Only Baby Boomers Will Be Able To Pass This Era Quiz

Who directed the terrifying film Jaws?

The original Jaws took 1975 America by storm, freaking out a generation from the deepwater — and even the shallows — forever. The shark-based thriller was expertly directed by a younger Steven Spielberg. It remains one of his most memorable works to this day. Many are still traumatized just by the music!

What’s the name of this nostalgic toy?

Mr. Potato Head is a classic many generations have enjoyed. Though he hasn't changed much since his invention in 1952, he has had some friends added in, thanks to Hasbro toys. Mrs. Potato Head comes to mind, right away! Believe it or not, the very first version was not totally synthetic. There was a box of pushpins marketed as accessories for real veggies. The eyes could be pushed into an actual potato! Quickly, rotting veggies made that stop. All plastic, it would be!

Which European pop group is this?

Possibly the most famous winners of the Eurovision contest ever, ABBA was a Swedish pop straight from Stockholm. 70's disco goers shimmied their feet to ''Dancing Queen'' and ''Money, Money, Money'' all night long. And for good reason! Infectious, catchy, and upbeat is a great way to please fans.

What is the name of this hairstyle?

Bouffant hairdo? Yes please! Though maybe only seen at proms these days, Jackie Kennedy made this hairdo the most popular one of her time. What was the history behind her style? It seems this American royalty took her style cures from 18th century Europe. Allegedly, it was created for Marie Antoinette, heself! The word bouffant also comes from French, and describes something puffed out. Finally, it all makes sense!

What was the name of JFK's elegant wife?

Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis was the first lady to JFK. Popularly, she was simply known as Jackie O! The former socialite retained her grace and high style well into the White House, and American ladies loved what she brought to the table. Today, she's still a chic style icon — nearly 60 years later!

What’s the name of this nostalgic item?

TV dinners were introduced to America s in 1953, thanks to Swanson & Sons. This is when the nation started eating dinner in front of the television, and it seems they have not stopped since! What was the original hit recipe? Why, it seems that it was actually a tasty poultry meal. The tray had turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, and buttered peas. Sounds relatively balanced, with carbs, protein, and veggies! This convenient concept sold for 98 cents, and customers went wild!

What’s the name of this nostalgic toy?

Troll dolls are one of the most recognizable toys from decades past. But unlike many models that have come and gone, these have not gone out of style! Today, they're still being made with updates. But the originals were really something special! Apparently, many people thought so. A copyright battle for decades was a big problem for the original designer, Danish creator Thomas Dam. Copycats all over the world stole his work, for years!

Who is this famous country singer-songwriter?

Why, it's none other than Johnny Cash! The American singer and songwriter has been the subject of a Hollywood film and cited as an influence by endless contemporary artists. Songs like “I Walk the Line” and “Folsom Prison Blues” intrigued listeners beyond traditional country music, and that remains true today. Even modern country music haters cite Johnny as the exception!

Polaroid cameras are actually making a comeback now, as an alternative to digital pictures. It's trendy again, believe it or not! But the original device was not about being hip, back in 1948. It was a genuine innovation, in the photography world! Billions of instant snapshots later, it holds a special place in camera history. The first Polaroid camera was called the Model 95, promising to develop prints in about a minute. Its release was in a Boston department store, and it sold out in just minutes!

What’s the name of this item?

Kids love to bounce around, no matter what era they are in. The pogo stick was insanely popular in the 1970's, and it's never really gone away! Even adults can enjoy this activity nowadays, with big sizes for everyone. For those who can get ahold of one, the vintage toy has taken on a new life as cardio tool: Pogo-stick jumping burn around 600 calories an hour! There also a yearly world championship, called Pogopalooza. Who would have guessed?

What was the name of the biggest music festival of 1969?

Woodstock is certainly the most famous festival of its era, held in the hippie year of 1969. It ran in August for three days and took place on a dairy farm. Where was it, though? The answer is Bethel, New York. This out of town location still managed to draw more than 400,000. And rock out, they sure did!

Do you remember what this device is named?

The 1800's through the 1980's were all about manual and ink! Typewriters were invented long before the Baby Boomers, of course. But as tech improved, the devices got more complicated. Life decades ago was different, indeed! Today, many are sold as vintage decorations. And people are using them for novel purposes since they have laptops for real writing. Some clever designers have begun making them into flower pots, in a unique way: Fill them with dirt, plant seeds, and watch them sprout!

Which John Travolta Movie is this?

Why it's Greased Lightnin'! Although 70's John Travolta starred in other movies to show off his dancing skills, he did so in Grease as the iconic Danny Zuko. The Pink Ladies swooned, just like audiences back home. A forever classic, if there ever was one!

