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The Bees From Bumble Buzz In With Their Best Stings

If the Bumble App were a movie, it would be a rom-com, at least for most. In modern times, digital romance is catching up with real-life romance. But even today, online dating can be surprising. 

The conversations exchanged in this app are too good to keep a secret. Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand or scientific formula that can match one person perfectly to another without at least one person getting kissed by a frog instead of a love prince. For your enjoyment, here are some of those adorable frogs.

Forward Those Letters Or Else

Not long ago, writing letters was a popular way of getting your message across. Chain letters are a series of perpetuated messages that are supposed to have powers attached to them, a kind of magic that you are not to break—or else.

This person now regrets breaking all those chain letters from years ago and suspects that it may be why he is still single right now. Although we can’t prove it, this bee thinks not, but who are we to judge?

Same Old Pick-up Lines

Imagine going through hundreds of faces each day to find a match in this app. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a match or two, but getting this conversation started is a whole different ball game. So what would you say to a stranger, just to get the ball rolling?

Thinking of an opening statement or a pickup line can be tricky, but not if you already have you ready for all of your matches. This person had the right idea. Just copy and paste your intro into all your chats, and you will never know what might turn up. It’s better than just “what’s up,” we guess.

Are You Hot Or Cold?

Compromise should be present in any good relationship, but people can’t change themselves for their partner every time an argument arises. That’s why you must choose another person with the same traits, flow, and interests.

This user’s expectations seem to have been whittled down to the most basic needs: having the same thermostat temperature preference. See? Matchmaking isn’t that hard. Everyone should take advice from this girl.

Boy, That Is Ruff!

Presenting yourself in an app through profile pictures is half the battle. People take this task very seriously. It could, after all, determine your status for the rest of your dating life. Understandably, people want to put their best foot forward, but no one appreciates false advertising.

This guy thought his dog could reel in girls for more matches, but he didn’t consider the consequences. He was looking at the girl, but she was looking at his dog. Maybe he should get his own dog.

Some People Just Click

There are thousands of people looking for their match. Finding love is almost entirely a matter of chance. So when you find someone who really gets you from the start, you should hold on to them.

These two get it. They found their own language of love where the only rule is to start each sentence with the word “Some.” We have high expectations for these two human entities.

A Little Bit Shallow

Some people can be a bit judgemental, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some people just have standards to uphold. The important thing is communication and a little bit of compromise to balance things out.

We are pretty sure that this couple is just joking around, but we can’t help but laugh at how shallow her reasoning was for calling off the date for “the flu.” He sure got the message fast. But, at least he was courteous enough to try and compromise.

When Yoda Makes A Move

Flirting in the digital age has its pros and cons. Some might find indirect flirting preferable as it doesn’t require face-to-face interaction, but it can also come with its own challenges.

Digital mishaps are often brought about by autocorrect. Unfortunately, before you notice something is wrong, the damage has already been done. The text has been sent. That happened to this poor girl, who accidentally sent a Yoda text as her icebreaker.

Mom Could Be Wrong

A simple compliment can make a total stranger’s day. This guy certainly turned one young lady’s day around when he gave his honest opinion about her choice of clothing.

I guess to each their own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This guy really likes the sweater that her mom said, “makes [him] look like a pineapple.”

Spill The Tea

When people find their special someone in an unexpected place, they can’t wait to spill the tea to their friends. Sometimes, the tea can spill between potential matches. Their humor certainly has us at boiling point.

These two are like two leaves in a teabag. We don’t want to stir the pot, but we can see these two enjoying an English Breakfast in the near future. 

Meatball Lovers

People find love in unexpected places. There is no rule written in stone as to when and where you will find true love, so when we heard about this conversation, we could not help but swoon. These love birds were closer in proximity than they thought.

Some would say that the point of a dating app is to meet new people from unexpected places. While that might be true for some, these couples found love in a mutually-known Meatball Shop just around the corner. Love sure is a surprising thing.

Falling For A Good Fella

Some people have the innate ability to flirt. Some might call it a game; others, swag. But whatever the case, the X factor always gets the girl. This guy is no Casanova, but we sure do appreciate his honesty when it comes to dating.

Is it true that good guys finish last? Well, we like this guy’s honesty when he admitted to his match that he had no idea how to flirt. She might have given him a pointer or two, but this guy is just too much of a stand-up guy to objectify women, which scores him a few points nonetheless.

Love Made In Ikea

Is finding a match on Bumble as enjoyable as going through Ikea and finding the perfect matching drapes in our living room? This guy might have been shopping for furniture there when he set his Bumble profile picture up.

He should be more careful with what he puts up as his profile picture next time. He did try to tell her, we suppose. Maybe she just really wanted to know where he got the rest of his furniture from. 

