3 Celebrities Who Have Helped out a Fan

The celebrity industry is one that, for many, can feel unedifying and harsh. It can be an industry that deifies people who, frankly, do not deserve it. We can put people on a pedestal that they do not need, want, or, again, deserve purely because they were in a media property that people loved. However, not all celebrities fit into the ‘undeserving’ trope – some put their money where their mouth is.

Want an example? Here are three celebrities who went out of their way to help a fan, or at least acknowledge their fandom.

Mila Kunis

The That 70s Show star has lots of fans, and her charismatic personality certainly draws people to her. However, an interesting turn of events came when she saw a video posted by a military professional, Sgt. Scott Moore. Moore asked Kunis to attend a dance with him at the Marine Corps Ball. Kunis turned up, attended the dance with the marine, and left a positive impact on everyone that evening.

It's little things like this that can show that sometimes celebrities remember that even a small act of kindness, or their time, can be worthwhile.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus got a bad name a few years ago for essentially having her personality and way of doing things. One thing she has never done, though, ignores her besotted fanbase. She let a friend of hers, Jesse Helt, accept her MTV Video of the Year award for her song “Wrecking Ball”.

They had become friends when Cyrus visited an LA shelter for the homeless. Helter took the award for Cyrus on her behalf and spoke on behalf of the 1.6 million US youths who are homeless in the country. It was a powerful moment and one that reminded fans that some celebrities can see beyond their ego.

Taylor Swift

Loveable but controversial in her way, Taylor Swift has a rather intriguing history with her fanbase. One example, though, was when a student, Rebekah Bortniker, carried out a dedication video created by her and her friends. Swift sent her a package that included a jewelry piece that belonged to Swift, as well as a piece of art that Swift made. More impactfully, she also included a cheque for around $2,000 that helped to pay off some of the student loans that Bortniker would have likely accrued during her time in further education. Not bad at all!