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40 Astrology Memes That Will Get Both Skeptics and Believers Laughing

Whether you’re a fan of astrology or not, there’s no denying it captivates the mind. The thought of using celestial bodies as references isn’t new. Indeed, the practice dates back to Babylonian times. Call it pseudoscience, but astrology is a fascinating topic, one that stirs the hearts of people who love to foretell events.

Some people wholeheartedly believe in astrology while others give it the strongest side-eye they know how to do. Whichever of these two camps you fall in, the following astrology memes are sure to give you a giggle or two. You don’t need any special astrological knowledge to get these jokes, so let’s fire up our crystal balls, get in contact with the cosmos, and dive straight in!Keep Watching

Reality check

Astrology gets a bad rep because of its pseudoscientific nature. In reality, though, it can be difficult to accurately chart a person’s birth sign. You need to know their exact birth date and time of birth to determine the position of the planets.

For example, if two people were born on the same day, but are born in different parts of the world, their charts would be different! Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of different charts like solar return and lunar return which make things even more complex.

Libra season is underway!

Libra season starts on the 23rd of September. During this time, many people slowly transition from vacation mode into work mode. According to Women’s Health magazine, the key to a successful Libra season is to find that healthy work-life balance.

When it comes to decision-making, let’s just say that not everyone has made the switch yet. Nothing feels quite like running to the beach on a whim on a hot summer’s day. When you return to work and no longer have that freedom, it can feel a bit sad.

The Gemini split

In astrology, Gemini is represented by the twins. Geminis are believed to have split personalities, and you never know which side they’re showing you. One moment they go hard at you, and the next they’re soft as a feather.

If you’re a Gemini and you find yourself in a tricky situation, don’t worry. Just let the people around you know that it’s your split personality that took over. Problem solved! Just don’t pull this trick if you meet a Libran as they are the exact opposite of a Gemini.

Fierce Scorpio

Scorpios are known as straightforward people, and they’re not afraid to speak without a filter. They skip all the nuance, which rubs others the wrong way at times. While they are sincere individuals, they do tend to keep their secrets.

Sometimes, a Scorpio will justify their bad behavior due to their astrology sign. We know you’re a good person Susan, you just need to brush up on your tactfulness a bit. Maybe then people will stop making the wrong assumptions!

How about dinosaurs?

What if astrology added dinosaurs into the mix? Imagine the qualities of a person with a dino sign! “Dinosaurs have a large appetite and enjoy spending time in the forest. They’re also friendly in nature, so don’t hesitate to approach them!”

“If you meet a Dino, give them a warm space to settle their feelings and they’ll be your life-long friend!” This meme is a perfect example of when a firm believer encounters a skeptic. It’s all in good fun, though!

Horoscope accuracy

Horoscopes are quite interesting in the sense that their vague statements can make anyone feel like it’s targeted at them. If a writer says you’ll find $10 on your doorstep, they’d be highly mistaken about most (if not all) readers. However, if they say “today is a good day for finding money,” then you’ll be on the lookout, and if you find even a penny, you’ll think the horoscope was magically right.

You probably drink your morning coffee every day without thinking about it, but if your horoscope said your next cup would be phenomenal, you’d probably nod in agreement and savor every sip. Of course, the skeptics out there already understand this! 

Right in the feels

Memes are an excellent form of communication. Want to make someone laugh? Share a meme! Want to throw subtle shade at somebody? Share a meme! There are thousands of memes online, and you can find an appropriate one for any occasion.

So, the next time one of your skeptical friends tells you horoscopes are silly, send this meme to them. Let them know that it’s okay to enjoy astrology, just as it’s okay for them to express their feelings through memes.


Not interested in astrology, but plan on dating someone who is? Stop right there. Astrology is a lifestyle, okay? Some people take it far more seriously than you think. They collect crystals and use them to align their chakras, and that’s only the beginning.

A quick peek at Etsy will show you how prevalent crystal collections are. Should it be a deal-breaker for you? Probably not. Just prepare yourself for the endless crystal, energy, and chakra conversations.

Compliments galore!

There’s something about horoscopes that lifts you and makes you feel good about yourself. Ever read that you have a kind heart and a warm smile? Who doesn’t want to be complimented like that? It’s no coincidence that these affirmations invite people to come back to horoscope pages again and again.