What’s the name of this item?

Oh yeah, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots for the win! Everyone remembers this no-batteries-required game from the Marx toy company in 1964. Or do they? A refresher is needed. Players enjoyed two towering figures, one blue and one red, inside a tiny boxing ring. With joysticks, opponents would punch away until a at least one head popped off. This was brutal plastic combat, much to the delight of children everywhere!

Who played the original Willy Wonka, back in 1971?

In a world of pure imagination, Gene Wilder delivered advice like “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” Most of the time, his candy was wilder than any booze. Fizzy lifting drinks, anyone? In 1971, audiences enjoyed magic on screen thanks to his performance. The adaptation of the Roald Dahl book was unique, and generations of children know the actor from this role alone. Remake, be darned: Gene is irreplaceable!

Which comedy series is this?

Few sitcoms have enjoyed the run that I Love Lucy still has going today. It's really never been kicked off the air! Multiple generations love it, still. Funnywoman Lucille Ball acted alongside her real-life husband on the show. Desi Arnaz played Ricky, and the chemistry was obviously real!

What’s this item called?

Bouncy and bright, the super ball was introduced to the world in 1964. The toy was made out of Zectron, and was so popular that White House staff got it as a gift. But wait, what was Zectron? Why, it was synthetic rubber invented by chemist Norman Stingley in 1964. All it took was synthetic polymer polybutadiene, stearic acid, hydrated silica, and some zinc oxide. Elastic and totally novel for kids, thanks to Norm!

What’s the name of this classic game?

The marketing behind Barrel of Monkeys started in 1965. An afternoon of fun was guaranteed, with these little critters! Kids everywhere played with the plastic primates for hours and hours. But what was the challenge, exactly? Milton Bradley Company and Hasbro make the barrels these days, and buyers can expect 12 monkeys. The timeless instructions are the same: "Dump monkeys onto table. Pick up one monkey by an arm. Hook another arm through a second monkey's arm." Yes, just like the old days! 

What’s the name of this old-school item?

Released in 1939, the View-Master was a gadget that took a little longer to gain popularity. But gain, it did! The 50's and 60's were the decades when the View-Master hit an all-time high. Looking though the lens, kids could see wild scenes from their living rooms! Shockingly, Mattel announced a big change in 2015. Lovers of the regular model will have to go on eBay soon, for refills. A new collaboration with Google will mean virtual reality, for real! Bye bye, classic View-Master.

What’s the name of this item?

Love beads might seem like a fashion accessoryfrom years past. And they are, in a way. But what was the origin of these colorful beads worn by everyone, not just hippies? May say that the American trend evolved from the popular travels of the time. Hippies had a real fascination with non-Western places, like India, Africa, and South America. It seems they were inspired by these cultures, and the jewelry reflected it!

What would you call these items?

There's nothing like a classic lava lamp to set the mood. Back in the 60's these colorful bubble lights became a major fad. What was the real magic behind this psychedelic device? As it turns out, each lamp was filled with paraffin wax, mineral oil, and carbon tetrachloride. There was a patent in 1968, but that's long expired. A big revival of these stylish illuminators happened in the 1990's, along with bell bottoms from the same era. Will there be a third round? Only time will tell, baby!

What would you call these items?

In the 1970's, bike enthusiasts in California started to modify models for trick performance and off-road use. BMX became popular, and remains so today. But before extreme wheels, there were smoother times: The banana seat was once all the rage, boomers may recall! Smaller and lighter frames were necessary for an ultra enjoyable ride. On this model, the saddle was actually shaped like a banana, and it had higher handlebars for comfortable steering. Kids in the 1950's loved it!

Which iconic sitcom is this?

Bewitched was the charming story of a housewife with magical powers. Who couldn't relate? Americans loved the chemistry and quirk between Samantha the sorceress and Darrin, the straight-laced advertising executive. Cleverly crafted writing, this sitcom still plays in reruns for more than half a century after its debut!

 What’s the name of this Baby Boomer favorite?

The coatdress pops in and out of fashion spreads, with major trends in the 1910's, 1960's, and 1980's. It was a staple for Princess Diana, and it can be seen now on the Royals. What was the original concept of the garment? Made in spring or fall fabrics, Vogue magazine once explained to its readers that this coat was the perfect cover for dresses. Ladies often wear pants today, and it is sometimes recommended for a professional look in the office. But it's undeniable that the original trend was huge!

Who is this rebellious fellow, right here?

Why, it's Jim Morrison — lead singer of The Doors! The rockstar had a wild personality and the talent of a poet, an irresistible combination. Men and women alike were fascinated by this icon! Even though he passed away before his time, his legacy lives on. He is often cited as one of the most influential frontmen, ever. And in 1993, Jim was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Which family-friendly sitcom is this?

