3 Amazing Places in America to go on a Backpacking Trip in the Winter

When the cold months come in, most of us just want to find comfort indoors in our warm, comfortable clothing. That, though, is not always the case – some of us want to enjoy that cool, fresh air and battle the elements. If that is the case, have you thought about going backpacking in the winter?

While usually a more summertime event, backpacking in winter is great – if you choose the right place. Where, then, should you go?

Pacific Northwest

If you want to enjoy a bit of backpacking in the winter, the Pacific Northwest is a great place to start. It is a fun place for hiking as you have many official hiking trails to try out. It is also a good place to head to for more diverse nature – there are often many hot springs in this area, so you can enjoy some comfortable relaxation surrounded by nature as you go backpacking in this part of the world.

North East USA

Another fine stopping point for a backpacking trip would be the North East of America. This is a fun place to go in the winter as many of its most scenic trails truly come to life when the snow falls. This is also a good place for skiing, with many awesome resorts to try out. If you are someone who enjoys the cool crispness of nature, then few places in America are more fun for backpacking than going to the North East.

The Rockies

A great place to go for a backpacking trip, The Rockies offer challenging terrain that forces you to adapt all the time. It is a fun place to go, and there is lots to do that is based around winter activities. Skiing is very common, as is camping. Go backpacking in The Rockies and you should find it much easier to just enjoy a simpler, more sedate pace of life.