4 Strange Facts That Sound Fake But Are Genuinely True

How often in life are you told a fact and think ‘Nah, you have made that up?’

In life, we often are told things that are hard to believe. And while many of these tales are indeed tall in their nature, many of them are true. To give you an example, here are a few facts of life that sound like they are a punchline to a joke but are in reality true.

Cows kill more people than sharks

Sharks are seen as predators, something to be avoided – stone-cold killers who will wipe you out on contact. Yet, cows kill more people than sharks do in a single year. These large creatures kill more people through various means – they can walk out in front of your car, they could fall on you on a field, or there could be some form of livestock incident. All are more common than being torn to shreds by Jaws.

Carrots are not supposed to be orange

When you pick up a carrot, you see this big and rich orange-looking stick. However, did you know that carrots are supposed to be purple? Before carrots were altered to change, they were purple. So, they would have looked more like aubergine in the past. We are unsure of the reason why they changed color, but we do know that carrots used to be purple, not orange.

Texas is the home of the tiger

Did you know that Texas has more tigers present than any other place in the world? You would assume it would be the Savannah or somewhere like that. But no, the highly populous state of Texas is home to more tigers than any other part of our planet. It could be down to rescue homes or the numerous zoos across the country, but there are more tigers in Texas than you would find in any one part of Africa. Weird!

Pluto is smaller than the country of Russia

Lastly, Russia is a big place. But did you know that it was so big that it is bigger than the planet of Pluto? That is a genuine fact that is true. If you take the surface area of Russia, it makes up more of the surface area than the entire planet of Pluto. That helps us to see both how large Russia is, and how small Pluto is!