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Anthony Hopkins Misses Out on Oscar win…Due to Being Asleep

We all have had the nightmare that we miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity due to sleeping in or being too busy. For actors, that might mean missing out on their chance to claim a global prize, such as an Oscar. However, when Anthony Hopkins recently won an Oscar for his role in The Father, albeit with major controversy, he wasn’t there to gather his award.

Indeed, this has happened in the past, and most of the time a producer will be sent to pick up the award. Oscar ceremonies are also quite limited at the moment, due to COVID-19. However, Hopkins didn’t attend and instead stayed at home in Wales. Why? Because he was asleep!

Anthony Hopkins In The Father (Lionsgate)

The legendary actor is known for his quick wit and his incredible on-screen persona, but he’s also known for being pretty down-to-earth. Despite all of the controversy regarding who should have won the award, Hopkins portrayed his usual comedic timing and classic charm in his response. Turning to popular social media platform Instagram, Hopkins regaled the world with the reason why he wasn’t present.

Given Hopkins is 83-years-old and has just had his second vaccine for COVID, he wasn’t in the condition to get to the ceremony. Indeed, his agent, Jeremy Barber, admitted that he was “asleep at 4 in the morning” when he got in touch to tell him the good news.

Hilarity aside, the fact that Hopkins just became the oldest living actor to win an Oscars in this category is a clear showcase that he still has the mesmeric acting quality that made him such a hero to talent all around the world.

The fact he missed out on being able to attend is a shame; the fact he missed out accepting due to being asleep in his home in Wales is about as endearing as one could possibly get!