Bored Of Board Games

After matching, the next hurdle is getting a good icebreaker in. This user had the right idea. Some people might think it is weird or a little bit out of the blue, but when you have to know, you have to know.

He is right, though. Monopoly was originally made to demonstrate how an economic system can be rigged to ensure that money flows upwards towards those who started out winning, no matter how hard those below work or which piece you choose: boot, iron, wheelbarrow, or otherwise.

It’s That Time Of The Month

We girls have days when we are not feeling the best, especially when hormones kick in and we get that annoying monthly visitor. This can be a problem, especially if we’re trying to make a good impression.

When in doubt, you can always reschedule any date. If the person is really into you, then they will understand. Just make sure that you lay all your cards on the table and be as honest as you need to be. This girl did the right thing.

Stuck In The Past

It must not have been Throwback Thursday when these two met, but then again, this user was thrown back to the 1500s when they received their icebreaker. Basically, a first impression lasts, and this was not a perfect first impression.

Wherefore art thou such an old-fashioned poster? No harm, no foul, though. The two probably parted ways, one merrily off on his quest to slay a noble dragon and save a vile princess. Or, maybe we’ve got that the wrong way around. Verily, we say, farewell lovelorn traveler!

Dream Lover

Finding the right person on a dating app is kind of a gamble. You never know who you’ll meet. The chemistry is there, or it isn’t. But some chemical reactions get so hot, they explode. The trick is finding that sweet spot between friends and lovers.

That’s one way to start a relationship. Now that they’ve gotten it out of their system, maybe they can discuss their goals next.

A Higher Calling

When people get nervous, they sometimes try to cover it with a joke. It can be an attractive quality in a partner, but only if they share the same type of humor. 

Well, it’s refreshing, at least. It’s nice that men and women are becoming more honest about their love lives. Remember when women had to pretend as if they’d never been kissed by a boy to get married to a man three times their age? Boring and gross. 

Kid-Free Zone

A couple should have similar values when it comes to big relationship choices. Something as serious as having kids can be a deal-breaker in the relationship if both parties disagree. You might be able to compromise on other things, but this might be a bit of a minefield—so pick carefully!.

This person went straight for the jugular. We guess it’s better to get the hard stuff out of the way from the beginning.

Re-downloading Dating Apps

Not all single people are lonely. A common misconception is that if you are alone, then you must be miserable. That might be true for some, but not all. Single life can be fun, but not when you get left behind.

This user got left behind by their friends when all the couples around were called to the dance floor. We understand how rough that could have been, enough for them to re-download the Bumble dating app. Happy hunting. Just enjoy the process.

A Blast From The Past

Swiping through profiles and trying to match someone can make time fly by, but waiting for someone’s reply can take forever. So we’re just glad that it didn’t take forever for this user to reply. Check out the punctuality on display here!

This user took three whole years to reply. We’re assuming because they wanted to come up with a witty reply. In the meantime, it looks like they got into a relationship. Good for them?

The Perfect Date

The point of getting on a dating app is to socialize and connect with other people. But what if you’re so used to being alone that your idea of a great date is spending time by yourself doing absolutely nothing?

This person must have had an extreme sense of self-worth being okay with being stood up. Sometimes though, sleep is preferable to going on a date where all the other person wants to do is talk about other people or opine about their boring takes. 

Finding Commonalities

One of the things that people are interested in knowing is their potential partner’s source of income. Some people really care about wealth and status. 

We doubt that these two will be able to find a middle ground. This high-flying hotshot would crack instantly under the pressure of dealing with 21 elementary school students every day, 365 days a year.

A Different Corner Of The World

Installing a dating app on your phone means you are signing up to meet different people from different walks of life. You can meet a match from the opposite side of the world. Cultural exchange is inevitable, and if you’re lucky, a punchline or two.

This person might have been trying to flirt in their own little way, but as purr usual, it was too much fur their match to handle. We’re sure they were a great cat-ch, but maybe next time they should chase tail more directly.

Down At The Market

Meeting someone normal online is not always easy. There are a lot of people out there, but only a few will be able to match your vibes. So it’s important to know when to hold on and when to let go. 

The joke is so witty yet so straightforward. What more can you ask for in a partner? We truly hope that this worked out because we need a reason to believe that there is still romance in the digital dating world.

Donuts Are Always The Answer

It might be hard to get a special gift for someone that they would truly appreciate, but honesty is something your partner should always appreciate. So unless you are trying to surprise them, we think it is best to ask.

This girl may be as lovely as a flower, but she is also practical. There is a saying that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it also applies to girls. Who needs a bouquet when you can have a dozen of those delicious donuts?

Ink Flexing

A picture can tell a thousand words. In a digital world, a good profile picture can take you from friendship to something more. It is always to put your best foot forward, but there are also times when a simple image can be misinterpreted.

