a carrier of joy and lightness of being. Independent and resilient; the hummingbird lifts negative energy from your life and shows you the perfect combination of playfulness and endurance.”

Emma Stone Blackbird

There are two pieces to the story behind Emma’s blackbird tattoo. One is that she got it in honor of The Beatle’s hit, “Blackbird”.

Two is that Paul Mccartney actually designed the tattoo himself. Talk about one lucky girl!

Nikki Reed’s Mystery Tattoo

The stunning Nikki Reed who starred as a vampire beauty and twilight has also dabbled in the ink art life with four known tattoos to show for it.

Although we can’t seem to figure out the meaning behind Nikki’s cute neck tat, she still rocks it like a boss.

Bar Rafaeli White Butterfly

White ink is the most simple of simple tattoos. It’s a hidden way to express whatever you want, in a way that people have to look carefully to see what your tattoo shows.

Here you can see Bar Rafaeli sporting her first and only tattoo of a butterfly in white ink. Gotta hand it to her, its really beautiful.

Lena’s ‘Warrior’s Chest Plate’

Lena Dunham, creator, and actress of the hit series Girls added a bold addition to her tat collection. Dunham is known for her feminist views and outspoken way, and this tattoo is definitely proof of that. Dunham admitted she was inspired by Rihanna’s goddess tattoo inked on the same part of her body and gave the singer props for the idea.

Dunham was also excited since, true to her feminist roots, this tat was the first she got by a female artist, she captioned her Instagram post: “This is my first original piece by a female tattoo artist and it felt sacred ad cool and she didn’t chide me for copying @badgalriri’s placement.”

Pink Speaks The Truth

This is truly one of the most meaningful tattoos out there. The tattoo itself has the word, “insecurity” underneath a blade, and to her, Pink says it represents how insecurity will be the death of you.

So powerful, and done in perfect taste.

Kaley’s ‘fix up’

Sometimes tattoos only serve to cover up other tattoos. That seems to be the case with Kaley Cuoco who got a moth inked over her wedding date tattoo.

The star split from Ryan Sweeting in 2015 and was left with the ink she would rather forget. I guess a moth did the trick!

Kelly Osborne Got Her Head in the Tattoo Game

The 29-year-old Fashion Police co-host knows no bounds when it comes to the world of inking’s the star recently got a tattoo on the most visible place on her body, her shaved head.

The tattoo reads the word ‘stories’ and certainly makes for a good story in and of itself.

Rihanna’s Henna Inspired Tattoo

Another unique tattoo that the Barbadian pop star wears with pride is her Henna hand tattoo. This abstract design is inspired by ancient Indian art.

It was so complex it had to be worked on by two famous artists who worked on different sections simultaneously.

Lily Collins Also Loves Forever

Lily Collins tattoo is so hauntingly beautiful, that it makes you want to get the same tattoo in the same place for the same effect.

Her “Love always and forever” tattoo is written in beautiful cursive writing script and compliments the stars elegant style.

Khloe Kardashian

The tattoo says, “I love you”, in her dad’s handwriting.

This is a cute way to dedicate ink to your loved one, have their writing on it as a memory for now and forever.

Demi Lovato is a Warrior

If any of you know Demi Lovato’s story, then you would understand the story behind this tattoo.

Demi had struggled for years with eating disorders, Bipolar Disorder, and other addictions that she had risen above and beaten. It takes a true warrior to fight the hardest battle and win, and Demi truly deserves to wear her tattoo proudly.

Sienna Miller’s Blue Stars

I personally love the way Sienna wears these stars. It’s obvious that almost every other person has a tattoo of stars somewhere on their body, but somehow it still looks individual and unique.

It’s possible that it’s the placement and the fact that its a nicer shade of blue.

Christina Aguilera

You can see Christina Aguilera with a Hebrew tattoo placed on her back, which in my opinion, is sexy and classy.

The text itself means “I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine”, taken from the book of Psalms. This is truly a beautiful piece of art.

Iggy’s Outer Goddess

Unlike tattoos for old boyfriends, Iggy’s Goddess Venus tattoo is one she won’t regret in the near future. The beautiful and big inking on her arm has been there for two years and Iggy says, “She still loves it.”

The art is inspired by Sandra Botticelli’s famous painting “The Birth of Venus”. Let’s hope this tattoo lasts throughout all her relationships to come!

Drake’s Little Lil’ Wayne

Showing the ultimate respect, Rapper Drake got non-other than fellow rapper Lil’ Wayne Tattoos on his arm.

Drake has always made a point of paying respect through the people he loves through being inked, such as the tattoos of his parents, and even a shark to remind him of his good times with Rihanna.

Since Lil’ Wane signed him to Young Money and kickstarted his whole career, it makes sense that Drake thought it was time to lay him down in ink.

Zoe Kravitz’s Protection

Out of every tattoo that is sentimental, beautiful, and filled with love. Actress Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lenny Kravits, opted for an evil eye tattoo for one of her 30 body art pieces.

The tattoo is stylish while meaningful since the evil eye is a symbol of protection from all bad energy, so she is all set in that field.