Love them or hate them, horoscopes can touch your soft side and make you feel better about yourself and your decisions! The next time you read one, take the time to enjoy the message. Even if it’s based on pseudoscience, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the compliment!

Feeling a connection

You can bet that a person who’s serious about astrology knows which signs will be a good match. For example, earth signs work great with water signs, while air signs work with fire signs. As crazy as it sounds, some people even use it as a basis for every relationship!

Hearing from someone that your signs don’t match can sting a little, especially if you like the person. The solution? Fake your birthday! Just kidding – they’ll find out your real birth date sooner or later. 

Lacking enthusiasm

You can tell which star sign upset the person who wrote that one lengthy astrology post. They go in-depth about various signs and highlight one that seems to be a traitor amongst all the gems. When you come across a post like this, feel free to have a giggle.

It’s wonderful how half the signs sound good until you get to the last part. Based on what’s written in Capricorn, Sara has a lot of explaining to do. Can we hear her side of the story?

You got that right

Even if you never seek out horoscopes, if you come across one, it’s almost impossible not to read yours out of curiosity. For a skeptic, it’s vindicating to see nothing but inaccuracies, but what are you meant to think if the message perfectly relates to you?

Sure, the internet has allowed us to connect with people like never before, but it still doesn’t fill the void that’s left if we have no social interaction. Maybe your star sign can help you in that regard.

Three parents?

The kids of Geminis know the feeling of having three parents. Having a kind mom in the morning and a temperamental one in the afternoon can be a bit tricky. Inviting friends over would be a risky endeavor, warning them before they even set foot at the door.

What if your mom and dad were both Geminis? Talk about a roller coaster ride growing up! You may not have a choice with the signs of your parents, but you can still work around the issues by talking to them.

Vanilla strawberry

It’s always fun to read horoscopes, especially when they throw random bits of information at you. The thought of your astrological sign matching the flavor of ice cream you buy sounds silly, but no one’s gonna say no to vanilla strawberry!

These insignificant details are what make horoscopes interesting. You’re always eager to discover things that relate to you, your personality, and your interests. The next time you get ice cream, check your horoscope first. You might pick up a new flavor that you’ll like!

Valid reasons

Some people have a habit of blaming everything on their zodiac sign. Never mind that they’re messy, it’s just that they’re a Leo. Libras, on the other hand, aren’t exactly neat freaks themselves, but fall somewhere in between clean and slobby.

Highly insecure? Probably a Virgo. Impulsive at decision-making? Probably a Sagittarian. Each sign has its traits, and this concept has become universally accepted by the masses. Regardless of your sign, there’s only one word you need to know and that’s accountability!

Mood swings

Want to confirm your fluctuating emotions? Check your daily horoscope! Do a quick Google search of “mood swings by astrological signs” and you’ll be bombarded with articles explaining what, when, and why. 

Apparently, the movements of the celestial bodies can affect one’s emotional state (according to astrology, that is). If you’re not feeling it today, blame it on those pesky celestial objects! Maybe then you’ll start to feel better.

Acting up

Once again, we advise skeptics to avoid dating a person who’s deeply into astrology. We’ve seen plenty of relationships go down the drain just because one person couldn’t understand their astrology-obsessed partner. If you don’t like hearing the words, “It’s not my fault, I’m a Sagittarius,” then move along.

If both of you are interested in astrology, then great! You can collect crystals together and read horoscopes to plan your days ahead. You might even learn something about yourself in the process.

Is it destiny?

One thing about astrology is that it keeps you on your toes, but it also tells you that some things are simply out of your control. Some people find this comforting while others find it distressful. Either way, if you don’t need guidance in your daily life, then astrology is not for you.

Destiny is a whimsical notion, and if you have a strong belief in this, you’ll find astrology quite interesting. Should it be the determining factor in everything you do, though? Probably not.

Silencing the haters

A few well-placed memes for the haters can sometimes turn them into believers. Do they make fun of star signs? Do they think that the predictions are all fake? Don’t worry. Show them a horoscope that aligns with their personality, and then wait for the shocked reactions.

Since astrology is so vague, you can pretty much convince anyone that they have the traits of a certain star sign. As long as it sounds scientific enough, they won’t question it!

