5 Tips To Become An Expert At Relaxing

Not everyone can enjoy downtime that easily. You might be feeling guilty, easily distracted, or even find yourself unwinding in the wrong way. These tips can hopefully help you be at peace with some well-deserved relaxation time!

Find Out What Relaxes You

It can be hard to know how to spend your downtime. What relaxes one person might stress another one out. Pay notice to how you feel when you’re engaged in activity. Does yoga calm your mind or does it make you feel impatient? Does watching a movie help you unwind or would you rather go for a run. The key question to ask yourself is— do you feel relaxed as an outcome of that activity?

Be Conscious Of Your Rest Time 

Commit to your rest time and try not to get sidetracked by the distractions online or around the house. Break the “half-rest” tendency and immerse yourself in something that fully relaxes you. When we’re semi-engaged in several activities, our attention is split. This is a recipe for an unrestful day.

Set a Time

To have some spontaneity in life is a great thing, but a well-earned rest that you’ve been waiting for can sometimes be far more rewarding. Putting your relaxation time aside is also a great way to take control of your time. If you feel you need to spend a day binging TV shows, you should give that to yourself.

Don’t Pressure Yourself

While a day of rest can be great, it might not turn out to be the magical transformation you hoped for. Putting all that pressure on your day could actually have the exact opposite effect. 

Go Easy On Yourself

Go into your rest with self-love, acceptance, and a sense of self-deserving. Guilting yourself and allowing negativity to creep into your mind is not conducive to “chilling out. "