Justin Bieber’s #59

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy is the go-to guy for celebrity tattoos and he is also the guy Justin Bieber went to in order to get his newest giant abdomen tattoo, his 59th.

It took Bang Bang 26 hours over three consecutive days to complete.  You can find an angel, a bird, a skeleton, a Gothic structure and a sun behind some clouds.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Her Wings

Although the meaning behind this pretty basic wing tattoo is unknown to the public, we do know the gorgeous dancer and actor has a blessed life with her hunky husband Channing Tatum.

Keep using those wings to fly girl.

Jason Derulo Turns Up the Volume with Remote Tattoo

Usually one gets an ink of meaning, be it a Chinese proverb, your grandmother’s name or some words from a poem you love. Jason Derulo went a slightly different angle when he got a remote-control inspired inking on his arm.

In a post on Instagram, Derulo too explains why on earth he chose a remote of all things to be etched onto his skin forever, “Sometimes I wish I could press forward through the rough times, rewind the good ones & record the crazy ones!” We have to admit, he does have a point.

Amy Winehouse’s Dedication

If you’re a die-hard Amy Winehouse fan, you would recognize this tattoo immediately. Her gorgeous pin-up doll says “Cynthia” on the side of it in dedication to her beloved grandmother.

Her most strong relationship was with Cynthia, and the fact that she tattooed her on her arm shows how much she loved her. Don’t worry, we will be talking about the pin-up girl tattoo on the following pages.

Prince Jackson Pays a Tribute

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s son paid a special tribute to his dad with the tattoo he decided to go for.

A huge colorful inking on his leg of his dad striking a pose with a set of wings. Prince only needs to look down to remember his larger than life father.

Nicole Richie’s Wings

“Simple Life”star Nicole Richie has these simple yet beautiful wing tattoos placed strategically on her back, making her look somewhat like an angel. However, it seems this is one celeb that may not be all that happy with her choice of tat.

Richie has come a long way from her wild party days, and while she has no regrets about who she is, she did state that she regrets some of her tattoos now which she got as a 19-year-old idiot.”

Chery Cole in Style

Cheryl Cole truly brings tribal tattoos to a beautiful new level. Instead of the typical armband, she has it laying elegantly on her hand where it rests perfectly.

The gorgeous star has an impressive collection of tattoos and she says her favorite change daily, however, in an interview with The Guardian, she named the hand as one of her most prized tattoos yet.

David Beckham’s Inks for his Better Half

Another Beckham on the list, David too boasts some incredible tats. But the sweetest in the simple ‘99’ he has inked on his finger.

The number is actually a year – 1999. It’s the year David and Victoria tied the knot. This tattoo, in tribute to his wife, is one thing showing clearly just how important family is to the Beckham brood.

Gisele’s Basic Star

Once again, we see here that more is less. Gisele rocks the tiny star on her wrist. although a simple star may seem cliche, this supermodel’s reasoning is both logical, as well as poetic.

She claims that when she first got to New York, she couldn’t see the stars in the sky anymore like she used to, and decided to get herself her own permanent star.

Lucy Hale and her Bowtie

The bow tie placed in the middle of Lucy Hale’s neck is definitely adorable.

Although the exact reason for the inking is unknown, bow tie tattoos are known to be symbolic of charm and beauty and maybe a representation of her inner child.

Hayden Panettiere Tattoo Mistake

It should have said: Vivi Senza Rimpianti, which is Italian for “Live Without Regrets”, but the tattoo Hayden had was inked with a spelling mistake in the middle word. She laughed about it for some time, saying that she needs to ‘live without regrets’ so she’s not allowed to fix it.

But then in 20, 3 she began a tattoo removal process, and after a few months had the correct spelling tattooed. So now she can really live without regrets.

Jennifer Lawrence Flows

If you look closely, and a bit to the side, you would be able to see that Jennifer has h4O tattooed on her hand. She chose a light-colored tat, so it wouldn’t be too “out there”.

So why water? Why h4O? Lawrence said that she got the tattoo without thinking too much about it. She was having fun with her Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth’s family and everybody got a tattoo, so she said ‘what the hell’ and got one too. And the reason?

“You know, I call this tattoo a watered-down rebellion because it’s not like a real tattoo. It’s just like, I was with Liam’s family and everybody was getting tattoos and I was like, well, I’m always going to need to be hydrated, so I guess I should just get an h4O on my hand.”

Headey’s Tattoo Fetish

While Cersei Lannister’s obsession may be power, Lena Heady’s is tattoos. The actress has many interesting inking’s all over her body and has claimed that she always wants more.

One of her most noticeable tats is the red bird flying high amongst flowerets. This signifies freedom, hope and an aim to fly high.

Jessica Szohr Has Limits

Even celebrities once in a while need a reminder to know their limits while the whole world is out there digging into their lives.

Jessica Szohr has this tattoo as a reminder to herself to know where her limits are, in her personal and professional life.

Kasia Smutniak’s Accessories

This is a cute, simple tattoo that Polish model Kasia Smutniak wears pretty well.

It is something simple and delicate, but with the right accessorize, like this figure-hugging gown, it can attract all the attention it deserves.

