3 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids to Be Kind

According to research, teaching kindness has various beneficial effects on academic, health, and social outcomes for children. Here are three easy ways to teach your kid to be kind.

Photo: Charu Chaturvedi/Unsplash

Do Things For Others

You could teach your child to help a neighbor with work around the garden, or volunteer at a retirement center. When you make a habit of providing acts of service to those in need, your kid will become aware of those in need and chances to assist.

Create Thank You Cards

Thank you cards don't mean that your kids have to write letters to everyone who has given them presents. Instead of that, you could teach them that there are always individuals to thank, even if it's not the Christmas season. Mention all the individuals who work behind the scenes to improve your child’s life to teach them to express gratitude. Help your child with writing thank you messages to someone they admire or help them write letters of appreciation to police officers and firefighters in your town for their service.

Photo: Jon Tyson/Unsplash


Include your child in the entire donation process. The more they’re involved, the more they’ll learn. Collect gently used toys and give them to an orphanage or homeless shelter. Allow them to choose which toys they no longer need, or assist them in picking out clothing items to give to other children. Allow them to choose which goods to provide. Another option is to cook a meal with your child and donate the meal to those in need.