It might just be us, but the destruction of public property over a childish impulse is kind of a turn-off. Also, everyone knows you have to be subtle with a vending machine. Shake it gently, give it a spark, but not too much. Just like dating!

Future Gym Buddies?

An impressive physique is a turn-on for most people. Everyone is on the lookout for models with fitness goals. They may get an A for Athletics, but we mark this bee A+ for honesty.

They may not be as physically fit as they seem to be in their photos, but that’s nothing that a few trips to the gym can’t fix. Maybe they can make it a date? Gym buddies and partners? Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Expectation Limbo

Meeting new people is easy. The hard part is impressing a potential partner. So if you want a happy life, set your expectations low. These days, it seems that people are setting the bar so low that it might be mistaken for playing a game of limbo.

And with that, a beautiful romance is born. We only hope that the combined strength of these two desperados, the bar was raised just a little higher. We can only hope.

The Science of Love

Some couples can work out their differences by being open-minded about things. It could be religion or politics; whatever they feel strongly about, as long as two people are civil, anything can be figured out with time and patience.

We hope this person thought long and hard before they answered their question. They might be seconds away from the end. Maybe they can autocorrect it in time? Stay in school, kids.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the busiest holidays in the world. It is full of fun activities for both young and old. No matter how old you are, you are never too old to dress up for Halloween but if you can’t dress yourself up, then dress your pet up.

This person has the right idea. What better way to spend an evening than to dress up with your favorite fur baby? People are attracted to creativity. Who knows, maybe their partner will like it. 

Hitting That Sweet Spot Thursday

Timing is everything. You either make room for it or just give it up altogether, but this person apparently made a schedule for when they are emotionally available. 

That’s a tight squeeze. They might be looking forward to Thursday as apparently, this is the only day of the week where they get to go on dates. Or maybe they dread it. Who knows? 

A Gentleman Indeed

Chivalry is not dead, we suppose, as there are still some men who are willing to step up to the plate. This type of quality in a man can make any girl swoon. But, like a knight and shining armor, this man is willing to wait.

She might think that his offer to wait in line is a sweet gesture, but his nationality seems princely enough that he can get away with it. Royal wedding bells, anyone?

Anything Is Possible

Weird or impossible isn’t a great word to describe anyone. But there is someone we could describe with these words. They’re furry and tend to walk on all fours. 

This user was not weirded out at all when they were asked to go on a date on valentines day. They’d seen much weirder things that day, like a cat getting verified on Instagram. All bets are off after that.

Got Milk?

We have all heard the saying that in wine, there is truth. This might be the reason why this bumble bee asked if they could get a drink on their first date.

But, what do you do when your date does not drink? Offer an alternative. But maybe not this many alternatives. What’s important is the time spent with each other. 

This Couple Have Chemistry

Finding chemistry with someone now is easier now than it has ever been in the entire history of dating. With a flick of the thumb, you can find someone with shared qualities and similar dispositions from as far as across the continent. 

These two did not find it hard to connect when they matched with each other. The sparks were there, and their chemistry is undeniable. Sooner or later, these two might find themselves in each other’s arms. 

Self Talk Can Be Good For You

Everyone can make a fool of themselves in front of their crush. You would think that going digital might take away the embarrassing part of the dating game, but some people still find a way to make it just as cringeworthy. 

Clearly, online dating can be just as embarrassing as doing it in real life. This is what happens when your passions get the best of you: they start talking to themselves, literally. 

Let’s Rethink This

Falling in love can be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, people can get so caught up with their emotions they throw all logic out the window. Let’s face it, falling head-over-heels for someone is not always the most practical thing to do.

But this couple got their thinking caps on. They seem to favor practicality over romance. Anyone living in L.A. knows the hassle of driving through the road on a Friday night, and no one wants that. So they made better use of their Friday Night at home and rescheduled.

You Are My Type

Love letters are a thing of the past. Digital dating hinges on typing the perfect words to connect you to your lover. You can either be good at it or not, but if you aren’t good, you can always blame the autocorrect.

We can give this busy bee an A+ for self-awareness; hopefully, this is the last time they use those words as a reply. Next time, go for “jeepers,” “bungle!” or “Widdly-whap!”

Close Enough

People should be more aware of their spelling errors as texting seems to be the main way we communicate nowadays. Calling people up for a conversation just isn’t as popular as it used to be. But since texting is forever, be careful about what you say. 

In all fairness, those words are almost homophones. This poor guy made the honest mistake of typing in the wrong word. But, hey, no one is perfect, and a little mistake like this shouldn’t do too much harm. In fact, we found it quite charming. 

Bangin Hairstyle

A woman’s hairstyle is everything to her. To quote Coco Chanel: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” So when a woman says that she needs to cancel a date because of her bangs, we can understand.

He might not understand at first, but canceling the date might have been the best decision they made as a couple. Who knows what she must have been going through at that time?