5 Funny Facts About the Charlie Brown Comics

On October 2, 1950, America was introduced to Charlie Brown. The comic strip would appear in newspapers around the world, showing Charlie, his dog Snoopy and his friends on their daily adventures. Today the comic is ingrained in American culture. Here are five curious facts about the iconic “Peanuts.”

Photo: Paolo Chiabrando/Unsplash

There Are 17,897 “Peanuts” Comic Strips

Seeing as the comic was first introduced in 1950, there have been quite a lot. Every single one has been drawn by the creator Charles Schulz, who passed away at the age of 77. The next day the very last strip ran.

Schulz Did Not Like The Name

The first time Charlie Brown appeared was in a comic strip called “Li’l Folks.” When Schulz approached the United Feature Syndicate about getting his character his own comic, the syndication service came up with “Peanuts”. Schulz was not fond of this and thought it he thought that it “made it sound too insignificant.” 

Lucy and Linus 

Today Lucy and Linus seem like an ineradicable part of the comic, but they only appeared after two years. The first comic featured Shermy, Patty (from Peppermint Patty) in 1950.

Photo: alex kristanas/Unsplash

The Drawings

As brilliant as “Peanuts” is, the characters are not very intricately drawn, though it’s the simplicity that makes it so beautiful. This is why there are only two types of heads. One is modeled on the Van Pelts and one is modeled on the Browns. But the biggest thing that distinguishes the characters from one another, is the hair.


Throughout the comic, we see the bespectacled Marcie, but no sight of eyes beneath the glasses. There are a few rare moments where she reveals her eyes where, of course, she only ends up running into telephone poles.