What’s that again?

You’ve probably heard of Mercury retrograde before and vaguely wondered what it is. It’s a form of optical illusion wherein the planet appears to be moving backward when viewed from Earth. What does this have to do with astrology, you say?

According to astrologers, Mercury retrograde can affect technology and communication due to the backward motion of the celestial bodies. Missed an important call from your friend? Mercury retrograde! Got an answer wrong in an interview after reviewing it 30 times? Yep, Mercury retrograde.

Get out while you can!

While many people think that astrology is useful, some find it rather comical. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll find the astrology conversations of your neighbors quite amusing. You simply don’t care whether Virgo is compatible with Pisces or whether their horoscope was accurate for the day.

We imagine Mercury must have been in retrograde for this upstairs neighbor to have failed so dismally in his escape plan Nevertheless, the effort was truly worth it! Hopefully, the downstairs neighbors learned to keep their voices down. 

The real deal

Don’t mistake astrology for astronomy as the latter is real science. Still, astronomy has its little quirks, like the names of the constellations. Ursa Major looks nothing like a bear, and Draco looks like a worm rather than a dragon.

It takes a clear night sky and a strong imagination to picture the constellations. If you ever manage to see one, just know that the ancient Greek astronomers studied them carefully and named them strangely. 

The fault in outer space

As an astrologer, it’s easy to ignore your situation and blame it on the sun, moon, or your sign. With the forces of outer space working against you, there’s a perfect excuse for all your mishaps and difficulties.

From there, it’s a matter of letting the celestial bodies take over and hoping that the stars align. In case the cosmos comes out to decimate your life, do not fear. You can still do things like yelling at the night sky and using your crystals to purge bad luck.

More excuses

The perks of dating an astrology lover are real. When you start acting up, your partner will look into your zodiac sign to see what’s up. You don’t need to explain anything; just sit back, relax, and let your sign do the talking.

Take a look at this guy. Not a worry in the world while sitting in that bubbly bathtub! He’s checking out the astrological charts, on a mission to figure out why his partner is being so insufferable.

A solid plan

Astrologers will relate to this meme. If a friend agrees to a plan and then ditches it the same day, they’re likely a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. It’s one of their traits according to their signs, and the root of it is that they’re kind of undecided when planning.

These three water signs aren’t as bad as you think; they’re some of the most loving individuals out there! You just need to remind them about the plans you had and they’ll gladly come along.

The blame game

If you’re looking for a celestial body to point fingers at for your problems, the one you’re standing on is a good choice! Those who want a more whimsical explanation may want to blame Mercury and Venus instead. Throw in the word retrograde and boom! Problem solved.

Earth isn’t that bad. There are a lot of good things to discover in this world! It’s just that we love to blame things on something (or someone) else to feel relieved from our daily problems.

The perfect date

Dates and times are the two most important components of astrology. Your birth date alone is enough for astrology to provide so much information about you! If you are looking for a perfect date, there’s no other person to ask than an astrologer.

As far as the date format is concerned, it could use a bit of work. Maybe it’s just us, but August 12, 2013, just sounds so much better than the 12th of August, 2013. Your choice though! 

She knows

Something about astrologers tells us they know more than we do. It’s been said that people with Mercury in Capricorn purposefully engage with the world. They are practical people who like tackling real-world problems. 

It’s easy to think that you know everything about someone just by knowing their astrological sign. After all, being able to predict people’s actions would be highly convenient. Still, we’re not so sure that humans are that easily categorized, and more to the point, we have no idea what “Mercury in Capricorn” even means! 

Endless astrology chatter

People who love astrology will talk about horoscopes, your star sign, the celestial bodies, and anything related to it. They live and breathe astrology and will happily discuss it for hours. You’ll either grow to love it or hate it with every fiber of your being.

If they still keep rambling about astrology, you can insert a random topic casually, like a movie you just watched or an upcoming show you’d like to attend. If all else fails, just keep nodding your head and fade into the abyss.

Quiet assumptions

People who are into astrology should stop asking everyone about their signs and making so many assumptions. Just because you’ve figured out someone’s star sign doesn’t mean you know who they are. 

Funnily enough, there are a lot of dating sites that ask for your astrological sign to match you up with the right person. After all, the last thing an astrologer wants is to be paired up with a Taurus if they’re an Aquarius (super incompatible).