Which family is more famous than The Brady Bunch, on or off-screen? Even into the next millennium, these faces are a pop-culture staple. Audiences watched three boys and three girls combined for the ultimate blended family. And mom and dad managed it all, with class!

 What’s the name of this Baby Boomer item?

S&H Green Stamps might be a thing of the last, but they sure were fun! This line of trading stamps was popular for a very long time, from the 1930's until the 1980's. What exactly was the concept? Distributed through a rewards program by S&H, 1960's shoppers experienced an exciting new idea. The company issued Green Stamps when customers received them at checkout in supermarkets, clothing stores, and gas stations. Then, they could be traded for housewares and other items in the program. Vintage marketing genius!

Which spooky show is this?

Even though the tech existed in 1964 to show color television, The Addams Family was deliberately shot in black and white. Why? Well, the cinematographer recognized it was just much creepier! Creative and out-of-the-box, audiences enjoyed this novelty for two seasons. Short, but sweet!

What job did Elvis never have, outside of music?

Everyone knows his musical talent, but Elvis Presley had a life before the big time. As a teen in Memphis, he was an usher at a local movie theater to help support his family. When the war hit, he signed up for the army as a soldier, even as his singing career was taking off. And playing off his earned musical fame, he got a lot of movie roles. A busy man, that Elvis!

Which song is NOT a Bee Gees song?

The Bee Gees changed disco forever, for the better. But ''If You Leave Me Now'' was by another top group of the time. American band Chicago received ten Grammy nominations over their decades of hits, but this song won the award!

What’s the Name of This Cool Item?

Mood rings were invented in 1970 and were a hit. With a read on feelings, it was unique idea in the accessory market. The fad died down, but came back in the 1990's. People secretly wondered: How did it work? Well, it wasn't magic. It was just liquid crystal, and it was sensitive to temperature! Based on body heat, the ring changed color. It's true that body heat might change a bit, depending on mood, though. Maybe they were on to something?

What’s this item's name?

Records are now seeing a revival, which might be amusing to boomers who started it all. The 45's were what music was made of, even before tapes. Designed to be played on a jukebox, the best memories had a rockin' soundtrack! In 1987, the first cassette single was released. This spelled the end of the 45 as a vehicle for singles, and they were not made anymore by 1990. Today, record companies are releasing records again as a novelty — but many originals are collector's items!

What is this thing?

Cell phones may be a basic necessity now, but that wasn't the case for most of the last century. Hard to believe it, but payphones used to be the only option, on the go! A few coins, and partial privacy was the name of the game. But are there any left today? Alas, not really. The truth is, vandals and weather made these installations a bit of a hassle to maintain. And with mobile options, why bother? They're incredibly hard to find now. Superman would have a tough time dealing with emergencies today!

 What’s the name of this one?

Errors are just a part of being human. When writing, the eraser has long been a solution for pencil users. But what about typing? Unlike a computer, typewriters did not have a backspace button. Oh no! Eventually, a typewriter eraser was made. How did it cover mistakes? Cleverly, a white material could be pressed by a key and cover the problem, no problem. It was precisely the shape of the letter, and it worked well enough. Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed!

What would you call this vintage piece?

A wall-mounted bottle opener was a necessity for parties, back in the day. Even kitchens and dorm rooms had them, just in case the occasion called for a cold one. Fun and functional? Millions said: Sold! Pool barbeques in the 1970's wouldn't have been the same without these. But for whatever reason, the wall mount version has gone out of style. Perhaps it's due to all the twist offs, these days!

Which of the following is not a Rolling Stones song?

The Rolling Stones had endless hits in the 60s, pioneering a recognizable gritty sound all their own. But with so many titles, it can be easy to forget some! ''Instant Karma'' was the solo work of buddy John Lennon, just to clarify. But ''Satisfaction'', ''Gimme Shelter'', and ''Paint it Black''? All Stones, authentically so!

Who is responsible for this soupy pop art?

Andy Warhol, of course! The father of pop art itself, this style defined a new era of aesthetics. While he was commercially successful before his iconic creations, he became a household name because of Marilyn Monroe, Campbell's soup cans, and world leaders on colorful screenprints. No one stands out more in the genre, even today!

Remember what this item is called?

A transistor radio is so vintage, at this point. With satellite and internet stations on smartphones and in cars, there seems to be no more need for this device. But for good times sake, some people like to collect them! The first commercial version was released back in 1954, and it is estimated that billions of transistor radios have been sold since! Worldwide, that happened mostly until 2012. Now, they're usually at garbage sales for a few bucks. Resale can go for hundreds!

 What’s the name of this item?

