Adorable Dog Greets the Mailman Every Morning

We've all heard stories about the rivalry between dogs and mailmen, but for this Michigan pooch, the mailman is pretty much his favorite person.

Moose lives in Grand Rapids and instead of barking or growling at his mailman he adores the guy who brings his family’s mail. Every day Moose sits on the driveway waiting for the mailman to arrive so he can go and get a big hug.

Moose, a Golden Retriever, is just 18 months old but he has certainly formed a special friendship with his postman. The pup insisted on going outside when he heard the truck to investigate and the mailman was happy to meet and greet. In fact, they were pretty pleased with each other.

As the man left his truck to go up to the house Moose got really excited and was wagging his tail as the main approach. 

Once the man reached him he jumped up to embrace him. His owner, Meghan Gruszynski, said that it was a pretty adorable moment especially seeing how much the mailman and Moose loved each other.

True Unconditional Love

These days Moose is always waiting for the mailman to arrive and if he is not already on the drive he will run down to make sure he doesn't miss out on his hug.

Meghan recently discovered that the mailman’s dog had passed away and that Moose's welcome makes his day really special. The postman delivers the mail and the family can say thank-you by giving him some special time with their dog.

Meghan is looking forward to seeing how this new relationship pans out anticipating that the two will remain firm friends for years to come.