4 Cleaning Hacks For Small Space Living

A cluttered room is a cluttered mind. Here are some simple tips to keep your apartment clean without making too much effort.

Photo: Luke Stackpoole/Unsplash

Little by Little

What sounds more easily attainable? Washing dishes for the better part of an hour after a long day at work, then creating more mess as you make yourself dinner? Or to build the habit of cleaning up immediately after yourself? While you are waiting for the kettle to boil for your cup of tea, put away your dry dishes, refold the kitchen towels, and give that stove the wipe-down it deserves.

Simple Storage Solutions

If your clothes constantly find themselves on your bedroom floor, perhaps you need more storage? A few containers under the bed can make a big difference. Separate summer and winter so your shelves won’t overflow with clothes and that you can finally put your clean laundry where it belongs.

Photo: Jonathan Francisca/Unsplash

Trash Talk

Having a small trashcan in your bedroom, and one in your bathroom encourages you to use them and not just have a pile of junk lying around.

Work-Home Balance

If you work from home and you walk around the apartment to just break eye contact with your screen for a moment, don’t look at your phone! Go water those plants, or air out the carpet in your living room. Consider it a break and a time for reflection. Especially when you are mentally fatigued, cleaning can be incredibly good for your health and well-being.