This should be familiar to boomers, no doubt! The vent window is a reminder of the days of classic car designs. Set on hinges, they conveniently rotated. What was their actual function? It seems the special shape allowed drivers to keep the windows rolled up with plenty of ventilation. That was a big deal, in the summer! But in the 1980's they went out of style. Air conditioner happened, and that was that!

Name this iconic style statement!

Baby Boomers probably remember these chunky heels, popularized in the 1960's. Did the go go boots or the go go dancer come first? The world may never know the truth about that question, but it's time to revisit the style. In 1966, the radio was all about "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'", by Nancy Sinatra. She actually wore the style during performances, and many credit her for popularizing them in America. Where did they come from, originally? Fashionable France, of course!

Do you remember what this device is named?

The typewriter ribbon, also named the ink ribbon, is no longer a necessity. But as veteran writers know, it was once a highly used item! How did it work, exactly? To get technical, a typewriter ribbon was an expendable component that transferred ink to paper during printing. It was a pretty important module! But really, every part of the device was critical. As boomers may remember: One malfunction, and the whole thing was a disaster!

Who is this?

Chatty Cathy is hard to forget. The talking doll worked its charm with a pull string, and started conversations in 1959. It was a big hit for the Mattel toy company until 1965, and retailed for $18.00 at the time. Only Barbie beat her in sales! Catalog ads for Chatty Baby came out in 1962, followed by a whole crew: Tiny Chatty Brother, Tiny Chatty Baby, and Charmin' Chatty afterward. Talking dolls were a pretty big deal, and still are!

Do you recall when this vintage piece is called?

Music is a part of life, and it seems there is always a new, improved way to access it. Pop hits in the 50's and 60's meant that a big pile of singles for enjoyment at home. All those records needed storage, obviously! Like so many things, a good record cabinet became a status symbol. In homes during the 60's, 70's, and 80's, it was a major living room centerpiece. But that's old news. Now with laptops, decor has become a lot more minimal!

Name this fashion statement.

Sony and Cher made bell-bottoms fashionable and fabulous. These jeans with flared bottoms were coveted by teens in the 1960's and 70's. Skinny jeans might in right now, but boomers know that wasn't always the case! The original design was really from the U.S. Navy, before modern, standard uniforms were chosen. Many sailors really wore them, in a serious way! Later, they only a disco staple. In the 90's, they were revived into the mainstream for a bit. Groovy times!

Which Baby Boomer item is in this photo?

The Easy-Bake Oven was a hit, right away. This classic toy was truly unique in 1963, and many models have come out since! The heat source of this cooker was two 100 watt bulbs, and little girls got to make tiny, cute cakes. Today, the original is a collectible! Anyone with a mint condition version can expect to get around three hundred bucks for the set. But still, that's not thousands. Many probably will enjoy keeping the memory, instead!

What is the name of this item?

Digital cordless phones seem clunky now, and people have even stopped paying for home phone lines. But there was an even more basic model, at the beginning. Never forget the rotary dial telephone! A rotary dial is a part of the old telephone switchboard for pulse dialing. This tele-tech was a big deal, once upon a time. Imagine, talking to another person through a wire, with just a flick of the wrist!

What was this called?

Cooties (also known in Australia as Creepy Critters) is a made-up childhood disease. When boys touch girls, the invisible pathogen becomes totally contagious. But besides this silly, fictional game, some boomers may remember a physical toy by the same name. What was it? The Game of Cootie was actually physical plastic pieces, all in a box. They allowed kids to build their very own bug, and build they did! The adorable game was introduced in 1949, but only true boomers know how it worked!

What is the name of this one? 

Today, smartphones can snap a picture instantly. Anything that needs to be recorded is saved, without a second thought. But way before even the photocopier and scanner were a part of life, the mimeograph duplicated things for office needs. Mimeographs were a pretty common technology for anyone looking to print in small quantities. And it wasn't expensive, either. This was gradually phased out with photocopy machine in the 1960's, but it was an innovation in its time!

Which classic Woody Allen film is this?

Woody Allen had a renaissance in the 70s and 80s in film, and many are still cult favorites. Annie Hall was his 1977 hit, as many remember well. The romantic comedy explored romantic failure, using Diane Keaton in a role that Woody Wrote with her in mind. Their work together won four Academy Awards, including for Best Picture!

What was the first satellite ever launched into space?

It wasn't entirely successful, but any firsts deserve a mention in history. Sputnik was the very first satellite, launched into orbit above the earth by The Soviet Union in 1957. It seemed like it was going okay, for about three weeks. But then, the batteries died! The result was silent circling in space for two months, and then a sad death. Sputnik fell back into the atmosphere, never to be used again!