A Video Of A Man Shaving His Girlfriend’s Head Then His Own Has Gone Wild!


A young woman who suffers from Alopecia Areata asked her boyfriend to shave her head. She started to cry when she saw her boyfriend take the shaver and start shaving his own head. She said that after months of growing her hair in over 10 years, she turned around and asked her boyfriend to shave her head. Eva Barilaro caught a clip of the very emotional haircut when it first showed up on TikTok last May.

Alopecia Areata is a condition that will cause hair to fall out in small patches. Over time, these partial patches will connect with other areas and becomes quite noticeable. The condition develops when your immune system attacks your hair follicles.


After months growing my ##hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my ##boyfriend to ##shave my ##head again... first time was my granddad.

♬ Just the Way You Are - Boyce Avenue

This was a short video that has gone wild with over one million views. Barilaro held back tears, laughed, and chatting as her boyfriend carefully shaved her head. The video was set to the track of Bruno Mas “Just The Way You Are”. She totally choked up when her boyfriend started shaving his head as well. He kissed her face as she cried due to this awesome gesture.

This small video made its rounds one more time and went viral once again on Twitter. It was shared by social media influencer Rex Chapman. His comment, “get out the tissues”. He posted the emotional video again which has now gone viral with over 9 million views.