Chanel Iman’s Design

What a fine boutique tattoo that Chanel Iman wears on point.

It feels like something the genius artist Andy Warhol would paint, a random and unexpected piece of art, yet what makes it more ironic is that she is a model wearing a fashion hanger.

Kendall Jenner

This comes to teach you – DON’T DRINK AND INK. When Kendall was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she showed off her inner lip tattoo which simply reads: “Meow.”ADVERTISEMENT

Okay, cat-lady, what’s up with that? Ellen, of course, had to ask, and Kendall replied: “I was drunk! I wasn’t thinking clearly.” Yes, we can see that. So why on the inner lip, and why meow? “It was literally the first thing that came into my mind… my drunk thoughts.”

Leona Lewis

The feather tattoo is cute, but the dedication to the animals is really where it’s at.

You barely see these political tattoos done in taste, but for some reason, this one stands out in the best way. It could be because she put her passion in a subtle spot that only the looking eye can catch.

Lana Del Ray’s Paradise

Fan-favorite Lana Del Ray has this cute tattoo on the side of her hand saying “paradise”, which seems to represent her feelings of paradise as a form of heaven.

It could be interpreted that she has it on her hand to always remember that she is in heaven on earth as she is one of the most influential artists of our decade.

Victoria Beckham’s Beloved

Yet again, another celebrity sporting the Hebrew quote, “I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine.”

Although we see it as a common phrase used, it is such a beautiful saying that it does not matter who is wearing it, the tattoo will always look great!

Ariel Winter Truly Family Orientated

The Modern Family actress clearly does revolve her life around her family in real life too!

Ariel Winter got her nieces and nephews initials inked onto her rib cage, stating on her Instagram, “My second and most special tattoo, the initials of five of the most important beings in my life: my nieces and nephew.” Wonder if she’ll continue the trend when it comes to children?

Ed Sheeran’s Gets Colorful

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to the world of tattoos, the pop-star has completed a full left sleeve of colorful inking and apparently is on to the right arm, getting tattoos that he says are inspired by his albums.

One of these album-inspired additions is the lizard tattoo that is inked on his right forearm. The large green lizard looks as though it’s spitting out a red heart. Wonder what song inspired this interesting creation.

Lea Michele’s Simplicity

As you’ve heard the saying, “less is more”, you come to realize that in fashion its the truth. We all know Lea Michele has a huge voice, as recognized in her performances on “Glee”.

Here you see two tiny music notes on her upper shoulder, possibly representing her humility to come along with her star power.

Cara Delevingne’s Lion

The model who took the world by storm with nothing but her eyebrows, Cara Delevingne is another celeb that is addicted to the ink life.

The lion on her index finger was the first one she ever got done, stating her reasoning: “I’m a Leo. It’s the first tattoo I got. I grew up being fearless in everything. I just used to climb anything.”

Drake’s Emoji

Drake took the developing emoji language to a whole new level when he got a tattoo of the ‘praying hands’ emoji inked on his arm.

Let’s hope for Drake’s sake, people remain emoji fluent for years to come.

Iggy Azalea’s Regret

Back in 2011, Iggy Azalea was dating rapper A$AP Rocky. Like many people in love, Azalea clearly needed to express it in more ways than one, leading her to get three tattoos on her fingers that read “LIVE”, “LOVE” and “A$AP” in honor of her boyfriend’s mix-tape which had the same name.

Obviously, when the couple called it quits, her body art got a little reshaping too. The “A$AP” portion of the tat got a big black X over it.

Amy’s Controversial Pinup

Last but not least, we give you Amy Winehouse’s topless pinup girl. You can never go wrong with a pin-up girl tattoo because they are truly classic, and sexy at most. The funny story behind this tattoo is that before appearing on TV, she was asked to cover up the breasts of the girl because it was too R rated.

Instead, she drew a bra and went on with it. Talk about creativity while still staying true to the art!

Kristen Stewart’s Life Mantra

The Twilight star got inspirational when she lay down the ink after a break in her acting schedule.

Stewart got the words ‘one more time with feeling’ tattooed on her arm, expressing to Jimmy Fallon that this represents her life mantra. Pretty deep.

Horoscope Art for Josh Hutcherson

The Hunger Games hottie has quite a few tattoos to boast, a total of three. One of them is a Libra symbol which was the first tattoo he ever got at only 17!

At that age, one would assume parents would put up quite the fuss, I mean which teenager is really responsible enough to decide what art he wants to have on his skin for eternity?

But Josh admitted to Seventeen magazine that his mom was actually right by his side! “She’s a very cool mom,” Josh admitted.

Hilary Duff’s Wishbone

This is personally one of my favorites because it represents making a wish in a more original way.

Hilary definitely pulls this one-off, and beyond that, she brings back memories of childhood when we used to pull the wishbone for good luck.

Kate Moss Stays Grounded

Kate’s anchor represents humility, grounding, and, like Icarus, Don’t fly too high.

Kate Moss sports this anchor on her right arm, and it is a reminder for her to stay humble even she’s the most successful at her job.