It’s more than a hobby

Astrologers love to make birth charts because it awakens their imagination and is a default hobby for them. If you want to keep an astrologer busy, you can offer your details so they can make you a chart. 

They’ll spend hours using info like your birth time, hour, month, and year to determine the positioning of the planets when you were born. Want to fix your car, but your wife can’t stop rambling about astrology? Have her create a birth chart for you!

Astrology is the punchline

Astrophysicists and astronomers love to make fun of astrology because it’s supposedly based on “scientific” methods. Despite being a pseudoscience, astrology is widely popular. Even some scientists find it interesting.

You can’t blame the two genuine scientific sectors for throwing shade at astrology. After all, they’re based on real science and astrology isn’t. Pooh’s face shows exactly how the majority of scientists feel about it. Oh, and if you’re curious, Pooh’s sign is Leo as he was born on August 21, 1929!

In the zone

This Mariah Carey meme encompasses what being a Scorpio is all about. Her expression captures the “in the zone” mood that Scorpios slip into when they’re working on something. While they aren’t loners, a Scorpio will stay laser-focused when they set their mind on something.

Scorpios are friendly individuals. They’re willing to make time for their friends and family, but once they’re occupied, you’d better not disturb them. Once they finish their project, though, feel free to contact them and they’ll gladly reply!

The ambiguity

Small details matter to astrologers, especially when they’re making a birth chart. The problem is, not everyone knows the exact time they were born. This makes it difficult for astrologers to identify the precise positioning of the celestial bodies.

This Kanye meme represents how astrologers feel when someone gives them incomplete information. If you wish to obtain an accurate birth chart, you should be concise with your details. Otherwise, prepare to see this classic Kanye facial expression.

For the love of freedom

Sagittarians are individuals who are honest, optimistic, and fair-minded. They have spontaneous personalities, and they make a lot of good friends. They love being able to do what they want when they want, which explains why many of them are happy being single.

Being in a relationship hinders them from exploring new things. Commitment isn’t their strong suit, and they would much rather hang out with other people than fall in love with them. Not all Sagittarians are single, of course – only those who sleep well at night!

Real identity

Have you ever tried those online quizzes that tell you which Harry Potter house you belong to or which Friends character you are? The same thing can be done to your astrological sign! If you’re an Aries, you’re just like Rachel Green – fearless, determined, and your own boss!

Virgos are like Monica Geller in the sense that they’re practical, orderly, and systematic. Lastly, the Taureans out there are similar to Phoebe Buffay wherein they’re honest, loyal, and respectful.

Wise words

Those who have a simple understanding of the astrological signs will find it easy to create flippant advice memes like this one. If you like this type of content, then you should follow Astrology Roast on Twitter.

You’ll get a good idea of the different traits the signs possess just by reading the tweet. Virgos are known to be super clean, Cancers love staying at home, and Aquarians are anti-social creatures. This meme probably means nothing if you’re a non-believer, but it’s still relatively good advice to follow.

In the name of love

Imagine liking a person so much that you have to ask your mother for your exact time of birth! Almost every mom knows the time they gave birth to their children, which is super important for making birth charts (and getting an astrologer to like you).

This guy was ready to give anything for the girl of his dreams! We can only wonder what his mother thought when he asked what time he was born. “What’s this for son? Birth charts or witchcraft?” Both, maybe?

Goodbye gender norms

What if baby showers were based on signs instead of genders? The classic boy and girl theme is so overdone now! People can throw silly sign games, hand out crystals based on star alignment, and warn the world that the child is going to be a Gemini!

The games would be phenomenal. Things like pin the tail on the celestial being, pass the astrological chart, and spin the crystal would add a unique twist to the baby shower and keep everyone engaged!

Cat memes

For some reason, cats always make it into every meme type, even the astrology ones. Cats are the kings and queens of the internet, and Wikipedia is proof that their existence makes our online experience better. There are even theories by scholars on how cats influence internet culture!

A quick glance at this meme tells you a lot about astrological signs. Just look at the faces of these adorable furballs! In a nutshell, fire signs are spontaneous, air signs are intellectual, earth signs are pragmatic, and water signs are sensitive.