Can You Still Eat Spices That Are Past Their Sell-By Date?

so much food is already wasted around the globe every year.  But what about spices that are past their sell-by date?

First of all, it is important to know that we are discussing dried spices in this article. Some seasonings such as pepper and Italian herbs you may use very often, while the ras el hanout may be sitting there and just gathering dust. Not much seems to be able to go wrong with spices; after all, they are not meat or dairy. But you can't store them indefinitely, either. For products with an expired date, over time they lose their flavor. It helps if you store the jars tightly sealed in a dark and cool place. And beyond that, you can adhere to the following.

  • Ground herbs, such as pepper, will keep for two to three years.
  • Whole herbs, such as peppercorn, will stay fresh for about four years.
  • Leafy spices, often green spices, you can use for one to three years.
  • Extracts, think vanilla extract, have no expiration date.

When in doubt, put some of the herbs in your hand. Rub and smell it. Is the smell less? Then it's better to throw them away.