4 Facts About Grizzly Bears You Probably Didn't Know

Grizzly bears are found throughout the forests of the US, and what we definitely know is that we shouldn’t get too close if we value our lives. But we've compiled a list of some interesting facts about grizzly bears that not a lot of people know!

Grizzly bears aren't that gluttonous

Even though they’re big enough to take down bison, elk, and moose all on their own, it doesn’t mean they’re as greedy as many think. Grizzly bears only start to eat everything in sight when they’re preparing for winter and getting ready for hibernation. This is when they can eat enough to gain as much as three pounds a day.

Will turn to cannibalism

Even though grizzlies aren't gluttons, they will rarely turn down a meal. It seems that moths are a favorite of the bears, while others love nothing more than mice. Believe it or not, grizzlies will even eat other bears if given the chance. They’re opportunistic eaters, meaning that if something has lost its life and is going to waste, they won’t think twice before biting into it.

Grizzlies and polar bears can mate

There are grizzly bears. Then there are polar bears. What about pizzlies and growler bears? No, we are not making this up - these creatures are real - and they’re a blend of the two. The two species overlap around Canada and Alaska, where male grizzlies sometimes search out and mate with female polar bears. While they naturally cross over, researchers believe the effects of climate change are causing the bears to mate with each other more than ever.

Faster than Usain Bolt

When you think of a grizzly bear, you might imagine them lying around not doing much, except maybe getting up to catch fish in the river. But they’re not as slow as they look. Grizzly bears are so fast that they could outrun Usain Bolt at his peak. Bolt could manage 27.78 mph for a few seconds. Grizzlies? They can reach speeds of up to 35 mph. To top it off, they can run at 28 mph for around two miles.